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Blabbering about the Feanorians

Well, in my headcanons related to my Modern!AU (that I actually need to write because I’ve TOO much ideas), I went out with the fact that Maglor is an extreme lover of the Opera. Not only he memorizes ALL the works of the Italian composers (because yes, this AU is settled in my country. *ops*) like Verdi, Rossini, Puccini etc (oh, well, speaking about Verdi, Maglor’s favorite work of him could surely be “Rigoletto”, because “the revenge of the lowest classes against the tyrants!!!!11!!!!!”. Feanorians always being VERY political), but also he loves a lot Wagner, Schubert, and a lot of others. (He loves so much Der Ring des Nibelungen  that he plays The Riding of the Valkyries in the worst moment. Like, at the 3 a.m meanwhile his family was sleeping. His favorite book could probably be The Phantom of the Opera and he does the cosplay of Erik every time that he could (and his canonical wife/girlfriend does the cosplay of Christine, obv)

Speaking about more modern music, he likes only the True Rock™, he is very into metal and hard rock, and despises A LOT the commercial music, he could be terribly snob about it and every time that he *gasp* hears a commercial song at the radio, he starts with the DRAMAH™, blabbering something like “Oh, my ears is bleeding” and doing a lot of dramatic sounds. (Maglor, calm your tits, I love you but everybody at least finished for listening “commercial music”, yolo)

On the other side, Celegorm listen … this: 


Shitty borrows Jack’s computer sometimes, that’s nothing new. What’s new is the untitled folder just sitting on his desktop. It can’t be porn. He set up Jack’s porn folder himself. So, he knows it isn’t porn. But who keeps an untitled folder on their desktop?

Jack. Jack Zimmermann keeps an untitled folder on his desktop. An untitled folder filled with pictures and iMessage screenshots of conversations with Bitty. The pictures are mostly of Bitty, though some group shots of SMH and some others are thrown in as well. He has pictures of Bitty baking in the Haus, of Bitty walking across campus completely oblivious to the camera pointed at him, of Bitty doubled over laughing on Jack’s couch. Very rarely does Bitty seem to be aware that he’s being photographed, and yet the lighting is perfect, a calm sort of happiness seems to be radiating off of him. None of them are dated, none of them are titled. Each photo holds a memory of a person in love.

For the first time, Shitty realizes this is exactly how Jack sees Bitty all the time. Like he’s the most precious thing in existence

Shitty Knight running for president:


Shitty Knight running for re-election:


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Please keep making Voltron team headcanons and please god never stop Im cracking up so hard

lmao this sounds like an invitation for more of my shitty headcanons so here you go:

  • lance will drape himself dramatically across people’s laps. at first everyone pushed him off but now it’s just kinda. a Thing.
  • *keith and lance are even vaguely in the same place* “are you two having a bonding moment”
  • if someone goes into the training room and Shiro is there doing pushups they are morally obligated to sit on his back
    • no matter who fuckin does it he just keeps going
    • one time they all try at once and he doesn’t even blink
  • lance introduces them as the power rangers @ like five planets before anyone gets him to stop. that’s five whole civilizations that will forever think of team voltron as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • sometimes they drop bullshit nonexistent ~*earth sayings*~ into their speech when they’re talking to allura and coran
    • “wow that alien’s prettier than a tuba underwater on a monday morning, isn’t she lance?”
    • “that was a close call. but luckily all my party turtles are still in the basket”
    • no one can tell if keith is joking or not when he does it
  • lance has to be chaperoned by another paladin every time he plans to interact with someone remotely attractive after he gets kidnapped for a fifth time
  • they act like they’re on a long road trip
    • “are we there yet are we there yet are we there y-” 
    • have actually gotten to 1 while singing 99 Bottles of Beer On the Wall
    • have involved games of I Spy (”I spy with my little eye something yellow” “is it another fucking star because I sweaR TO GOD”)
'Romeo and Juliet of the math and english dept. in school’ AU
  • Lydia is the Math teacher, obviously and Stiles is the english teacher
  • the students adore Stiles and teases him a lot because it’s super obvious he has a major crush on their math teacher
  • everytime she passes in front of his class, he stops talking for a solid minute and looks at her with the softest smile EVER
  • he then looks around and see the smiles faces on his student’s face and just roll his eyes all red and continues his class
  • they’re a bit scared of Lydia
  • She’s a very strict teacher and hates when they mess around during her class
  • but she’s loved as well because she does her best to make sure everyone understand what she’s saying
  • she also has a major crush on Stiles
  • but of course no one notices
  • both of them are aware that the whole school ships them together but neither even mentioned to anyone or each other
  • the other teachers are also in this
  • they usually pair both of them to do teacher things together and that scares Lydia bc what if people know
  • Stiles is more mad about it bc he does a horrible job keeping his shit together
  • they actually work together pretty well
  • but anyways
  • with valentine’s day coming, some students ask Stiles about romeo and juliet
  • so he gives them a class about it bc he likes the play a lot
  • also is valentine’s day and everyone is a sucker for romeo and juliet
  • little does he know that’s a part of their students plan to get mr stilinski and miss martin together
  • like the whole school is into this
  • everyone but the principal
  • because is not allowed for two teachers to date
  • but getting to the point
  • Stiles is teaching it and someone suggest that for them to understand it better, he should do a dramatic reading
  • and Stiles is so up for this shit because dramatic reading is so his thing
  • (i mean one time he performed a very long scene of star wars to his father just for the hell of it)
  • (he was like 15)
  • (Stiles’ dad wonders where did he go wrong)
  • so they get Stiles to be romeo and do the balcony scene from a part of the school
  • and tell him that one of the girls is going to be up there so he doesn’t look stupid doing it to no one
  • but actually they put him under one of Lydia’s classes window without him knowing
  • (everybody tells him that the class is empty bc Ms. Martin is in the lab today)
  • so he starts to read (super loud) under her window and waiting for one of his students to show up
  • but actually Lydia appears in the widow and raises her eyebrows to him
  • and it’s sunny so he doesn’t figure it out it’s Lydia and not one of his students so he keeps going
  • and the student are like LOVING IT and some are filming it and the ones in Lydia’s class are just ‘wtf is happening’
  • Lydia is just amused
  • and his line is over and the student is suppose to read the next line
  • but instead of hearing the students voice, he hears Lydia’s
  • she says the next line
  • Stiles just freeze right there
  • he puts a hand in front of his face and see it’s her and he’s blushing so hard
  • and there’s a silence
  • and Stiles looks around and see those little shits just smirking at him
  • but he’s already embarrassed in front of everyone including Lydia, so what the hell, right?
  • Stiles continues to recite romeo’s line and Lydia now is his juliet
  • everyone stops to watch, even the other teachers
  • because they’re so fucking adorable
  • when it ends everybody is applauding and Stiles is SO EMBARRASSED
  • he nods and takes his students back to his class and just stares at them for like 10 minutes
  • Stiles avoids Lydia for the rest of the day just wanting to go home and spend the weekend hoping she’ll forget everything by monday
  • But as soon as he’s in the parking lot, she bumps into him
  • (totally by accident, i swear)
  • and they do the small talk
  • “your performance was very interesting”
  • “i swear i thought your class was empty, those little shits played a prank on me”
  • “that’s fine. i really enjoyed it”
  • and then Stiles starts apologizing for everything and that he would never ever trust the word of his students and she’s more than welcome to take one of his classes to continue the one he interrupted
  • but he stops talking as soon as Lydia asks him out for Valentine’s day
  • and he just stares
  • and she’s like “we’ll, I can’t kill myself for you without even having a dinner first, so…”
  • this is the worst joke ever but she’s nervous and Stiles is just staring at her
  • Stiles wants to say yes so bad and he’s just trying to contain his excitement but instead of agreeing, he says it’s forbidden
  • Lydia just smiles and winks at him
  • “Of course it is. That’s what makes Romeo and Juliet a great love story”

whenever it’s cold outside sherlock steals one of john’s jumpers and takes the duvet off of their bed and curls up in front of the fireplace waiting for john to come home, sometimes he brings his laptop or one of john’s books that he pretends to scoff at and then john comes home from work and he just sees this amazing perfect beautiful man and he goes to curl up with him, greeting him with a little “hey you” and a soft kiss

Imagine a wonderful AU in which Jack and Bitty get together a month after meeting.

Jack crushes on Bitty from the moment they meet. Imagine Canadian-polite Jack and Georgia-polite Bitty meeting for the first time. Bitty would be immediately falling over himself about Jack if he had been nice from the start.

Jack is aware of his feelings and instead of being a jerk, he’s awkward as hell. He helps Bitty with the checking and they do the whole being friends and hanging out at coffee shops from the start. They get along so well that they transition into a relationship without noticing it.


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Imagine this scenario:

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase on graduation day, in the awarding of diplomas, with both families sitting in the audience, accompanied for Chiron, who could not miss this important day for two of his children, and then, a few seats back, we have: Grover, Tyson with Ella, Rachel, Jason, Nico, Hazel, Frank, Piper and Reyna, and why not, Leo and Calypso, seated too.

And when they mention the names, first Chase, Annabeth, and then Jackson, Percy, the dumb babies (well, to be honest, all, except Reyna and Nico) cannot help themselves and stand up to applaud with emotion, especially with Percy, because they know how much it cost him to get that diploma.

They yell things like, ’that’s our guy’ to Percy and ’that our bae’ to Annabeth (Piper and Rachel do) and the Chase and Jackson-Blofis families are so embarrassed, well, actually Sally smiles, and Chiron turns around and tells them with the hand ’sit down back there’ and then, they realize that everyone is watching them and they’re like ’Oh, right, sorry, we got carried away by our emotions’.

And Percy & Annabeth are so happy and when Percy greets them from the stage, he points to his diploma like ’Hey, look guys, I succeded!

john wakes up one morning and sherlock’s not in bed and all the blankets on the bed are gone so he gets up to find him bc it’s cold in the flat and he just wants to see him and john walks into the living room and sherlock has earbuds plugged into johns computer and is covered in all of their blankets and hes looking very concentrated so john doesn’t disturb him thinking it’s something for a case and like ten minutes later he’s making tea and he hears sherlock scream “thAT CROP TOP IS A CRIME” and john runs over and hes just like “sherlock….. why are you watching project runway” and sherlocks just like “its real television” this is 1000% what happens ok

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How they cuddle, hug, and kiss? Sabo, Law, Zoro, Sanji, Ace, and Luffy? Sorry if it's too much

Of course!! 

(Also boo you don’t have to apologize you didn’t do anything ily <3)



  • Can’t. Stay. Still
  • He constantly twists and turns and takes you with him
  • He’s warmness doesn’t make up for that lmao


  • Hugs for everyone all the time
  • Pounces on you from any direction 
  • Then wraps you in a rib crushing hug
  • Give out a really loud laugh and nuzzles your neck


  • He isn’t a really romantic person so don’t expect much
  • Pecks are pretty much all your going to get
  • But when he does you’re going to drown in them
  • It’s like a secret surprise weapon yo



  • Clings onto you for dear life
  • As he’s narcoleptic, if he falls asleep you’re trapped lmao
  • Obviously super warm bc he’s fire
  • Does some weird shit like smell your hair lmao
  • He does twirl your hair around his fingers and nuzzle your neck


  • Hugging is his specialty man
  • As you walk by he’ll grab your arm and pull you into a hug
  • He’ll grab you from behind too
  • Literally could hold you forever
  • Scoops you up and squeezes you as tight as he can


  • Call him a chicken bc he pecks a plenty
  • Neck and shoulder pecks are his favorite
  • When he smooches your lips he steals as many as he can
  • He has the warmest kisses, they’ll light you up like a firework



  • Cuddle king right here boo
  • Anytime anywhere he’ll take you
  • He’s SUPER warm and soft
  • Hair strokes, kisses, and whispers of sweet nothings right here


  • Literally hugs you 24/7
  • He usually comes up from behind, swoops you off your feet, then spins you
  • Has the biggest smile on his face when he does
  • Again SUPER warm hugs = happy you
  • Kisses you every time he hugs you


  • Kisses you EVERYWHERE
  • Every time he walks past you he makes it a point to give you a peck
  • You literally melt every time he kisses you
  • Twists and dips you for x2 romance

dhgjdhk forgot how much I love Sanji 



  • Usually cuddle time during his naps
  • So anywhere anytime
  • When he’s already napping just lay on his lap and he’ll instantly wrap his arms around you
  • He’s actually pretty cold 85% of the time so bring a blanket


  • You usually initiate them
  • Ex. You run up to him and hug him then he hugs you type thing
  • He’ll wrap his arm around your neck and waist sometimes 
  • He’s surprisingly gentle with his hugs; they aren’t super tight


  • Probably has pretty chapped lips 
  • Usually pecks your shoulders or forehead
  • But when they’re on the lips it’s pretty deep yo



  • In order for him to cuddle with you, you’ll most likely have to be asleep first
  • Traces lines back and fourth on your shoulder blades
  • He isn’t really cold or really warm
  • He also gives you pecks on the top of your head


  • Usually doesn’t kiss you in public unless he wants to make someone jealous
  • But maybe if he’s in a good mood he’ll peck your check or top of the head
  • Otherwise you must initiate the kiss 
  • When you’re alone his kisses are short on the lips or super deep
  • It’s pretty hit or miss  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Hugs aren’t really his thing unless he’s comforting you??
  • Then they’ll be super tight
  • But sometimes he’ll wrap his arm around your neck if the counts



  • His cuddles are one of the best lemme tell you
  • They’re really warm and amazing on autumn and winter days
  • Imagine just being rolled in caramel and dipped in chocolate that’s what they feel like man 
  • As seen above he usually pulls you on top of him
  • Traces circles in your back and plays with your hair 👌


  • They’re pretty warm too
  • Lifts you off the ground and spins
  • They aren’t super tight but they are tight enough, ya know what I’m saying?


  • Pretty much always begins with “Can I kiss you?”
  • As if it’s a suprise kiss
  • Is an EOS lip balm addict so his lips are really soft
  • Mostly small pecks on your hand, forehead, and cheek
  • But on other occasions he’ll twirl and dip you etc. etc.

mini autistic pidge hc post

  • one of her favorite stims is actually listening to the sound the keyboard makes when she types?? and as a result she loves hitting the keys too so the whole experience is pretty stimmy and everyone just figures like “idk she’s probably hacking something” so it’s super inconspicuous 
  • an obvious special interest in technology
  • as opposed to going nonverbal or semiverbal when upset, pidge becomes hyperverbal instead 
  • hyperlexic as a child, could read like…an entire harry potter book when she was like 6
  • is all about smooth textures - loves silk and running fingers over laptop keys
  • is generally more meltdown prone as opposed to shutdown prone
  • pidge and keith: two autistics walk into a bar
  • had a huge vocabulary when she was younger, and people thought she was like the most pretentious 9 year old

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please just proceed on your "things harry does" please please PLEASE

oKay, I’ll try.| part one

- He sits on the bathroom floor while you showers just to talk to you, because you’ve been away the whole day and he miss you.

- Bite your shoulders/neck while you cook the dinner, because he likes the way you whimper at it.

- Sends you a pic of his look before some important event, because his unsure about all the florals and colors.

- Use your socks, even if his feets are much bigger than yours

- Wake you up in the middle of the night while he talks about packers and sunsets on his sleep.

- Do a lipsync battle with you in the car during a long trip. S&M by Rihanna is his favorite.

- Voice all the friends lines because he’s obsessed by the tv show. Chandler is his favorite, and he always says that you’re his Monica.

- Leave drunk text messages for while he’s in LA. They don’t make much sense, but you smile and roll your eyes at them, since the typos and the “i saw a hiuge dog on the street right now baby, i wish i could cuddle with him but glenne don’t let em,don’t kno w why” message is incredible ridiculous and adorable.

- Will make you eat bananas, but he’ll stare at you with a fucking smirk while you eat.

- He likes to lay on top of you while you read, napping on your chest and sneezing a little bit.

- Facetime Anne every night before you both go to bed, telling her how offended he was because you didn’t shared the leftovers with him.

- Will make red velvet cupcakes to you, because “red is your favorite color isn’t it?”

- He’s not very creative when comes to pet names, so he will call you “babe” most of times, only prolonging syllables so you know what he’s feeling by his “baaaaabe”(when he’s being sly) or “babeeeeyeeeeh” (when he’s drunk and want you attention)

- Writes on his journal about you, but never let you see what he writes. “just when i die, then you can have these” he says shooing you away.

- Has a playlist for sex, and other for road trips, other for wash the dishes, making the dinner and relax. Because “music makes everything betta”

- Will slap your ass everytime you laugh at his accent. “Wot? Well babe that’s me, don’t be rude”

- He will always show you his things first, all the songs he wrote he will sing for you first, asking for your opinion, measuring your reaction so he knows how will be the public reaction, because you’re his number 1 fan.

- Ask for you scratch gently his back up and down till he sleep.

- It makes you split your yogurt with him, giving spoonfuls in his mouth while  responds texts messages in the morning.

- Talks with your mom daily,because they’re best friends. “Im'ma stole her from you” he’ll said to tease you, while he holds her.

that’s all i can think about now, please let me know what you think!


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Oh my gosh imagine Athena surprising Apollo with hugs almost everywhere from the agency to the courtroom she'll just hug him at random times


She’d totally do it. It’s more funny to do when he doesn’t expect it.