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headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

(ref cr. mbc)

  • Shitty: [naked on Jack's bed] I've never been able to eat two bananas in a row
  • Jack: ??? What
  • Shitty: seriously bro. It's impossible. I've tried it sober (mistake), high (mistake), and drunk (super mistake). You can't eat more than one banana at a time. 'S science, brah.
  • Jack: o-kay????
  • Two days later
  • Jack: you were right
  • Shitty: about what?
  • Jack: about eating two bananas in a row
  • Shitty: Brah!!! I thought you'd ignored me!!
  • Jack: I tried it. Felt sick half-way through the second one
  • Shitty: Ho-ly shit! I was right! Science bro!!!
  • Jack: of course I'm not a quitter so I finished the second half and ate a third one
  • Shitty: Jesus Jacko!
  • Jack: I was throwing up the rest of the afternoon
  • Shitty: amazing

Pidge: hey Keith can I borrow your phone?

Keith: sure just a sec