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Between chuckles and squeals from both of you, Harry stumbled into your room. His vivid green orbs were engulfed by the warmth of your hands, long lashes tickling on the smooth surface. His tattooed arms supported the back of your thighs, maintaining you still on your piggyback position. 

The rub of his skin against your legs, in an aim to find the best spot to grip, emphasised your snickers, and, consequently, the clumsy swaying of his steps as well.

“You’re gonna make us fall” You teased.

“It’d be way easier if I didn’t have a pair of tiny hands upon my eyes” He said, wriggling his head to squirm out of the improvised blindfold.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to get by”

His hesitant treads made the brief way from the doorframe to the end of the bed desperately slow, taking his time to think the direction of his next movement.

“Speed up!” You yawned, tiredness from a hectic, yet amazing day spent with him, showing up. One of your hands quitted the contact with his face, just to end up slapping his bum.

“Ouch! Rude, my ass didn’t deserve that!”

Eventually, both of you slumped onto the mattress, drowsy eyes gazing at the ceiling. Through your minds, memories of the events that had taken place earlier that same day, ran, bringing a butterfly revolution at the pit of your stomachs.

The back of your hands brushed slightly. On edge, the fear that your mad heartbeats could be heard.

“I should get going, otherwise, I’m gonna drift off right here” He turned his face to the side, finding you already laid on your side, innocently, yet dangerously, close.

“You’re tired. Stay the night here” You threw your arm and leg over him, giving him none chance of leaving, even though he didn’t want to, at all.

Harry’s body tensed under you, this wasn’t ignored by you. Looking up at him, you found his stare travelling from your eyes to your lips simultaneously, making up his mind.

“Let me kiss you”


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Currently crying over cancer

Why is there little to no people talking about Stefan Karl Stefansson? Like wether he’s dying or not Meme Dad still needs love right now in this time. There is speculation that he is sadly going to pass away in a few days but until then let’s just show him as much love as we can ❤️ I genuinely love that man like he is my father and truly believe he can pull through,growing up watching LazyTown was my best memories! But now hearing his cancer has came back with a vengeance truly traumatized me,especially since my mother recently finished chemo therapy for breast cancer,I sometimes get scared of the possibility that the cancer might just one day come back but I have to push the negative thoughts aside and pull the positive ones to light!!!! And you guys should do the same for him,Plant Dad deserves it.

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I'm taking a blog break.

I thought that giving it a day to settle would make things a little bit better. So I came back on here tonight to address some of the asks I’ve gotten, and try to work through what this blog is now after that finale.

Honestly though, it’s apparently way too soon.

There’s a lot of bad feelings and triggers for me tied up in this finale, and consequently this entire series. I have no good memories of this show now, because my love of it was not character driven but mystery driven. And as it turns out, there was absolutely no mystery at all.

I feel so bad for feeding into this shows continued existence. I actually convinced people to watch this show. I feel guilt, because this show perpetuated so many awful concepts, and I enabled that by being not only a loyal viewer but a loyal blogger.

I have roughly 6500 followers. That’s way too wide of a reach for me to have irresponsibly suggested that this show would make good. And I’m not talking about making good on a decent finale or answering questions. But I rather doggedly insisted that every slight to women, the trans and gay communities would be answered for. That every predator on this show, of which I can count far too many, would be held accountable.

I learned a lot of things from that finale. And one of the most devastating things was that women, particularly young women are not taken seriously, even by shows targeted specifically to them.

I learned that I’m supposed to be placated by attractive actors having sex, and romance at any cost.

I learned that I’m not supposed to ask questions, because I don’t deserve answers.

I learned that I don’t matter enough to actually write a story that treats me like I’m intelligent.

I learned that all that matters for 24 year old women is to move back to their hometown and start a family after college.

I learned that women still don’t respect other women enough to write good stories for them. And networks don’t want them to.

I learned that rape and abuse are fine. Even romantic, as long as the people are attractive.

And I learned that no one gives a shit about right and wrong, anyway. And that morality is subjective, if not entirely absent.

So, as a favor to myself and all of you I’m taking a break. Deleting the app, and just disconnecting from this experience for a while. I’ll still get tag notifications if you need to contact me. But at this point I’m one bad post away from deleting this blog and years worth of work with it. So, I’m gonna let it sleep and come back when I’m over this hurt, shame and guilt. I’ve got too many years and too much money in therapy to not know when it’s time to let go.

I was sitting there, watching the ending of the very last Blurryface era concert when it hit me.

The era is over.

It’s really over.

And I cried. I cried.

The songs will still remain. The black paint will cling to pictures and memories. The memories will saturate every single time Tyler sings Blurryface songs live. But from this point on, they are old songs. Old paint. Old memories. Old music.

 I’ll miss it. I’ll miss it so much. I’ll miss the mesmerizing intro, and the Blurryface shouting down lyrics at the crowd before the show starts. I’ll miss the red socks, black paint, red eyes. Soon, Tear in My Heart and Fairly Local and Heavydirtysoul will be old music videos. The highlight videos will make us say, “remember back in the day?” We will watch old Blurryface tour videos and pine for those times, wishing we had enjoyed them more. Stressed Out and Ride will no longer be playing in grocery stores. Posters advertising ERS2017 will be torn down. 

Songs that were always called “overplayed” and “too popular” will fall from the light, and make a home in our hearts. We will feel nostalgia every time we listen to them. We will recall to when the music videos for them were released, when we looked forward to each concert even if we weren’t attending.

It was funny, because the whole time ERS was taking place, I couldn’t imagine anything beyond it. I couldn’t imagine a day that the whole stadium would cheer just because Ride was added to the setlist. I couldn’t imagine that someday, Stressed Out would drop from the charts and be replaced by another anthem from this band. This era seemed like the end, the finale, the last words of the book.

But really, it was the last words of a chapter. And now, as I look back on all the memories I made with this band, I feel a great sadness. A feeling of loss. This era brought me in, and made me at home. These songs were the first I ever heard, and the lyrics spoke to me in a way that no other words ever had. It’s so insanely crazy to think that it is all fading away. 

And so I say goodbye, no matter how much it hurts. 

And I watch each person walk away from this era with songs in their heart that mean something to them. 

And in a year or two, we will repeat the whole process again. And the same heartbreak will insue when we have to say goodbye.

And someday, I will be able to say, “I came during the Blurryface era,

                                                         and stayed ever since.”

Now that exams are finished for the trimester I’ve finally been able to get back to reading *cheers*!

Spending every single waking moment over the past month studying for my  law exams has totally burnt me out. But hey, at least I didn’t run out of my exam sobbing like some of the first years apparently did. I had my mental breakdown two weeks in advance because I like to plan ahead.  So after that horror show it’s been lovely to spend the last couple of days chilling in bed with a book.

Since I am incapable of reading just one book at once, I am currently working my way through Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye, The Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb and The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

Thank you to @fiction-fandoms-and-fun for recommending The Hate U Give because it’s extremely good and I can’t put it down. 

anonymous asked:

So mods, who are your favourite champions in paladins? :3 (btw I really like this page, its the best one I've ever came across so far. :D It's rare to see a page keep getting updated everyday, thats why this is my favourite page to come on. i luv u guys mods)

First things first: Thanks a loooooot!!! ❤️❤️❤️ We hope we can keep bringing good content to you guys every day!! ❤️

My favorite champion is really tough to decide for me, since I love so many of this game’s characters xD But if I had to pick one…. I would say Ying. Because back when I had just started playing Paladins I was kind of disappointed with the lack of originality, as most characters shared one or more abilities with Overwatch characters. But at that moment Ying had been taken out of the game temporarily for fixing, and when she came back I was enamored with her!! It showed me how truly original Hi-Rez can be, and her cutesy attitude got me invested in the character like none other could. In other words, she’s the reason I kept playing Paladins and the reason this blog exists ❤️ (Which is also why she’s been on the avatar for so long whoops)

- Yui 🐦

my favoirte champion is bomb king! ❤️

- Mod Evie  ❄️

I’d say Willo 

- Mod Pip 🦊

If we’re talking as a character, it’s Maeve, no question, I love her to pieces. But playstyle wise, probably Zhin.

- Mod Sha Lin 🏹


- Mod Ying 💎

calm urself

- Mod Sha Lin 🏹


- Mod Ying 💎

Twerking!Chocobro Reaction HC (NSFW?)

Brought to you by SayaSin. Bonus content by AsukaSin.

Unfortunately this needed to happen or I’d bring dishonor to my ancestors.

Noct: “Come on, it’ll be fun” You had told him. The prince would be slightly intimidated at first. Although he had witnessed this type of body movement on tv and any other times he was dragged to the club, he’d never had the chance to experience it first hand. So the moment you dragged him out to the dance floor following your favorite song rolling through the speakers, he was mildly shocked. Of course you noticed how shy he was at first but encouraged him by placing his hands on your hips “Let me show you how MY body talks”. After a while he’d loosen up becoming completely mesmerized by the gyrations of your hips and ass against his pelvis. The grip on your hips would tighten as he found himself grinding back along with you upon finding his own rhythm. These days, it’s hard to keep him off the dance floor – and off of you - when he knows exactly what you can do.

Bonus: After a few drinks and copious amounts of coaxing from you, Noctis found himself trying to join in - constantly apologizing for poking you where the sun don’t shine.

Prompto: When you asked him if he’d mind dancing in such a way, his face lit up. “Oh man! I’d been wanting to ask you…but…I wasn’t sure if you were in to that kinda thing” he had said. That only heightened your excitement. Out on the floor you would go and he immediately falls into sync with you. Every movement you make, he follows up with a sensual touch to egg you on further. During the entire dance, your ass and his pelvis would barely disconnect; the heat between your bodies growing to exponential heights as you ass wiggled and jiggled against him. His freckled face would be a new shade of red but he’d love every minute of it. “Ohh babe, I bet I could do that”  “Lay it on me, sunshine” He’d switch with you, this time attempting to mimic your hip movements only to look like he’s having mild muscle spasms; the two of you laughing away as you keep hold on his slender hips. The night would continue like this until you’re both sweating and exhausted, and quite frankly, needing desperate release.

Bonus: You found Prompto had grown too desperate to not just take you there and then when he pressed into you with his growing bulge. So you dragged him into the bathroom and had your way with him.

Ignis: “Twerk-ing?” He had asked with a slight bit of confusion pondering over the word. Ignis never was one for keeping up with today’s ‘lingo’ so after explaining it a couple times, you figured it’d be better to just show him. A stone wall he of a man he had stood out on the dance floor. You had coaxed him to relax with gentle words. The music picked up and off you went. His hands sat at your hips as you moved, his face completely focused on trying to catch the rhythm; making you laugh. “Just let me lead and you follow” You had continued, opting to shy away from going easy on him. Your hips popped to the beat. You ground back against him - hard, a few times caused him to nearly lose his footing but he held steady. It would take some time to crack his shell but you’d made sure his eyes never left your hips as they swayed, jerked and rotated in patterns he had no idea your body could move. “Shiva…” It had left his face hot, trousers tight and his mind ever curious to see what else you could do. The night would move on and he’d nearly be bursting at the seams with this newfound adventure that you had taken him on with your movements alone. With a quick adjustment of his glasses he’d stop you abruptly, slender fingers caressing your sides. “What say we continue this…dance…in a more private setting?”

Bonus: The ever stoic advisor would come apart at the seams thanks to your musings back at the hotel. A more ‘private’ version of the dance with less clothes would break his walls and would make for an adventurous night…

Gladio:  “Can you handle it?” You had joked yet he had practically dragged you to the floor; his anticipation for what was to come growing rapidly; it almost had you nervous. “Do what you do babe” He had smacked your ass for encouragement as the music belted and bodies crowded around. Sure he knew how to dance and had his fair share or body-to-body two man parties on the floor, however, he’d NEVER had it like this. Who knew this behemoth of a man could be rendered nearly speechless at your musings. Each of your movements would earn you a low growl or grunt. A few times you’d have to remove his hands to keep them from slipping to a few less than satisfactory places within the public eye but you kept at it; the excitement of knowing he was losing his mind boosting your ego. With one fell swoop of his giant arm; you’d be hoisted over his shoulder, finally losing it at the sight of seeing your ass raised toward him upon bending over. “We can finish this later…” Off he’d carry you to the nearest bathroom, no shame in the clearly visible tent protruding from his pants.

Bonus: In the bathroom you would repeat your same dance absent of clothes. Gladio would stay pinned against the door until he said ‘Fuck it!’ and took you there and then over the sinks, not a care in the world for who might walk in.

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TalesFromYourServer: Guys...Linda is back.

Some of you might remember about a year or so ago. I vented about a certain gal that I dubbed “Linda.” And shortly after, she quit/fired so everything was freaking awesome.

But my boss…my “I-hate-training-new-people” boss decided to freaking CALL up Linda and ask her to come back to work! We had another newish girl who did a no show no call for a couple days so we assumed she quit. Which was fine since she wasn’t that good and was always 30 minutes late (Can you imagine having a boss who rather deal with someone who’s always late then simply hire a new person?!)

She really dropped this on us on a Saturday night. We basically only got a 30 minute noticed and she didn’t actually even tell us. We saw her name on the schedule after she scribbled it in. There was three of us that knew Linda and yeah..we were all equally pissed off. Especially since we get a lot of applications that look decent enough and one of my co worker has been giving her names/numbers of girls who have sever experiences.

She also obviously knew how much we hated the idea of Linda coming back so she was trying to be sneaky. When we also asked her why don’t you hire enough people (we are still short staffed) but she gave me this bullshit of “I have some people coming in! Two! But..not now. I hope you understand, I’m doing this for the business. I need to think about the business.” She won’t tell me why not now but I’m guessing one of them is the one that just went on a month long vacation.

She tried to tell us Linda is only “on call” but she’s scheduled for 5 days (6 last week actually). Funny enough Linda told me she’ll probably call in a lot on a certain day since she simply doesn’t wan’t to work certain days.

Another annoyance is that she also recently hired back our old busser who quit by not showing up. But shocker, the busser didn’t show up because (get this) her pants couldn’t fit her. That was the excuse. Her pants.

So after my boss did that, that officially made me make up my mind on looking for a different job. Hopefully not in the food industry. Which is quite depressing since I’ve realized I actually like helping people and come to really like my job. Thankfully I only have to deal with Linda once a week. And Linda has actually calmed down with her narc-ness. But she hasn’t stopped complaining about everything. From the lights being too bright, old ladies, customers, and old ex co workers. Seriously everything.

I’m still sticking around since I did promise to work for one of my other co workers so she can take her week vacation. But I felt so …whats a good word…betrayed? Disrespected? Especially since the boss specifically said she will NEVER hire Linda back. But that only lasted a year or so..

By: Stringoffate3

hggameaitions  asked:

What should I draw like in school I really don't do anything all we did is do the play day thing and it's boring I want to go back to my old school it's more fun than this school but only one more day left until the end of the school year I can't wait! but I need some advice from you of what I should draw and give me something hard maybe one of your favorite tv show characters or something!?And I am really sorry for my bad English I'm forgetting some English now cause I just learned 5 languages

This was late, sorry, but if you still want, how about chibi toonies? (Mickey, Oswald, Felix and Bendy?) You can do one or all of them if you want ;)

reddidh  asked:

*slides out from the shadows, once again* Heloooo Fantasyy!!! ^^ *hugs* I don't know why but the "bleach my feathers and send me back to heaven" is now my favourite sentence, I just now thought about it. Aanyyywayyyys Haaavee a GLORIOUS day!! *IMMEDIATELY RUNS BACK INTO THE SHADOWS* (haha try to catch me now~)

Lol I actually laughed when I thought of that. I’m glad you like it too! And don’t run away!!! Hmmm……

*has Dante stand out in the open*

I wonder how long before she shows up again…

Coming back

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Parring: Nine x Reader

Words: 683

Warnings: none

A/N: I’m sorry for any mistakes, my native language is not English.

Every girls dreams to find the man of their life. The one who’ll make you laugh all the time and who’ll make you see stars. You found yours. And he made you happy each day of your life and he showed you stars. Literally.

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Imagine Andrew as a teacher

(bear with me I gotta get this out of my head) 

-Okay so he doesn’t go continue to play exy 

-But becomes a criminology teacher at Palmetto (cos Nora said that was his major) 

-With glasses and all that shit. His students have a love/hate relation with him. To put it mildly, he’s a complete ass but I love him 

-also Professor Minyard

-And mostly after the first class itself the students realise this- You do not talk when he’s talking or giving a lecture unless you want a perfectly aimed chalk thrown at your head or a “Get the fuck out or shut the fuck up you choose Avery” shouted your way 

-And you do not dare to make fun of his height. He will fucking annihilate you. “You think I’m smol small Johnson, have you seen your dick?“ 

-And yes he remembers your name and grade that fucker with his eidetic memory 

-And his students are terrified of him but have a lot of respect for this teacher who doesn’t look like an exy fan but occasionally shows up in jerseys or sweatshirts with “Josten” written at the back 

-So. One day this student has some work and goes to Andrew’s tiny office Imagine his shock and awe when he sees Neil Josten, Olympic winner, exy champion in all his glory sitting on Andrew’s chair with his feet crossed on the table 

-“You’re not Andrew.”, Neil says. 

-“I had some questions for mid-” And Andrew enters. 

-He stops when he sees Neil “Feet off my table. Now.” the disrespect ffs Neil  And the student’s just like do?? you?? know?? who?? that?? is??

-And the student looks over at Neil who btw still has his feet on the table and the student thinks “Does he have a death wish?” Neil breaks the silence and says 

-“I thought I’d surprise you.”       

“Leave”, comes the reply 

-And for a moment they both only have eyes for each other, leaving the poor sophomore highly uncomfortable 

 -And then thankfully, before he/she becomes a murder witness, Neil takes his legs off the table and smiles. Neil Josten smiles. This was the man who ripped Riko Moriyama apart. Who fought tooth and nail to get to where he was. Who’s mouth has gotten him into trouble more times than he could count. He fucking smiles. 

-And Neil walks past Andrew, almost brushing his shoulder while leaving and Andrew grips his forearm

-And everything but the two of them melts away. Nothing else fucking matters as if it ever did in the first place 

-And for a second, a fucking fraction of a second, Andrew’s expression shifts 

-And the student is in shock cos obvs Andrew teaches like he does everything else. With stone cold apathy and a tiny bit of disgust but still fucking brilliant. 

-And then Andrew says, “I’ll see you at home.” And then the student notices the “Minyard” on Neil’s sweater (Renee gave it to Andrew as a birthday present when she learned to knit and Neil wears it all the damn time) and understanding seeps into place. Neil leaves after a bit more staring. 

-And Andrew looks at his student and quirks an eyebrow.  

-By the next day the whole school knows that their criminology teacher is dating Neil Josten. 

-After that my poor baby Andrew has to keep repeating in the first class of every freshman year “If you want to be killed in your sleep or want to fail this class, try asking for an autograph. Oh and get used to death threats, you are going to major in fucking criminology after all.

okay listen,,, “a little bit of light” means so much to me and absolutely should not have been cut because it’s the one song that actually paints connor (the real connor) in a decent light. 

“All those demons that wouldn’t let up, that kept dragging him through the dark.
but there were moments
he had moments
with a little bit of light
in those moments, he was happy 
he was trying still to fight
and maybe the battle he fought wasn’t won
but at least there were days when he let the light in
in those moments, a little bit of light

he used to love jokes! when he was a little boy? ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ he had a million answers to that one! 

i remember picnics and little league and sundays at the zoo,
i remember how he smiled
the years of trick or treating, my spiderman, he stood at 4 foot 2
such a happy child
but it seemed like i woke up one morning and my sweet little boy he was gone
something had switched off the light 
and it seemed like it never really came back on” 

I can barely listen to this song without bursting into tears because its just so accurate in its portrayal of what its like to develop a mental illness at a young age. connor was a good kid, he was happy, and then his mental illness developed and he wasn’t the same kid anymore. this song shows that he trying, that he was able to rally through some days and still have moments where he was genuinely happy. it fleshes connor murphy out into a better character than the entire rest of the show does, and lets you in to see the type of person he was before his mental illness took over his life. he loved telling jokes!! do you know how much it means to me to know one of things his mom remembers about him the most is that he used to love telling jokes??

obviously connor had his flaws (like every single other character in the musical) but ultimately he was just a good kid struggling with mental illness who couldnt make it through, and this song screams that point 

I don’t want to be your mother


You mean the stuff covering most of Alphys’ possessions?

Aw, sir, c-come on!


Oh God, here we go again. 

Th-they’re just teasing you, sir. B-because they know they can g-get a reaction out of you.

Yes, well, if they tease me one more time, this blog is gone for good-



[Under the desk]








Goodbye TVD | Stefan Salvatore
“It hurts me, knowing what I’ve done, and that pain… That pain is with me all the time. And every day, I think that if I just… If I just give myself over to the blood, I can make that pain stop. It would be that easy, and every day ,I fight that. And I am so terrified that one day, I’m not gonna want to fight that anymore.”

mark my words, mingyu’s gonna come back from laws of the jungle a damn earthbender. within the first day he will have already synced his mind with the earth, not long after connecting his soul as well. the ground will bend to his wishes, the trees creating intricate shelters on his behalf, and the producers will have to rewrite the plot of the show because there will no longer be any laws of the jungle, as mingyu is the sole law of the jungle. 

mark. my. words.