my shore

Happy Birthday to the brilliant Haruki Murakami -one of my favorite authors and one of today’s most compelling, imaginative voices.

Till  Infinity

                            -Shikha Singh

Near the rocky shore

she stands

with a candle

in one hand

The other hand

on a cane 

while she rests

Gazing at the sea 

as the sun sets 

Neither is it daytime

nor yet night

Upholding a promise

she’s there at twilight



in a blue silk dress

Her long grey hair

tied in a tress

Patiently awaits

return of her beau 

Long ago

who sailed


with his crew

Six decades passed

since she saw him last

People say

lost forever

never to be found

the ship sank

on its way back

before it could touch the ground


And the sea

they believe


all men aboard

To hell

or to heaven

serving as a

quick road

Despite their belief

she has kept

her hopes high

She has waited


without a painful sigh


She waits

and she waits  

Possibly will

till the day

she dies


To guide her swain


from the rocky shore 

when it is dark

at night

with her candle’s




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