my shota face


okay heres part one of a really dumb and ridiculous double date comic for dorito face bad touch sempai san and shota boy

im having a hard balance of, coloring it so its kinda nice, but also wanting to stay on the side of, this thing is supposed to look like a hunk of shit and should look that way

uploads will be on fridays, like the good ol days

So lychgate hasn’t updated Dorito face Bad Touch Sempai San and Shota boy in a while so animefxnstuff and I were having a conversation about what Dorito Face would look like once Shota boy’s tomodachi from school gave him a makeover. We were thinking that Dorito face would give himself a sick pompadour and abs for days, plus thunder thighs and a huge dick.

Eventually it ended up being that his name was no longer just Dorito Face, but Dorito Faced Ab Chin. He has 40 abs on his chin and 34 on his abdomen. Amazing.