my shitty mask

anonymous asked:

"stole my older brother's Jason mask" -Rich in Halloween

(( well. shit dude. I’d blame that on my hearing problems but uh. I legitimately thought he said “I’ve got my shitty Jason mask” for some reason, like it was an old Halloween costume left over?? I apologize for the confusion! ))

My RWBY Secret Santa gift for Reba (floralninjachan)!!! Here’s some silly Lancaster for you!

I hope you’ve had a fun and festive week! Happy Holidays :D

You have been visited by the swag druid. Reblog in 29 seconds or you will be haunted by angery birbs for eternity
//rip me you gotta see my hand because the glasses wouldnt stay ;v; and a look at my shitty druid mask… Ill probs make a new one because this one is terrible and yeah.. The top eye ends up on top of my head ;v;