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idk if i already asked this, but how do you only use 5-6 adjustment layers? it's my greatest struggle in making gifs. I can NEVER do that. I use like 10 layers max to get the look I want. although the gif makers' tips I look at always say to keep it 5-6 layers :/

Hey there! I’ve received a similar ask, and I had yet to reply to it cause I’m so behind with replying to everyone due to lack of time, so if it was you, I’m so sorry!

Before I get into anything though, I’d like to say that…. you really shouldn’t let what all the other giffers say condition what you do. What works for others may not work for you, and if you’re happy with how your colouring turns out, what does it matter if it takes you a few more layers than other people? We all colour in different ways, and obviously tutorials and advices are super useful and they can teach you some stuff you had yet to discover and it’s always great to improve, but at the end of the day what’s important is the result and if you’re happy with yours, don’t pay too much attention to what other people say or do.

The thing I always stress about is making tiny adjustments, cause if you go super crazy with those, you just end up reducing the quality of the gif, by bringing out pixels.

How the hell do I only use 5/6 layers when I’m making tiny adjustments? Well, it depends on the layers you use and how you use them.

I end up using a couple more layers if I’m making a colour porn gifset, cause I abuse of selective colour, but generally I just use curves, brightness/contrast, exposure, selective colour, colour balance and photo filter. 

Out of all them, curves is the one that will impact your gif the most, and will make you lose less layers after, if you use it correctly. And by using it correctly I mean if you use the eyedrop tool with the white tip:

What this tool does is it turns whatever colour you click on with it into the whitest point of your gif, brightening everything accordingly. This is very useful especially if you’re giffing a dark scene! I’ve talked a bit about this tool here.

Everything is going to make more sense once you start using it, cause the more you practice with it, the more you get the hang of it! 

What you want to do once you click on it is to click on the lightest point of your scene. Keep in mind that it’s going to turn that point into white, so if you choose a dark colour your entire gif is going to look like crap. You want to choose as close to white as you can, but if you choose actually white, it’s not going to do much of anything at all. 

Now, you also need to keep in mind that this tool is going to affect the tone of your gif, based on which colour you pick, so if you pick a yellowish colour, it’s going to change the tone of the gif into blue, if you pick yellow it’s gonna make everything blue-ish and so on, going in the opposite way (so it’s very useful for those movies/tv shows that have a terrible yellow filter and such). 


if I were to pick that light green/blue colour behind harley (the red dot)

my gif would turn like this:

see? that colour turned into white, the gif was brightened accordingly, but since I chose a blue/green-ish colour, now the tone is reddish!

If I were to pick harley’s hair where it’s lighter instead:

I’d get this:

much better, right? 

A lot of this is trial by error. You’re going to need to click on a lot of stuff and undo it until you find a combo that works for your scene, but the more you use this tool, the more you understand how it works and the easier it gets!

Now you see why I would only need a couple more layers to be happy with my gif! And that’s by only using one tool, curves! Notice also how despite the fact that it’s a dark scene with shitty lighting, it got brightened straight away without bringing out pixels/lowering the quality!

You can achieve great results with a few layers, you just have to use the right ones ;)

Daddy. (Joshua Smut)

Hey everybody  i am so so sorry that i’m so late, we moved houses and there is nO FUCKING INTERNET  so i had to live on shitty data, it’s been hell for me but i know it’s even more hellish for everyone considering you’re all so thirsty.  but yeah, so i hope you enjoy this i’m so sowwy it took so long but it’s here, i had a great time writing this daddy one, AND I WILL BE HONEST I SCREAMED RANDOMLY WHILE WRITING THIS JUST SAYING. I’ve been working on many stories at once, so that i’ll be able to finish them at the same time so i’m working really hard, PRAISE ME PLS.  also, thank you all for being so patient, i know it’s hard, also fucking whAT. there are so many of everyone now.  we can’t help but feel overwhelmed and happy by how many you guys are, what should we call you ugh. I love you all so much, and honestly in my opinion this 2017 will be a good year for this blog we will improve ourselves in order to make everyone reading happy/horny, maybe this year juuust maybe, you’ll be able to get to know us better.  well only if you all want to.


also credits to shwua for the gif
-admin kate x

warning: contains daddy kink, rough sex, spanking and SIN. if this ain’t your thing then we have a lot of other stuff to choose from.

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“New Kind of Love” Part 1

                                        ❝Risky Business❞

Summary: (Modern Day AU) Bucky Barnes is just another frat boy, with great looks to serve and a carefree vibe. And you’re just another good girl, with good grades and pastel pink vibes. How could two people be so different, yet perfect for each other?

Prompt: You’re my crush and you came over to my dorm with your friend. In the middle of the visit, I realize you were flirting with me. At the end of the visit, I realize you’re flirting with me to make your crush jealous | AU

Pairing: frat boy!Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1990

Warnings: none for now

Author’s Note: new fic!!! finally, i got some time to put this thought together, although i’m posting the intro, this fic won’t be updated as frequently, since i have my midterms exams are coming up. so don’t ask for updates, please. taglist is open! 

special shoutout to, Carolina (@sanjariti) for helping me edit this, you’re the best, wifey <3 also, thanks to my sweet summer child, Ari (@whyisbuckyso) for coming up with a decent summary ily 

‘New Kind of Love’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

(gif is not mine)

“I thought you said you didn’t want to come here,” Your dorm roommate, Wanda teased you as she dropped down on the couch you were sitting on. She must have caught you bobbing your head to the rhythm of whatever music that’s been blasting through the room. She sat so close to you, you could smell the stench of alcohol and sweat oozing from her body. But maybe it’s not her, just the air in this frat house. Her tight dress showed off all her best assets, and best thing is she wasn’t even shy. Wanda rests her head on the armrest of the couch, her exposed neck showcasing the dragon tattoo inked over the skin.

“No, that’s not what I said,” you defended yourself, looking at her.

“I couldn’t wipe that fucking frown off your face until I promised to help you clean the room.” She said, yet again teasing you.

“Technically, it was a bribe.”

“Which you took,” she was fast on the reply, smirking lazily.

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Caught Making Out with Peter Parker (Headcanon)

Originally posted by honestholland

ok here i am posting after 567 years im so sorry wOW and I was supposed to post an imagine tonight but my LAPTOP CRASHED so now I’m writing this on mobile and wanna cry its fine! so when i get my laptop fixed I will upload that imagine for my sweet pal @five-foot-two-joanne :))) (oh and you and peter are 16 in this whoops) ALSO THIS GIF MAKES ME CRY I CAN’T WITH HIM IM JUST HEART EYES HEART EYES HEART EYES WOW!!!


- “peter I’m so tired please we lay down?”

- “fINE”

- you and peter were sitting down in his living room watching a movie and you were eXHAUSTED 

- it was the perfect an overall shitty ass day with your sweet bf:,))

- peter’s back sat straight up against the back of the couch while his arms was propped against the arm of the couch

- his sweet brown eyes pierced into the tv screen as his curled hair was messily ruffled against his forehead

- aw pete’s so cute and sweet I’m-

- your head was placed comfortably in his lap while your body was sprawled out lazily across the cushions

- one of his hands lay softly on your arms, rubbing soothing circles


- while his other hand had his fingers lace themselves in your locks, combing through your hair softly


- okay srry back to sweet teen angst story

- the movie played quietly behind your thoughts as your eyes hazed up at peter’s face, admiring his handsome features

- his bright eyes were shining, your heart skipping because you loved him so:)))

- your eyes trailed back down to his soft, tiny pink lips pursed slightly at the look of intent on his face

- ok wOW

- his tongue peeked out from between his lips and licked them

- F U C K

- H O R M O N E S

- the beat of your heart turned erratic as you could sense the blood rush to your face in embarrassment 

- you hated the effect your boyfriend had on you wow 


- y’all know i had to say nut 

- ok back to story once again

- as your eyes gazed up at peter’s lovingly features, peter could sense your stare on him

- “whatcha starin’ at?” he joked, eyes shifting to meet your piercing orbs in a sweet gaze

- your features flushed red as his lips closed to form a soft smile

- your eyes shut slightly as his fingers tug a bit harder at your hair, lulling you to a steady sleep

- “p-peter… you know that always makes me tired’ you yawned, rubbing your cheek against his soft sweat pants

- your eyes begin to fold over quickly


- y’all’s 16 year old hormones are bouncin and his needy lips are open;)

- all of the sudden, you feel a familiar pair of lips ghost themselves over your forehead, the breath hitting your skin smoothly

- you gasp because PETER SWEET LOVE AH

- your eyes shoot open and you look up to see peter’s eyes closed and his lips ghosting over your forehead to your cheek

- the kisses are shirt but meaningful, kissing you everywhere on your soft face

- aw fuck i need a peter parker

- “b-babe” you stutter, sitting up, and gazing in his direction

- he scoots closer to you, gazing lovingly into your eyes and tucking his hand underneath your cheek and rubbing softly

- your heART GOES !!!!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE YOU LOVE (1) BOY

- “shh, my love,” he whispers against your lips

- he closes the gap and your heart explodes just like it does every time you kiss him

- your breath “zips” as his lips push themselves onto yours 

- you sink into the kiss, your hands reaching up and running themselves in his soft hair

- fuck his hair was soft

- and fuck he loved when you tugged on his hair like that

- and fuck you could feel his tongue peek through your lips


- peter’s lips detach from yours as his breath mingles down your skin and against your neck

- oh god

- your eyes are shut tightly and your head automatically tilts back to give him better access

- bc wow you knew you were so whipped for this boy

- and he was so in love with you

- and peter was needy as heck whoops

- but obviously you didn’t mind

- “peter…” you feel a moan emit from your throat deeply, the air around you growing thick

- his lips press against the space between your neck and jaw and wow

- your hormones are raging your love from this boy his raging you are rAGING

- peter would never carry things too far, he knows

- he just wanted to truly show you how much you meant to him

- because wow did he love you

- so, so much

- you tilt your head back and his lips press a trail up your jaw and to your temple, pecking lightly 

- you giggled and opened your eyes, moving your hands to his cheeks, leaning in and kissing him yourself

- he smiled against your lips and move his hands up to your cheeks and rubbing them softly


- “peter,”

- “UH-UHM”

- oh fUDGE

- your lips break apart at the sound of someone interrupting your little make out sesh;) with a cough

- you head whips around and both your faces turned bLOOD RED



- you and peter fLY APART FROM EACH OTHER

- “well, how was tHE MOVIE??”


- peter loves this bECAUSE HE’S A DAMN TEENAGE BOY

- smh headass (you know i had to add that in there)

- she smirks and you two smile guiltily at one another before scooting over on opposite ends of the couch

- “I’ll be in my room, okay? I won’t INTERRUPT AGAIN!” she waves her hands around exasperatedly before shuffling to the back of the house

- peter turns towards you and smiles sheepishly

- “sooo, wanna continue??” 


ok that’s all love u all bye<33

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Half-Buttoned -- Dacre Montgomery

Request: “Could I get Dacre smut like reader rides him? (ALSO IDK HOW BUT COULD U ADD IN HOW READER THINKS ITS REALLY HOT AF THAT HE WEARS HIS SHIRTS HALF BUTTONED UP)” — hailhydrabarnes “I loved your recent imagine ride his face/eats her out until she begs him to stop?❤️❤️”

Warnings: SMUT!!! (16+). NSFW gifs below the cut. Cursing. Rough sex. Orgasm denial. Edging. Lots of kinky shit. I would not recommend reading unless you’re SUPER kinky and into rough sex. Also, does shitty writing count as a warning?

Pairing: Dacre Montgomery x Reader

Summary: You and Dacre just love to tease each other, but at some point he has to teach you to be a good girl for him.

Word Count: 3143

Listen To: I Put a Spell on You by Annie Lennox

A/N: Yeah, so I’m highkey obsessed with Fifty Shades Darker. I’ve always had a kink for that shit, so I decided to write a Dacre fic that sort of (not really) has Fifty Shades vibes (maybe). I got WAY into this and it got out of hand, sorry if this isn’t your thing… oops.

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Stress Relief part 2 - Wolverine x Reader (NSFW SMUT)

So many people asked for more Wolverine smut…So, here we go. Very NSFW. Really. Shameless smut (with some gif, which do not belong to me by the way). Because self-control is for weak people…wait…hum…Whatever. 

(My masterlist blog here :

Summary : Last time, you helped your Wolverine relax…this time, he helps YOU. And you couldn’t be happier. 

Part 1


It had been a while since you had a week as bad as the one you just had. 

Your students, maybe because they felt like the summer vacations were very close, were just being so difficult, so much that at each end of the class you were just exhausted both mentally and physically. 

If that wasn’t enough, you had tons of paperworks to take care of because you promised Storm you’d help her with it. You probably made at least 100 new student files, as the school really started to grow and more kids came in every day. You fucking hated paperworks…You cursed yourself for even asking Ororo if she needed help. She was your best friend, and was co-headmaster with Logan…You saw what being headmaster did to Logan, how it took a toll on his mind, mood etc etc, and just had to try to help them. Still. Fuck paperworks. 

You also were in charge of recruiting new teachers, and that was another pain in the ass, because damn some of them were perfect idiots. You had to throw some out of the school once you realized they were just journalists, looking for a new scandal article to make about a “school full of dangerous mutants”. Assholes. 

Oh, and of course, you also asked Kurt and Hank if they needed help, and of course…They did. 

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comfortable ⇢ thiam

gif isn’t mine!

A/N: oh hello thought you’d seen the last of me? i’m back with a shitty ass thiam imagine but i love these boyfriends too much not to post this

warnings: none other than shitty lmao

pairing: theo raeken and liam dunbar

word count: 1,3k

It had been weeks since Theo had properly slept with all the things happening around Beacon Hills and his own life. The nightmares in which his sister continuously ripped his heart out of his chest were a daily thing by now and Theo had no idea how to get rid of those, at all.

Theo had driven his car to a cliff where he could see the whole city of Beacon Hills. As cheesy as it sounds, he loved the way the houses were light up, creating this golden glow in the city making it look peaceful which was far from the truth. Theo enjoyed it, no hunters trying to get his head on a stick and no Malia annoying him.

A content sigh left his lips as he closed his eyes and breathed in. If only he could feel as calm as he does right now all the time. Theo slowly opened up his eyes and walked back to his car, slowly getting in. He took his blanket from the backseat, trying to get comfy.

Theo was woken up to the sound of a knock on his car window, making him slightly jump. A torch was pointed at him, the light blinding Theo and making a groan get past his lips. Theo’s eyes widened when he realized who was the person who had woken him up.

“Liam what the fuck are you doing in the middle of the woods at night?”

“Get out of the car Theo”, Liam said slightly annoyed.

Theo got out of his car, slamming his door closed. “You’re the one who woke me up I should be the annoyed one here.”

“Shut up Theo. Why aren’t you sleeping in your home?” Liam asked his voice full of concern this time.

“Dunbar, you really crack me up sometimes”, Theo still was confused as to why he liked this dumbass who was quite the clueless one often.

Liam furrowed his eyebrows together, trying to figure out what was going on. Truth be told, he had never seen Theo go home or even talk about it. Liam’s eyes widened as he finally had figured out.

“You live in your car?” Liam slowly asked, just to be sure. A chuckle got past Theo’s lips as he shook his head. Out of all the boys in Beacon Hills he had to fall for this one.

“I can see now why Mason is the smart one.”

“Theo you can’t sleep in your car, that can’t be comfortable or legal even.” Liam was looking straight into Theo’s eyes, trying to figure him out. Ever since he had gotten Theo out of hell he had changed, in a positive way but in also a worrying type of way. He looked scared most of the time, making Liam’s heart break.

“Done it for weeks now, getting used to my muscles aching all the time.”

“I don’t want you to sleep in your car, I have a spare mattress in my room in which you can sleep on. It would definitely be more comfortable than your car.”

“Oh, is little Dunbar worried?” Theo smirked as he looked at the younger boys cheeks flush red.

“Just… Shut up Theo and drive your car to my place,” Liam said as he walked over to the other side of the car and got in.

Theo looked around Liam’s room, this was his first time ever in it. Much to his surprise it wasn’t messy like every typical teenagers room usually is. Liam was shifting around, making room for Theo’s stuff and the mattress.

“Dunbar, you really don’t have to do this,” Theo said with a sigh. He was grateful for everything Liam had done for him, he was the one who got him out of hell for god’s sake.

Liam turned around to look at the brown haired boy, really not knowing what to say. He cared about Theo, much more than he actually should. Instead of saying anything, he just pointed at the mattress that was ready for Theo.

“You can go and change in the bathroom, if you want to.” Liam said with a sigh.

Theo raised his eyebrows at Liam’s words, only for a smirk to appear on his face. Theo turned around and slowly took off his shirt, knowing fully well Liam was watching.

“What are you doing?” Liam asked, his voice quiet. When he proposed (or almost force) Theo to come live in his house until he found another place to sleep in instead of his car.

Theo let out a chuckle, his mind instantly going back to the moment when Liam first asked him that in the hospital. He still remembers that night like it was yesterday. It was the first time in years that Theo had done something that wasn’t selfish. He was glad he did it for Liam, he really liked that boy and would actually sacrifice his life for him.

“It’s been a while since you’ve said that” he simply said as he went to take off his pants, leaving him in only his underwear. Theo was quiet as he listened to Liam’s heart rate go up with his every move. “Liam, your gay is showing.”

Liam was taken back by Theo’s words, trying to not stare at his back muscles. Liam quickly coughed in an attempt to get himself back together again. “I’m not gay, what are you talking about?”

Theo once again shook his head, turning around once again before walking closer to Liam. “I can read your chemosignals, remember? You might not be gay, but there sure as hell is no heterosexual explanation for this.”

Both of their heartbeats were going crazy, they both could hear it. They both knew fully well they saw each other as more than friends, but none of them were doing a concrete move.

Liam was now pushed against the wall, the distance between the two boys only being a mere centimeters. “Liam?” Theo breathed out as he looked at the shorter boy in the eyes.

“Yes?” Liam whispered as his eyes unwillingly fluttered close.

“Would it be bad if I liked you? As like in the like you way that it’d be cool to pin you against a wall and kiss you?”

If it even were possible at this point, Liam’s heartbeat quickened. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing right now. The guy he had liked even when he still was with his now ex-girlfriend actually liked him back, and he wasn’t even dreaming.

“No. I might feel the same way,” Liam said with his eyes still closed, not daring to open them up.

With that Theo closed the gap between the two, his lips meeting Liam’s soft ones. Their lips moved in perfect sync, making all those fireworks that everyone talk about go off  in Theo’s stomach.

It felt good, hell, it felt right. It was like Liam was the thing that was missing in Theo’s life until this very moment. Theo pulled away with a smile as both of their eyes fluttered open.

Theo moved his hand to Liam’s cheek, carefully caressing it with his thumb. They were just standing there, in a comfortable silence and looking into each others eyes. For the first time in a while they were both happy.

“Liam?” Theo broke the silence between the two after a few minutes.

Liam just hummed as an answer, not bothering to speak up this time.

“What the fuck were you doing in the woods in the middle of the night?”

A blush creeped up on Liam’s face for the second time that night. “I was on a walk trying to calm myself down, I didn’t want to have another one of those nights when I run around the woods naked. Scott wasn’t exactly happy about that slip up.”

“I can’t believe you’re the guy I like.” Theo said with a laugh, as he leaned in to kiss Liam again.


This is quite short - apologies
Word Count - 1201 words

Based off of this request:(xx)
Warning: Light smut at the end.

You listened as your daughter got continually more riled up with Harry’s muteness, wanting nothing more than to talk to her Daddy. He had strict orders to rest his voice, something very unwelcome with how busy your day is.

You were stood in the kitchen while the two of them sat at the dining table, keeping you company. You attempted to stir the pot of noodles cooking on the stove one handed while also keeping your newborn latched to feed.

“Daddy! Stop it.” Luna raised her hand as if she was going to hit him but the look of seriousness that he gave her stopped the four-year-old, deciding to sit back down and pout. You could feel sweat running down your neck with the heat of the pan clogging the air and you were finding it hard to find clean air.

You paced over to the window, opening it wide and leaning out as much as you could without squishing the 3-week-old baby, Noah, in your arms. The fresh air was a relief to your system and you couldn’t bring yourself to pull away.

You felt a hand on your shoulder and turned to find Harry, a concerned look on his face, his eyes asking if you were okay. The little girl following behind him caught you eye and her tear streaked cheeks hurt your heart. There was no point explaining for a third-time Harrys situation, you had given up a while ago.

“Fine, babe.” That was until the smoke alarm sounded, the smoke arising from the burning pot of noodles setting it off. “No, no. Fuck.”

You rushed over and tried to stir the clump but it proved impossible, the noodles sticking to the pan with no budge. You threw the pan off the hot plate on to the bench, the sound alarming the sleeping baby, sending him into a fit of cries.

Meanwhile Harry watched in a shock, Luna at his side tugging on his hand. He could see you were slowly falling apart and he couldn’t so much as give you comforting words. Doctors order an all.

“Mummy said a bad word.” You heard Luna whisper it to Harry, obviously seeing the state you’re in and not wanting to push you any further. You rarely swore in front of the kids and felt shitty you had let one slip.

“Luna, get out of the kitchen please. Go play with your toys.” You were bouncing Noah, trying to lull him back to sleep while letting out anything but soothing ‘shh’s’. They came out harsh and angry; a clear representation of your mood.

“Can you turn that thing off, Harry? Don’t just stand there for crying out loud.” You were still bouncing Noah in a way you were sure wasn’t too relaxing but you were too stressed to care. Since you had ruined dinner, you were ransacking the cupboard looking for something easy and fast.

The smoke alarm had silenced, telling you Harry had done what you asked. Now the siren had stopped and it was much easier to think, you felt terrible about the way you had snapped at Harry and Luna.

Finding a box of macaroni and cheese, you decided that would have to do for tonight’s dinner. You turned to see Harry leaning against the island counter, eyebrows furrowed and watching you with careful eyes. You sighed, knowing what the look on his face meant.

“What?” You threw the box on the counter and rested your hand on your hip. Luna was gone, no doubt she had put up a fight when Harry led her out the kitchen. Noah had quietened with small whimpers sounding every few seconds.

Harry shrugged and put his hands up in surrender. He walked to stand in front of you and brushed your cheek with the back of his hand. Your head was cradled in his large hand and he pulled you forward for a kiss. Then he took Noah out of your arms, you let out a sigh of relief from the pain your arm was in for holding him to long.

He took a step back and mouthed three words. ‘I love you.’ With that he signaled he would check on Luna and exited the kitchen. You breathed in some air, thankful for the minute alone. However, the guilt of your abrupt snap weighs on your chest. For now, you would have to forget about it and make dinner.

You stood in the doorway of your ensuite later that night, brushing your teeth, as you watched Harry move about the space of the bedroom getting ready for bed. Dinner was quiet. You had to get up numerous times to see to Noah and didn’t get a chance to eat your food before it went cold.

Harry insisted on getting Noah and Luna to sleep but both kids were reliant on a story or soft whispers to lull them to sleep. Harry could do neither.

Now that both kids were sleeping soundly and the only sounds heard were the scuffling of Harry’s feet on the carpet and the bristles of your toothbrush on your teeth, you could feel some of the stress from the day lifting off your shoulders.

He looked up at you after some time, feeling your gaze on him. With a smile, he raised his eyebrows as if to ask you if you needed anything. You giggled around your toothbrush at his expression, foam from the toothpaste dribbling out of your mouth.

He shook his head and silently chuckled at you, pointing in the direction of the sink, prompting you to finish getting ready for bed. When you emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, the only light came from the lamp on Harry’s side of the bed.

He sat against the headboard, a book in his hands, reading glasses perched on his nose. You stood and stared again, enjoying the view way too much. Even after two kids, passion was not lacking in your relationship.

“You look very, very nice this evening, Styles.” You made your way to the bottom of the bed and crawled your way up to his legs. He lowered his book, looking down at you with a smirk and a sparkle in his eyes.

“I think apologies are in order.” You rose on your knees and sat back on your heels, settling between his legs, your hands on his thighs, inches away from his crotch. “I was incredibly rude earlier.”

He looked at you with wonder and lust. He nodded his head slightly, encouraging you to trace a finger up his thigh and circle it around his cock, feeling it hardening under your touch. You gave him an innocent look, but his eyes were closed, veins producing from his neck as he fought to stay quiet.

Your hand stopped its stroking and you worked on getting his underwear past his hips, his erection free from the confinements.

“I think you’ve been quiet for long enough, baby.” And with that, you took him into your mouth, feeling the length of him fill your mouth. It started off with whimpers, however when he came, he couldn’t stop the yell tearing through his throat.

kim jaehwan|enemies to lovers

gif @onqs

member: kim jaehwan
genre: fluffy 
summary: school au! enemies to lovers au! jaehwan and you were rivals from the moment both of you set in high school but you never expected him to audition for the female lead role in the play AND GET IT??!! but one late night some paint, confessions and kisses a lot can change
requested: not really?
enemies to lovers series: bae jinyoung | ong seongwoopark jihoon | kim jaehwan

  • you look at the cast list in absolute shock and disgust 
  • the realisation of what’s happened slowly dawned on you
  • and before you know it you scream 
  • jaehwan looks at you like a deer in headlights
  • he takes one look at the list and smirks and gives a little scoff
  • from that small action you snapped 
  • he realised that the moment you started to sprint towards him
  • “oh fucking shit” was the last three words he said before you chased him all around the school
  • you guys got all the way to the cafeteria with him sweating buckets and you screaming insults at him
  • right before you got to him you felt someone’s arms wrap around your waist
  • you whip your head around to see minhyun 
  • and he said to you in his most soothing voice he said to you
  • “y/n calm down doing anything to jaehwan won’t help" 
  • you were glaring daggers at minhyun for being right but you did relax slightly 
  • and before you could reply back jaehwan bluntly said to you while panting 
  • "wow y/n you really are fucking crazy it’s only a stupid school play what the fuck is wrong with you?" 
  • you could feel the prickle in your eyes and all you wanted to do was slap jaehwan 
  • but you couldn’t instead you just whispered "fuck you” and you cringed as you could hear the hurt in your voice 
  • and before anyone could utter a sound you walked out of there with everyone looking at you 
  • you could hear jisung berating jaehwan in the distance 
  • but you didn’t care one single bit and the moment you got to the bathroom you sobbed your heart out 
  • you knew jaehwan was right it was a stupid school play but to you it was the chance for a scholarship and an actual decent future in music/drama 
  • and of course that chance was snatched up by mr golden music student 
  • jaehwan and you had been rivals from the moment you guys entered in high school
  • choirs, plays, musicals, bands anything related to music or drama 
  • you guys would compete for the solo, top spot, first selection and the list went on 
  • it was always pretty tense between you two
  • this was the last year of high school for both of you
  • and your one and only chance to get a scholarship to major music at university 
  • you thought that you’d have the female lead role no problem
  • but you didn’t expect jaehwan to audition
  • he stupidly auditioned for the female role for a bet with sungwoon, daniel and seongwoo 
  • and the fact that he got the role even though he was a guy 
  • and that you became his understudy killed you 
  • you knew he didn’t care about the play he’d barely practice his lines but get away with everything because of his angelic voice 
  • especially since it was a musical 
  • and he’d have no trouble getting into a university since he didn’t have any financial problems like you 
  • you knew without a scholarship there’s no way in hell you could major music in any university 
  • so the rivalry between you and jaehwan that day completely cemented into plain hatred 
  • the next few weeks between were hell for anyone around you two
  • both of you were stubborn loud and extremely annoying
  • usually he’d start it with something like 
  • “oh poor y/n studying MY lines” he’d mock as he saw you reading the leads line
  • you coldy laughed and replied “i’ve already learnt them i’m just waiting to tell you when you fuck up”
  • he then childly stuck his tongue out and you’d just cocked an eyebrow 
  • “you were supposed to hit a G not a G#” you’d smirk and he’d retort
  • “fuck off you can’t even reach a 3rd octave C” making you blush slightly then your scoff and walk away
  • the teasing was constant and sometimes you couldn’t help it you had to smile at his witty remarks 
  • “how’s the dress??”
  • “very aerated i think the costume adjuster had a bit of a shock when i wasn’t wear underwear in a white sheer dress” he said with a cheeky smile
  • it took every little bit of you not to laugh your ass off but you were grinning widely
  • jaehwan unbeknownst to him was smiling brightly at the extremely pretty smile you were currently wearing 
  • and your heart fluttered seeing him looking right at you
  • both of you were cursing yourselves in your head 
  • you realised that even though jaehwan said it was a stupid school play 
  • he was working his ass off
  • reaching every note and reciting every line basically flawlessly 
  • you were genuinely surprised about how much effort he was putting in
  • but worried since there was no chance you would catch the attention of the scouts with him performing 
  • jaehwan knew you thought of him as a lazy ass and sometimes he was
  • but this time he wanted to do well 
  • a little voice in his head was saying that it was to impress you but he completely disregarded that fact 
  • over the few weeks jaehwan started to realise how different you were from before 
  • before you’d radiate with confidence and expressed yourself 
  • now you kept to yourself
  • he felt kinda shitty because he knew it was not getting the role
  • but he genuinely had no idea why you were so upset about not getting it 
  • so one late night when both of you were the last ones at the auditorium he planned to ask you 
  • you were painting one of the backdrops
  • you jumped in fright when jaehwan said hey
  • you couldn’t help but appreciate how good he looked in a white button up and fitted jeans 
  • “done checking me out yet?” jaehwan said with a little triumphant smirk
  • “i wasn’t!!” you retorted with a deep red blush on your cheeks
  • you continued “what do you want”
  • jaehwan asked “i wanted to know why not getting the lead role bothered you so much?”
  • you were confused at why he was asking this and you automatically became defensive
  • “why? so you can tease me with the reason now?”
  • jaehwan shook his head “no i’m genuinely curious and concerned” he said the last bit so quietly thinking you won’t hear 
  • but you did and you blushed and your heart skipped a beat 
  • then you realised 
  • kim jaehwan cared about you 
  • and you didn’t hate it at all, surprisingly you felt all warm and fuzzy 
  • and before you know it you told him why
  • “basically this is the my last chance to get a scholarship and without it i can’t get into any universities to major in music but there’s absolutely no chance i can get it now" 
  • a shot of guilt went through jaehwan he felt really bad now but he was also slightly confused 
  • "but aren’t you parents well off enough to send you without scholarship or financial aid” he asked 
  • “yeah they are but they don’t support my music career at all and they want me to do law or medicine or something like that” you said with a stone cold voice 
  • he swore, his parents were super supportive he couldn’t imagine what it was like for you 
  • he needed to do something and he already had an idea but he needed to wait for tomorrow to do it
  • surprising himself he didn’t want to leave you 
  • “do you need some help?” jaehwan asked
  • you knew how late it was and wanted to refuse but it would take hours to finish this by yourself so you gratefully accepted
  • “thank you really” you smiled softly at him
  • and he smiled back 
  • he couldn’t help but admire how beautiful you looked smiling 
  • for a few minutes you two were in comfortable silence but you suddenly felt some cold white paint on your cheek
  • you look at him in fake shock with him grinning cheekily
  • the next thirty minutes became basically a paint fight it was so much fun for both of you and jaehwan kept on making you laugh 
  • "NOT THE HAIR DONT YOU DARE TOUCH THE HAIR!!!” jaehwan screamed as you evilly smirked at him with a paintbrush in your hand
  • you couldn’t help but throw your head back laughing at his high pitched scream 
  • at that moment jaehwan swiped his paintbrush with blue paint across your shirt 
  • he then started sprinting and you went straight after him
  • he suddenly stopped and you ran straight into him toppling the both of you onto the ground 
  • with you on top of him
  • “i’m so sorry” you said embarrassed before you were completely silenced
  • as jaehwan tried to wipe some paint of your lips saying “you have a little something there”
  • with your noses nearly touching
  • you felt like your heart would actually burst out of your chest  
  • he couldn’t help but glance at your lips
  • and before you knew it both of you were leaning in
  • and your lips met a warm pair of soft lips 
  • your kiss with jaehwan was long slow and really sweet
  • during the whole thing you were just melting into a puddle 
  • you two eventually part and end up lying on the floor
  • you quietly asked “did that really actually happen?”
  • “i think it did” he whispered still in shock
  • but before you both knew it you both burst into laughing rolling around clutching your stomachs
  • “this is so bloody ironic how would i have ever known that i’d kiss my absolute rival"you chuckled 
  • "hey! admit it was good though” jaehwan said smirking 
  • “never” you say cooly with a cheeky smile 
  • “oh you’re gonna pay for that” jaehwan said with a huge smile on his face
  • he stood up and so did you the moment you did 
  • he quickly you again kissed you sweetly 
  • then continued to peck you everywhere 
  • making you giggle and tell him to stop
  • by the end of it both of you were sporting the widest grins 
  • you guys finished the backdrop with quick kisses and flirty teasing 
  • you guys went home in clothes with paint marks everywhere 
  • jaehwan came into the guys shared appartement at 3 in the morning
  • jaehwan winced 
  • and he spot basically all the older guys looking at him with smirks and curious faces 
  • he huffed and puffed before he hesitantly said “i went on a date with y/n??”
  • all the guys roared with laughter at this and sungwoon replied “stop bullshitting us jaehwan what did you actually do”
  • jaehwan adamantly replied “I DID!! it wasn’t an official date but we did kiss, multiple times" 
  • the guys were SHOOK 
  • and minhyun spoke up "wait it’s true that y/n had to stay to paint the backdrop and jaehwan’s covered in paint???" 
  • "but jaehwan and y/n they were screaming insults at each other just yesterday” seongwoo disbelievingly said 
  • “wait so basically all your hatred for each other was you guys trying to mask your feelings and the sexual chemistry finally exploded??” daniel asked
  • “i guess so when you put it that way” jaehwan replied hesitantly 
  • all the guys collectively went “shit" 
  • it was just a few moments of silence 
  • before daniel burst into a loud song and dance 
  • seongwoo automatically joined singing  "LIKE WE ALL THOUGHT HE WOU-oooo-LD" 
  • “but we don’t know that yet~~~~” sungwoon finished with a trill
  • “YAH!!! IM NOT THAT BAD” jaehwan replied 
  • “you totally are” jisung butted him smiling at the guys singing the song over and over again 
  • but jaehwan turned his focus to minhyun “hyung you said you didn’t want to do the play anymore right?” he said
  • “yeah wh??” minhyun replied
  • “well if i could take your spot as the male lead that means y/n can take the spot as female lead” jaehwan pleaded
  • “wow he really is whipped” seongwoo interrupted smirking making jaehwan flip him off
  • “what about the bet though?” minhyun asked he remembered the guys promising jaehwan $1000 if he went through with this
  • “i don’t fucking care about that y/n needs the role to get a scholarship since her parents aren’t even providing a single dollar for her” he retorted 
  • minhyun smiled softly at his response
  • he wanted to make sure jaehwan properly liked you
  • you and him were really good friends and he couldn’t help but be protective
  • “well if that’s the case i’ll quit tomorrow” minhyun said with a smile 
  • you entered the rehearsal nervous after what happened yesterday night 
  • you had no idea if jaehwan actually liked you
  • and you couldn’t help but feel your heart ache as you thought of that
  • last night after hours of tossing and turning you knew you were 100% already falling for him
  • you were way before yesterday
  • it was since you guys started to compete with each other you always couldn’t help but admire his skills and his easy going humour not to mention his adorable good looks
  • but last night you finally got to take the rivalry out of the equation
  • and maybe have something more
  • just at that moment you felt a pair of arms wrapping around your waist
  • “miss me??” jaehwan said sweetly in your ear
  • you quickly turned around and responded with a smile “i never knew you were this coupley with girls you don’t like”
  • jaehwan looked at you incredously and said “i’m not, only with the girls i really like”
  • you said acting puzzled “then why are you with me”
  • he smiled softly saying “you idiot it’s because i like you" 
  • your heart couldn’t help but flutter at his words you shyly smiled
  • but before you could say anything 
  • the drama teacher came up to you two 
  • "y/n since minhyun dropped out, jaehwan will be taking his place and you’ll be taking jaehwan’s place as female lead, is that alright?" 
  • your mouth dropped and you quickly blurted out "of course thank you so much!”
  • she smiled and said “i think you need to thank the guy who you have your arms around”  
  • you turned to face jaehwan with shocked eyes and him grinning 
  • “you did this for me?” you whispered 
  • “of course what did i tell you i like you a lot y/n” he replied sweetly 
  • he continued “plus minhyun didn’t really want to continue so it was an easy decision" 
  • before you could help yourself you gave him a long deep kiss
  • "thank you if you want anything just tell me okay?” you said gratefully 
  • jaehwan suggestively said “one thing actually”
  • you couldn’t help but roll your eyes “it’s been a few seconds and you’re already asking for favours” you say jokingly 
  • “well it’s only one thing sooooo you can shut up or i’ll shut you up myself” he said with a suggestive wink making you laugh and hit him lightly and said to him “just spill”
  • “y/n will you be my girlfriend???” he said much more nervously then he would of liked too
  • you were shocked like you felt like your heart literally stopped
  • but you knew you already were in deep, you fell for him ages ago but just didn’t realise till now 
  • so without hesitant you smiled widely and said sweetly “yes of course i will" 
  • jaehwan felt like he was on top of the world as he spun you around and you were giggling
  • everyone was wolf whistling and applauding as jaehwan kissed you again 
  • both of you kept stopping to smile
  • making your heart feel ridiculously soft 
  • the next few months was probably the best few months of your life
  • the rivalry with jaehwan turned into the best relationship you could imagine
  • you were basically radiating in happiness
  • add the preparation for the musical was running so smoothly 
  • and everyone said except jaehwan of course that you were better as the female lead
  • he is main everything 
  • it was the night of the play and the auditorium was packed 
  • so many people attending were attending since your school was one of the best private schools in the country and the end of year plays so many famous alumni and scouts come 
  • you were getting last minute jitters but jaehwan was calming you down
  • "what if i miss a note? or mess up one of my lines?” you said pacing backstage waiting for your cue
  • “y/n sweetheart calm down” jaehwan said calmly wrapping his arms around you
  • you instantly calmed down in his arms they were warm safe and your favourite place to be 
  • stroking your hair jaehwan whispered softly “you’ll be amazing you always are that’s why i fell for you so many years ago when you were the first one to go up in music class and completely amazed everyone it’s the same thing today you’ll be amazing to the point they’ll never let them forget your name" 
  • it was the first time jaehwan ever said something so sincere and sweet to you
  • "i love you jaehwan” you said for the first time in your relationship 
  • he looked at you shocked but broke out into the most heart warming grin 
  • “i love you too y/n now show everyone how amazing my girl is” he said kissing your forehead and another quick peck of your lips
  • with a huge smile and a new found confidence 
  • you killed it and so did jaehwan both of you were bloody brilliant
  • when it was both of your turns to bow everyone was giving you both a standing ovation
  • after looking taking off your costumes and makeup you left backstage to find your parents 
  • both of your parents were so proud of you
  • but what your parents said to you made you feel on the top of the world “we wanted to tell you we’ll allow, support and pay for you to major in music we saw you today and we can’t deny the huge amount of talent you have" 
  • you basically broke out in tears and hugged them so tightly but you were interrupted by a voice 
  • "i’m so sorry to interrupt but i overheard your conversation and i’d like to offer both of you a spot at juilliard that performance was the best i’ve seen in a while” said a male in an impeccable suit 
  • both of you were so shocked and you managed to squeak out "thank you so much" 
  • he grinned wryly "you both deserve it” he said handing you two his business card saying to give him a call when you made your decision 
  • with shaking hands both of you accepted 
  • jaehwan looks at you in disbelief “we’re going to juilliard, we’re going to juilliard, WE’RE GOING TO JULLIARD!!!” he finishes screaming in his famous vocals 
  • everyone around you winced at the his voice but you didn’t care you were just so so happy 
  • he whisked you up and spun you around you were laughing happily
  • as he set you down he looked at you with an adoring set of eyes
  • “we’re going to juilliard jaehwan together we’re going to blow everyone socks off” you say still smiling brightly and eyes twinkling
  • in typical jaehwan style he cheekily retorted “i think i can speed that process up”
  • you look at him confused but your confusion quickly disappeared 
  • as everyone proceeded to clap and with a few shouts from the wanna one guys 
  • as jaehwan proceeded to kiss your socks off

WOOHOO YESS FINALLY 4TH INSTALLEMENT OF THE ENEMIES TO LOVERS SERIES i really hope y’all liked it because i worked my ass off for this fic like i spent hours on this anyways i think i’m going to do guanlin next WHICH IM SO EXCITED FOR so look forward to that!!!

love you all don’t be afraid to message me or just send me an anon!!

Oblivious || Part 4

being oblivious had its perks… but not so much this time. 

(part one)

(part two)

(part three) 


“I am not in the mood to deal with you right now.” By the time you finally convinced yourself to go and open the door, the next thing you wanted to do was slam it shut once again. Because, lo and behold, Harry frickin’ Styles was standing at your front door. “I- you gotta get out of here, Harry. I’m seriously not- I don’t wanna talk to you.” 

To say that you were upset was an understatement. You were fuming, you were heartbroken, you were all the negative emotions mixed into one! Just seeing Harry standing in front of you with his perfect face made you want to give him a good, hard punch across his stupid face. (But you knew that if you did that, you’d probably end up hurting yourself.) 

“Y/N, yeh have to let me expla-” Harry jumped when you moved to shut the door on him, making him stick his foot out to stop it from closing. You huffed and whipped around, storming your way over to the couch and plopping yourself down. “Y/N, please.” 

“You’re a shitty fucking person, Harry. You know that?” You cursed inwardly when you felt your eyes watering almost immediately with angry tears. “God, you piss me off.” 

“Y/N, if you’d jus’ give me a chance to-”

“No, you’re going to listen to me, you prick.” You snapped, Harry’s eyes widening at how aggressive you were being. “You’re going to sit down and shut up, and you’re going to listen to what I have to say.” Harry immediately complied, sitting himself down before sliding his sunglasses on top of his head. You didn’t like being so mean to Harry, but… Well, he kind of deserved it. 

“I do everything- and I mean everything for you!” You got up from your place on the couch, beginning to pace back and forth. “I-I buy all your things for you, I manage your accounts, I set up interviews, I run your errands, I- I put my life on hold for you! I’m supposed to be studying literature, a-and psychology, and I’m supposed to be living this fantastic, stereotypical college student life, but instead, I follow you around 24/7 like a pathetic, lost puppy and what do I get in return? Nothing! Harry, I told you from the start I’m not in this job for the money. I took this job because I’m your friend, and I want to support you in every way possible, but it’s so bloody hard to do that when you treat me as if I was nothing!” Your voice wavered slightly, and you tried your hardest not to burst into tears. You never thought you’d be in a situation where you’d be yelling at Harry like this, but there was just so much pent-up frustration inside of you and all of it was just flooding out in this moment. 

“The sad part is that you know I’d drop everything for you at the call of my name. You know I’ll come running because I am just so whipped for you. You know I’m 100% in love with you and it breaks my heart that you’ll never feel the same way about me, but it kills me every single time you talk to me about someone you’re crushing on because, in the back of my mind, I know you’ll never talk that way about me. I’m going to have to get over it, and I will over time, but the least you can do is be a better friend. Because friends don’t abandon their friends outside of a club to go off with a Victoria’s Secret model and then not even have the decency to call me or text me the next morning to tell me where you were or even to check on me! I was the one who stayed out in the cold all night long, but the only thing I could think about when I woke up was where you were and if you were okay or not.”

“I’m tired, Harry. I’m so tired.” There was a moment of silence in which you tried you control your emotions once again, but the next thing you knew, you had burst into tears and crumpled to the floor. 

“Y/N, no…” Harry’s eyes softened as he quickly joined you on the floor, immediately pulling you into a tight squeeze and letting you cry into his chest. 

“Why can’t you take care of me for once? Why can’t I be the one who gets wasted and can barely walk in a straight line? Why can’t you be the one who takes me home and tucks me in instead of it being me all the time? We’re supposed to be friends but you treat me like a stranger now. I…I don’t even know who you are anymore and I-I just want my Harry back.” You sobbed, your words muffled by Harry’s chest. “I want him back, I want us to be like the way we used to be…” 

“It’s a’right, I’m here, I promise.” Harry whispered, stroking your hair lightly and placing a kiss atop of your head. “I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry… I’ve been a proper dick and I- God, Y/N, I don’t deserve yeh. I really don’t. You’ve always been there for me and sometimes I jus’… I jus’ forget about how much you mean to me and how terrible my life would be without yeh.” You pulled away from his chest and wiped at your puffy eyes, Harry reaching up to cup your face gently. “Don’ cry, angel. Makes my eyes water when you’re sad.” He murmured softly, his thumb wiping away a tear as it rolled down your cheek. “I hate to bring this up, but… I can’t date you. I can’t date you because you’re my Y/N, and I’m your Harry, and we’ve always been jus’ that. I love you so bloody much that it hurts sometimes, and it kills me knowing that I broke your heart… But I really do think it’d be for the best if we, y’know, maybe didn’t take the romantic approach with our relationship.” 

“As long as I get the old Harry back, I think I can survive.” You sniffled, dabbing underneath your eyes and letting Harry’s words really sink into you. Not everything could have a happy ending, and you couldn’t always get what you wanted. And that was okay. That was just a part of life, and you had to accept it and move on. The world would continue spinning, regardless of Harry liking you or not, and sure, it would take a little time for your wounds to heal, but you knew you’d be alright. 

“For the record, you’re a much better cuddler, and chef, and everything else than those other girls. No one could ever replace you. Camille’s pancakes weren’t even tha’ good.”

Take that, Camille. 


gif isn’t mine! 

[I’m On Fire] - Part 3

AU!Jeffrey x Reader

[Prompt: Jeffrey picking you up from school, and the scandal when everyone who thought he was your father, finds out he’s actually your boyfriend]

A/N: I wanted to write a flashback on how these two met, especially since they have such a huge age gap. In case any of you were curious – Also, I have been having such a serious struggle writing part 3 so if this is shitty or disappointed you guys in anyway…I’m so sorry in advance >.< I’ve written two different versions which I hated and now that I finished this draft I just wanted to post it without thinking. UGH again I’m sorry if its shitty. 

Tags: Smut, Daddy Kink, Fluff

Part 2 || Masterlist 

(gif by @londoncapsule


Alma was bustling with life.

Students, lovers and friends gathered together in the tiny narrow restaurant bumping elbows by the dinner tables and getting to know one another as they crowded the bar. The walls were painted an aztec blue, decorated and adorned with textiles of white, orange and mustard yellow. The eclectic music was drowned out by the sound of heavy chatter and the clinking of wine glasses.

Juxtaposing this lively atmosphere, you found yourself seated across Phoebe and Regina spending the first half of your night dealing with their chilling stares and withdrawn attitudes.

No matter how many times you profusely apologised to them, they didn’t appear to be in a forgiving mood.

“Did you guys forget how we became friends in the first place?”, you argued after they continued refusing to accept your hurtful “excuses”.

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It’s a Surprise

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,707 

Warnings: Swearing, mild nudity, hint at smut, general fluffiness and lots of it.

Prompt: Sam decides that instead of a boring Valentine’s day of exchanging beer and chocolate, he wants to take Y/N out on a real Valentine’s Day special getaway.

Prompt 2: Gif choice from @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge.

A/N: This is written for @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge. I know I am so late, but my excuse is that I have changed this idea a billion times! I chose a gif for her challenge, and it is located within the fic.

Also, side note yes I know it’s not even close to Valentine’s day, but don’t pay attention to that.

This is unbetaed so any and all mistakes are mine.

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

23 Hours Before Valentine’s Day

“Ectoplasm. I thought we were done dealing with this disgusting crap!” Y/N complained as she strode into the bunker, wiping the towel over her arms. “I’m gonna need, like, seventeen showers just to rid myself of this goop. Yuck!” A giant splatter of the black goo was flicked from Y/N’s jacket and onto the floor, making Dean and Sam cringe.

“Really? In the bunker, c’mon…” Dean groaned.

Y/N turned angrily at Dean, hurling the dirty towel in his direction. “You’re lucky I didn’t get any in your precious Baby! This is your fault you know!”

“What?” Dean rolled his eyes. “If you knew how to swing an iron bar, you wouldn’t have gotten yourself into this mess. Literally.”

“If you wouldn’t have pushed me in front of the monster barf, I wouldn’t be in this mess. It would’ve been you in this mess.”

“Whatever,” he scoffed. “Just go take your damn shower.”

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Identity Part Two (Peter Parker x Reader)

Originally posted by hollandoakes

Word Count: 1302

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: Okay but real talk this gif is an accurate representation of me after watching homecoming. I have so many new ideas now and I loved Ned so much he was such a great character. If you’ve seen the movie let me know your thoughts because I want to discuss. Personally it has become my new favourite spider-man movie which is a lot for me to say. You can read part one , three four and five here :)

Your fourth period science lesson seemed to drag on longer than usual; the various formulas that scattered the board appeared to be nothing but nonsense to you. Sadly science was never your calling and it was starting to show in your grades. You wouldn’t know what you would do if you didn’t befriend the bubbly goofball that was Ned Leeds, he was the reason you were passing the subject now as he took it upon himself to tutor you. He also became one of your closest friends over the past few years and just so happened to be the best friend of Peter Parker. After everything that went down yesterday you were unsure of a lot of things. Like if Peter was actually Spider-man, if Peter had feelings for your best friend or if you had feelings for the boy yourself. And most importantly what you were going to do about homecoming. 

An idea surfaced your mind at the thought of the upcoming dance as you glanced beside you at your science partner. Nudging his shoulders shyly you became a little embarrassed about the situation but you wouldn’t let yourself back out now. “Hey Ned.” The boy was busy concentrating on his notes when you interrupted his thoughts. He turned to you with a friendly smile on his face as always. "What’s up?“ 

Your nerves were showing as you looked at the table instead of his face; words leaving your mouth in a rush. "I hope this doesn’t freak you out but…do you wanna be my date for homecoming? I know you’d probably rather go with anyone else but Liz bailed on me and I just want to be around a friendly face-" 

Your rambling was cut short when you felt Ned place his hand on your shoulder reassuringly. "Don’t over think this Y/N. Of course i’ll go with you, I’d be a shitty friend if I declined.” Looking up you grinned widely at your friend and immediately engulfed him in a bone crushing hug.“Uh you’re honestly the best.” Pulling away from Ned another thought crossed your mind that caused a smirk to appear on your face. “So how’s it going with Betty?" 

At the mention of her name Ned instantly gets red in the cheeks; sighing as he leaned forward on the desk.  "That would mean something would have to actually start.” Those words made you break a little inside. Ned was one of the nicest guys you knew and he’d been hung up on Betty Brant ever since kindergarten yet not once had he made a move. It hurt to see your friend this way, especially since you knew they would be perfect for each other. 

Trying to cheer him up you slung your arm around his shoulder playfully. “Oh come on Ned, she’d be crazy not to like you. I know Betty, she’ll so be into you.” He seemed to perk up a bit at the thought, peeking over his shoulder to talk to you. “You really think so.” A light chuckle left your lips as you ruffled his hair a little knowing that it annoyed him which you were successful in doing as he hastily tried to fix it by running his fingers through it.

 "I know so.“ His mood seemed to brighten after your words of encouragement, a small smile gracing his lips at the thought of Betty Brant liking him. His feelings for the girl never ceased to make you aw as if he were a small puppy dog, he sure had the heart of one. Now visibly happier than before, Ned decided to change the topic back to you. "So how are things going with your hunt for spider-man?" 

You were so caught up in the Betty and Ned drama that you’d almost forgotten about how you’d practically discovered Spider-man’s true identity. And now sitting besides Peter’s best friend you couldn’t help but wonder if he knew about the secret too. Dropping your voice to a low whisper, so that you couldn’t be overheard by nosy teenagers, you leaned in closer to the boy. "Actually you could help me with that…" 

Ned’s body instantly stiffens at your suspicious words, not doing a very god job at hiding his knowledge from you. After a moment he seemed to snap out of his trance as he shrugged his shoulders, pretending that he had no idea what you were talking about. "What do you mean?" 

"Peter Parker. He’s your best friend and i’m almost certain he’s secretly Spider-man in his spare time.” The reaction Ned had to your suspicions only raised them as his eyes widen and he visibly gulps in discomfort. "Y-you’re crazy. As if Peter was-“ 

"You know! Don’t you.” Cutting him off mid sentence you excitedly lean in closer, practically begging for your friend to tell you that you were right about this. However the boy chooses to keep his mouth shut and avoid the situation as he scrambles to grab his belongings off the desk, obviously not wanting to spill his best friends deepest darkest secret to you by accident. “I-I…I gotta go." 

Raising your brow sceptically at him you almost let out a laugh at the scene. "But it’s the middle of class?” Slinging his backpack over his shoulder he rushed out a lame excuse before heading out the door and leaving you to giggle at how terrible a liar Ned Leeds was.

“So found Spider-man yet?” The voice of your best friend broke your thoughts as you walked through the school hallways between fifth and sixth period. At the mention of the Spider-man, Peter Parker, you instantly freeze up a little. “Oh um no, not yet." 

Lie. You just lied straight to Liz’s face and you were unsure as to why. A slight frown appeared on her face at your words, guilt slowly creeping away at your mind at the sight. "Oh bummer, I’ve been thinking about what you said yesterday and you’re right. I do really like Spider-man so when you find out who he is can you tell me, please?" Suddenly feeling uncomfortable with the situation you replied with a short answer, you hated lying to her but you knew it was for the better. "I-sure Liz.”  

Pulling you into a tight side hug Liz almost squealed into your shoulder. "You’re the best Y/N.“ You couldn’t just go around telling people Peter was Spider-man, even if it was your best friend it wasn’t right. Even so it still didn’t make you feel any better about lying to your friend. But there was something else stopping you from telling her the truth and honestly you were scared to find out what it was. It felt almost selfish to keep this from her, like you was stopping her from meeting possibly the guy of her dreams. You didn’t…you didn’t have feelings for Parker, did you? Oh god no.

Luckily you didn’t have to dwell on the thought for long as the sound of blood curdling screams echo down the school halls. People were running and screaming in fear in the opposite direction immediately causing everyone around you to panic and follow. You didn’t waste a second before sprinting down the halls like everybody else, that was until you lost sight of your best friend who was just beside you only moments ago. Instantly stopping you looked around frantically through the crowds of people trying to locate her. "Liz! Liz!” What if she was in trouble? You couldn’t leave her behind. 

After a minute or so of retracing your steps and looking in classrooms the girl was nowhere to be found.The halls were completely empty now so you figured Liz made it outside already. Just as you’re about to head back the most horrendous sight appears in front of you, a gigantic Lizard. 

Richie Tozier Needs Love and Protection - A Reddie One-Shot

Hey everyone, I decided to write a Richie Centric Reddie One-Shot because I love him so much. He is my son and he needs love. I’ll also protect Reddie woth my life. Enjoy!

Characters: The Losers Club, Maggie Tozier, Went Tozier, Bowers’ Gang

Word Count: 8389

Summary: Richie Tozier is a wildcard. ALways has and always will be. Now the Losers have to help him after his big mouth gets him in to trouble. Thanksfully, Eddie is there.

(Gif Credit: colinmorgay)

Richie Tozier Needs Love and Protection

Richie Tozier was definitely the most unpredictable out of The Loser’s Club. Most of the losers keep to their schedule and routine. Not Richie. Routine made him itch, feel like he was stuck in an endless loop of uselessness. Most of the Loser’s didn’t get why, but Bev got it. She was the most like Richie out of everyone. Sure she knew when and what not to say and she certainly didn’t have half as bad a trash mouth, but she understood him and why he did what he did. So when Richie didn’t show up to ninth period Spanish class that he shared with Bill, Stan, and Eddie, no one was concerned. Richie was known to ditch class to sneak up to the roof to smoke a few cigs with Bev when they were restless or had what Bev called “the itch”.  , they didn’t bat an eye, maybe if they did, thing would have been different.

The boys left Spanish class, an endless stream of chatter and teasing following them as they rushed to their lockers to get their stuff and leave the school for the three day weekend. They didn’t see Richie at his locker, but they still weren’t concerned. On days that he ditched with Bev, he was usually the first one to their meetup spot, the bike rack. But when they got to the bike rack, they didn’t see Richie or his bike. So the trio waited at the bike rack for the others. Richie could just be with Bev still. Sometimes they would stay behind to finish their stick before heading down. Mike headed over first, he had dropped off his meat delivery early so he could meet the losers at the school. Then, Ben and Bev headed over, laughing about some shitty poem that a freshman wrote about their horse. Still, no Richie.

“Bev, where’s Richie?” Eddie asks, eyebrows furrowed.

“I’m not sure, he didn’t make it to ninth?” She asked, not all too concerned.

“N-N-No, he w-w-wasn’t there t-today.” Bill responds, before pecking Bev’s cheek quickly.

“Well, he probably split a while ago. We were on the roof during third period study hall and he said he was thinking of ditching for the arcade.” Bev responds, unlocking her own bike from the rack.

“Trashmouth is probably glued to Final Fight and talking smack to the other nerds that are there just as much.” Stan says, rolling his eyes.

“I don’t know guys…” Ben says, uneasy at the idea of just up and leaving without Richie.

“We should just check? With Derry, you can never be too sure.” Eddie, attempting to hide the fear in his voice. It’s only been two months since the events of the sewers.

“If I see one ‘Missing Richie Tozier’ posters I’m killing myself.” Stan says and Eddie glares at him.

“Stan, shut up.” Eddie deadpans.

“I’m just saying, I’m not in the mood to deal with IT right now. I have an algebra ii test on Tuesday!” Stan says, following the group back into the school anyway. He won’t leave his best friend but he will sure as hell complain about it.

The searched the hallways, Richie’s locker, the roof, and even the locker room, but besides the stench, they didn’t find him. No sign of him and no signs of Pennywise. The group was relieved they didn’t find things written in blood or missing posters littered around, but they were still uneasy about not finding Richie. Something about today was just off. But, they just wrote it off as still being off after the events of the summer.

“I guess he just isn’t here?” Ben says, as they’re all stopped in the boy’s locker room.

“A-At l-l-least it wasn’t I-IT.” Bill says, relieved they don’t have to deal with that again.

“I don’t like how he just sneaks away without a word. So many things could happen! He could be kidnapped by some creep or hit by a car and bleeding out or dead at the bottom of the Quarry and we would have no idea!” Eddie exclaims, frustrated.

“He just needs to be a little unpredictable sometimes, Eddie. Being predictable makes him anxious. Not that he would admit that, he just says it makes him itch.” Bev says, understanding where both boys were coming from.

“I guess we’ll just see him later; do you think he’ll come around to the quarry?” Mike asks.

“If he is glued to that stupid arcade game, probably not, I’ll just call him when I get home.” Stan says.

“I guess he’s just at Level Three Richie™️ today. You know how he sometimes gets.” Bev says, and all the losers nod their head solemnly.

Richie was not one to show his emotions easily, another similarity between him and Bev. While the others of the group will admit when they are feeling scared or down or just generally upset, Richie will hide it for everyone.

Level One Richie™️ is the most subtle of the three levels. This usually means an increase in his “Voices” and terrible jokes. His famous trashmouth is working in overdrive; every other word out of his mouth is “fuck” or “shit” or occasionally “asshole”. When Rich was at Level One Richie™️ they knew to just let it run it;s course, and not to push him too far.

Level Two Richie™️ was a little bit worse. When he was at Level Two Richie™️ he smoked more than usual and was easier to provoke than usual. Level Two Richie™️ was brought out most by Bower’s gang and sometimes teacher. When people bothered him about his glasses, his loud mouth, his big personality, he would get hurt. Instead of showing it, he turned it outwards. Like Level One Richie™️, he cursed up a storm and didn’t hold back his colorful insults.

But Level Three Richie™️ is a whole new Richie. They’ve only seen it a few times, and they don’t like to. The first time they say Level Three Richie™️ was after their first time in the Neibolt house. Eddie wasn’t there for it, Richie held it in until Eddie’s mom drove away because Eddie was terrified and hurt and he didn’t want to make it worse. But then Bill just had to go on and on about how they had to go back and keep going, ignoring the fact that all of them had almost died, and that if they had figured out that three doors weren’t real a second later, Eddie would have been eaten. Richie exploded, he screamed at and pushed and shoved Bill. He had to be held back by Mike and Stan when Bill punched him for calling him out on his bullshit.

The second time was when Bower’s gang was trailing the loser’s club with his car and he was saying shit to all of them, and they all let it roll off their backs. But Richie’s at like Level Two Richie™️ because he has no time for Bower’s gang and he doesn’t like when they say shit to his friends, so he says shit to Bowers. So, to retaliate because Bowers hates being made to look a fool, he just attacks Richie. He goes in on how no one likes Richie, not even his family, and how fucked up Rixhie’s parents are. This sets Richie off and he is at full blown Level Three Richie™️, he lunges into the car, and starts dragging Bowers out of the movie car. He’s punching him and just losing his shit. The losers are trying to hold him back and Bowers’ gang is trying to drive off. Honestly, seeing Richie freak out like that freaked them all out, because even when he was at Level Three Richie™️ with Bill, he wasn’t anywhere near as bad as that. Richie had to leave because he was upset and couldn’t handle being near anyone, so he spent the night at the arcade.

The third time Richie is at Level Three Richie™️ is when Bowers’ gang lock Eddie into a gym locker. Everyone knows Eddie hates germs, it’s been ingrained into him since he was a toddler. Even after he knows he isn’t sick, it’s just anxiety; the germs still freak him out. So he was freaking out and in the middle of an attack. Richie, who was coming to smoke, walked in on what was happening and once again lost his shit. Bowers’ gang know that Richie is a scrawny kid they could easily pummel, but seeing that much rage is off putting at first. So, once again, it ends with Bowers’ gang rushing off with vows for revenge. This time, Richie cools down quickly, more focused on helping Eddie out of the locker and to breath normally than on his own anger and frustration.

Level Three Richie™️ is not someone to mess with. They all know this. So when Richie is at Level Three Richie™️, they know to stay away and let him cool down in peace.

“L-L-Let’s just h-head to t-t-the Q-Quarry.” Bill says, and so the group leaves.

The group almost forgets Richie randomly  disappeared earlier. They hang out at the Quarry, seeing who can throw rocks the farthest into the water, playing stupid games like tag and manhunt (aka a more adult feeling hide and seek), and just having fun. But it does feel strange that the loud and sometimes obnoxious voice of Richie wasn’t talking trash and attempting his “voices” that seemed too like his own to be a real impersonation.

Eventually, they all go their separate ways for dinner, but no one forgets about the missing loser. When Stan gets back home, his mom is still finishing up dinner, so he decides to call Richie quickly to see how he was doing. The phone rang six times, almost going to his answering machine before Ms. Tozier answers the phone.

“‘Ello? Who’s it? Is eighclock and ‘m tryin ta watch Snoopsss.” Richie’s mom’s speech is heavily slurred and it’s hard for Stan to even understand.

“Uh, hi Mrs. Tozier, is Richie there? I just have a quick question?” Stan asks

“Richieeeee, Richieeeeeeeee! The phone, Richieeee! ’m trying ta watch Snooppss Richieeee.” Richie’s mom moans out Richie’s name throughout the house. In the background, Stan can hear Richie’s dad yelling in the background.

“Maggie stop your screaming! It’s so goddamn annoying! Kid’s not here!” Richie’s dad says, making Stan furrow his brows.

“He’s na ‘ere. Bye.” Mrs. Tozier mumbles out

“Well, can you tell him-” Stan is cut of by the line clicking.

“-that Stan called…” Stan mumbled the rest, but before he could think to call the others, he is called to dinner.

The next day, Richie is still MIA. Bev, Bill, and Ben all go to the arcade to see if anyone has seen Richie since friday. No one has, the last time anyone saw him was in school on Friday. They leave the arcade more frustrated than they had been when they arrived. Eddie, Stan, and Mike have insufficient results. They all went to the movies, if Richie wasn’t at the arcade or with them, he was at the movies. They had a student discount so instead of paying four dollars per movie, he only had to pay a dollar. But, the clerks said that they hadn’t seen him at the theater since Wednesday. They didn’t understand where Richie would be, even after being at Level Three Richie™️, he would be fine after a day. It was unusual for him to simply drop off the face of the earth.

Thankfully, it was Saturday. Saturdays were the Loser’s Clubs favorite night. That was when they had their weekly movie night. The person who got to pick the movies rotated on a weekly basis. They would rent three tapes and everyone had to watch no matter what. They would make a ton of buttery popcorn, eat a ton of candy, and drink soda until their stomachs ached. They would all sleepover Bill’s house, who had the biggest living room and whose parents were glad the house was filled with sound again. They always had a ton of fun. They would play truth or dare and never have I ever and had over the top pillow fights.

So, they all, one by one, arrived at Bill’s house by seven. The last one to get there was Mike, since he lived the furthest from Bill’s house. They waited for Richie, assuming he was running late. As the time passed, however, they got more and more concerned. They waited in silence, the chattered had slowly died out as time went on and their worry grew, for two and a half hours. By 9:30, Richie still hadn’t shown up. Never once, no matter what mood Richie had been in, has Richie missed a movie night. It just simply wasn’t allowed; their movie nights were sacred.

“Okay, I’m freaking the fuck out now!” Eddie yells, startling everyone.

“He’s never missed a movie night! Even when Bowers threw his bike into the barrens, he made it to movie night. I don’t get it…” Ben responds.

“Something about this just seems…off?” Mike adds.

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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

You pressed the buzzer on the door juggling takeout food in your arms along with a bag of your things. You smiled when you heard Lori barking on the other side of the door. You chuckled when you heard crashing sounds follow the barking.

“Coming!” Christian yelled from his apartment.

A few moments later he opened the door and sported his usual grin. It must have been hot in his apartment because he was wearing shorts with no shirt on.

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Choices || 01

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This is not nearly as long as my other scenarios, but this is only the first part of this. I’m most probably gonna make this into a series. Please let me know what you think bc this is my first time trying something like this. I hope you like it.

A/N: tHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ‘MEDDLING’ IT’S ALREADY PAST 1K NOTES AND LIKE I HAVE 700+ FOLLOWERS i seriously did not expect this much positive response to it. Thank you for your support my lovelies

Pairing: Jungkook x reader, Jimin x reader
Genre: fluff, smut
Word count: 4,482



  1. a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

That was one of the many definitions of it. There were too many definitions to count.

Some say that when you meet your soulmate, it’s just - it’s a feeling. It’s hard to describe that profound, lingering feeling you get when you do, but you just know it.

 Some say soulmates might not even get the chance to meet. Your soulmate just might be a person from you past life, and the only way to witness their presence is through flashbacks of your past.

Some say two soulmates make a whole. Mentally, emotionally, physically - quite literally all aspects of both sides - are compatible. The two sides complete each other and understand each other, making the other feel a sense of ease and comfort like never before.

The list could go on forever with the millions of definitions that varied from one person to the other, each according to their own view on the subject.

You, however, chose to reject them all. You could never fathom the idea that there’s this person somewhere in the world who was completely and wholly made for the sole purpose of being with you. Who was so compatible with you and you two would live the whole ‘happily ever after’ you always heard about through stories. It was too absurd of an idea.

You didn’t reject the idea of loving someone - of being in love with someone. Oh no, you weren’t that type of person. You just knew that, just like any normal relationship, if you two found that everything was going well, you would stay together. If not, you would break it off.

It was of valid reasoning. You weren’t one to ‘feel that spark as soon as you met eyes with a guy’ and claimed it to be love at first sight. You weren’t one to just babble on about him being the one just because you two happened to be at the same cafe at the same time three times a week. You weren’t one to break up with someone because you simply didn’t feel that spark you were ‘supposed’ to feel with your one and true significant others.

You lived your life like any normal person would, choosing not to get sucked in to people’s silly beliefs and myths that had been passed down generations and generations.

The most common soulmate myth was one you found completely and utterly ridiculous. The moment one is born, a rose - well, a dead rose - is given to the parents of the infant. This dead rose is kept and protected by the parents for their child, until the time comes for he or she to take responsibility of that rose themselves.

Supposedly, this rose is dead and completely lifeless, up until the moment your soulmate enters your life. The rose will slowly start to bloom back, the redness of its petals spreading out, and the green of its stem growing back. It was a slow process. The closer you got to each other, and the more you got to know them, the more beautiful and lively it became.

What made this idea even more absurd and harder to believe was the fact that the two soulmates would be the only ones able to see this lifeless flower come back to life.

Huh, you would scoff, and that’s the day that pigs would fly.

Unfortunately for you, your mother was a strong and true believer of such things, and she was adamant on proving herself right and you wrong. Both your parents even had the roses their parents had given them in a small vase near the kitchen window, providing them light and water, with love and care.

“Mom, dad, come on. They’re dead.”

Your parents would only shake their heads and sigh, muttering things about you changing your mind someday, and finally see what they were seeing.

They made you promise not to throw away your rose. And despite you knowing there was nothing on this earth that would change your mind about this, you respected and kept that promise. No matter what, your rose was there on your nightstand, a constant reminder that - yep, pigs haven’t flown yet.

“Hey, can you come over?”

The simple sentence you said to Yoongi over the phone, with the soft tone that you rarely ever used with him, told him something was definitely wrong.

“I’m off work in five minutes. I’ll be there in fifteen tops,” he replied before you hung up. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, checking his watch before deciding that he could take his boss chewing his ass out for leaving a few minutes earlier. He got up from his chair, grabbed his jacket, and quickly made his way out before anyone could notice and stop him.

He was at your apartment building in about ten minutes. After parking his car, he quickly made his way up the two flights of stars, not bothering to wait for the small, shitty elevator. It was too cramped and stuffy anyways. He definitely wasn’t going in there when he saw that guy from your third floor who seemed to always have sweat stains underneath his armpit on every single shirt he wore.

He soon forgot all about that when he knocked on your door once, before realizing that you probably left the door unlocked for him anyways. He managed to remember to take his shoes off at the door and then made his way to your living room.

He found you sat there, TV on, but considering the blank look on your face, he was pretty sure your focus was nowhere near the National Geographic channel. He quietly made his way to the couch and sat down next to you, and you turned to him with a small smile that he knew didn’t reach your eyes.



You sighed,

Yoongi wasn’t the cuddliest of people, it was clear to anyone with a functioning pair of eyes. But when he saw you, his dear friend whose usual bright smile was wiped away and replaced with a look so sad, it made his heart clench. So he always made exceptions for you. He simply lifted his arm, wordlessly inviting you closer, and you accepted it immediately, scooting closer and resting your head on his chest.

“What happened?” His hand placed itself on your hair, fingers softly soothing down some strands.

“They fired me today.” Your voice was quiet. Yoongi’s hand paused for a second before continuing its movements. He got the feeling you didn’t want to talk about it too much considering your short answer, so he let you be, but not before he said one last thing.

“You know I don’t sugarcoat anything. I know this seems bad right now, and it is, but don’t let this fuck everything over for you. I’ll help you through this, you know that.”

You stayed quiet but moved closer to him, wrapping an arm around his waist. His words comforted you a little bit, knowing he was always there for you no matter what. You were still worried, sad, angry, frustrated. But you just wanted to stay quiet for a bit, deciding you would think about this properly later.

“So I was at the club yesterday,” Yoongi said from his place on the kitchen table as he ate a bowl of cereal. You stood in front of the sink, washing the few dishes you had there just to get it out of the way. “Namjoon told me they were short on staff.”

“Really?” You tone was surprised.

“Yeah, you should try working there.”

The idea of working in a club never once crossed your mind. You’ve been looking for a job for a week, applying almost anywhere you found suitable enough, but to no avail. It seemed you were going to have to settle for something outside of your desired job areas for a little while, considering you were already short on money, and the rent wasn’t gonna pay itself.

“Maybe I should..” You sighed. “Maybe we can go there tomorrow night? That way I can talk to Joon and we can have a little night off. You can tell Hobi to come too, if you want.” 

“Alright, sure.”

The following night, after spending most of your afternoon looking up job vacancies is magazines or papers or anything even remotely related, you gave up with a sigh and closed your laptop.

You decided to let loose a little tonight considering your recent stress and everything. You dressed up, did your hair, looked yourself in the mirror with one last approving glance before you made your way out the door and to Yoongi’s car that was waiting for you downstairs.

“Lookin’ good, __,” Hoseok complimented you as soon as you got in the backseat, turning to give you a bright smile that reminded you why you always loved having him around to lighten the mood.

“Thanks Hobi,” you replied and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. “It’s been a while.” Yoongi started up the car after you greeted him as well and drove off to the club.

“It has. Tonight’s all about having fun yeah? You already know the job’s yours, so relax and forget about everything tonight.”

You nodded at his words, determined to make use of his advice. You were pretty sure Namjoon would accept having you as an employee. You’ve worked in clubs before. You were a college student in the past, and your student loans had you bartending for a long time in some clubs and pubs to help pay them off.

Tonight should be fun for you. You wanted to make sure of it.

And you were true to your word. As soon as you took a table, the drinks started coming, giving you that buzz and chill vibe that you craved and needed for the night. Yoongi sat back in his seat, a small smile on his lips as he watched you laugh with Hoseok, drinks in hands and singing together obnoxiously loud to the music, occasionally turning and directing the lyrics to him as he shook his head jokingly.

“I wanna dance!” You yelled over the music. Hoseok got up without hesitation, grabbing your hand and pulling you to the dance floor, moving his body to the beat already. You turned to Yoongi with a genuine smile, clearly enjoying your night so far, and he smiled back, before he disappeared from your vision when you were drowned into the crowd of dancing bodies.

It seemed like you two were dancing there or hours, when in reality, it had only been three songs.

“I’m gonna grab another drink, want anything?” Hoseok yelled in your ear over the music, and you shook your head no. You’ve had enough drinks for the night, enough to get you buzzed and feeling good, but not to have you shitfaced and puking by the end of the night.

You stayed on the dance floor while Hoseok went to the bar, enjoying the music too much to stop and go with him. He disappeared from your eyes in a few seconds, but you didn’t care as you continued to move your body to the beat.

It felt like a few minutes had passed and Hoseok still wasn’t back, when you felt a pair of unfamiliar hands land on your waist. You tensed for a second, before remembering your plan for the night. Fun.

However, before you went through with it, you had to turn around to see his face. And so you did, and you thanked God the music was loud enough to hide your gasp.

Fuck he was gorgeous.

Not too tall, but still towered over you even in your heels. Brown hair that looked fluffy enough for you to want to run a hand through it. His facial features were so soft, giving him that innocent kind of charm, but you were certain there was more to him than innocent. His eyes were what truly caught your attention, shaped so beautifully, lids falling over an ordinary set of brown irises, yet they were far from ordinary. His lips were plump, shaped in a way that made you jealous of them, yet you wanted them on yours at the same time.

If you wanted your night to be well spent, he was definitely a good sign.

His hand still rested on your waist, not moving as he waited for your approval, and you gave it to him by moving closer to him and placing your arms around his neck. He gave you a smile that almost blinded you and for a second, you questioned if your heart beat just a little bit faster because of his presence.

Your bodies started moving together in sync, and you marveled at how effortlessly his moves seemed to come, clearly showing some sort of experience. You were distracted from his dancing, however, when he leaned down to your ear to speak up.

“What’s your name?”

His voice was softer than you expected, but it still fitted him very well. Soft and silky, just as he seemed.

“__,” you answered.


Jimin. You felt your heart beat faster once again when he said his name, and you were kind of confused when it happened again. But you played it off as excitement of meeting someone new after so long and being so close to a guy like this.

Your bodies started gradually moving closer, until your torsos pressed against each other. His other arm wrapped around you as well, one of his hands moving lower to rest on your lower back, and you’d be the world’s biggest liar if you said you didn’t enjoy the closeness.

You gasped slightly when you felt him tentatively moving his hips closer to yours, testing the waters on whether you were comfortable with that kind of dancing. You didn’t hesitate to reciprocate, and the two of you got more comfortable as you danced with your bodies glued together.

The beat then switched to one of your favorite songs at the moment, and it was more than perfect for this moment.

(I started listening to Unforgettable by French Montana ft Swae Lee from here, if you’d like to listen to something while reading this!)

You were suddenly spun around in his hold, your back now pressed to his torso. Your gasp was drowned out by the sound of the music. But it seemed like second nature for you to press back against him, your hips having a mind of their own as they moved against his. His hands got braver and moved along your hips and waist, his grip tight on you but you seemed to love it for some reason.

His head moved forward and closer to you, his lips now near your ear since you could feel his warm breath on it. So you lifted one of your hands, fulfilling one of your wishes and running it through his hair that felt just as soft as it looked, enjoying the way he mindlessly nuzzled into your hand. Your other hand landed on one of his that was on your waist, holding it just because.

The position you were in was intimate, and if anyone looked over at the two of you, you were pretty sure you looked like a couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Your train of thoughts was cut off when you felt his lips place a light kiss to the shell of your ear before he moved his head down so his face was right against the crook of your neck, his lips grazing your now heated skin. Your fingers tightened slightly around his hair, and he reciprocated by puckering his lips up for that last inch of space that could barely fit a needle through, pressing a kiss to your neck. 

His lips stayed still for a few seconds, then they moved again and you felt yourself getting more affected by his simple but sensual actions. He peppered delicious kisses along your skin, each one becoming more eager and sloppier  than the other, until you felt his lips part to place an open mouthed kiss to the juncture of your neck.

Your head leaned back against his shoulder, allowing him easy access to the length of your neck, feeling shivers going through your body because of how much you enjoyed his touches. His kisses got hungrier, finally parting his lips once he settled on a patch of skin and sucking softly on it. Your eyes fluttered shut involuntarily, letting out a shaky breath as sensations took over your every sense.

You really weren’t usually one to let it go far in public, you weren’t even used to dancing with hot strangers and grinding on them against the dance floor. But he was just so alluring, something about him was so captivating, it seemed as if you couldn’t control yourself around him, especially when his hand slowly but surely traveled up your side, until it grazed the side of your breast through the loose top you were wearing, barely running his thumb along it before he moved his hand back down.

But that was the last straw. You quickly turned around in his grasp causing him to detach his lips from your neck, your hand placed on his shoulder to lean into him and whisper in his ear.

“Take me home.”

A mess of tangled limbs was what you two were. Your eyes fluttered open due to the sunlight streaming in through the openings between the curtains. Despite the drinks you consumed last night, you were feeling pretty great at the moment.

You felt his arm draped over your waist, his chest pressed against your back, skin completely bare, allowing you to bask in his warmth. You could hear the soft snores escaping his lips, and to your surprise, you found the noise pretty endearing, despite you despising the sound when any of your ex-boyfriends did it.

You couldn’t help but slowly turn over in his hold, managing to keep his arm thrown around you, to face him. You almost choked on a gasp at the sight of him.

If you thought he was gorgeous last night, he was ten times more beautiful like this. You had absolutely no idea how you managed to catch his eye, let alone spend the night with him. He looked like an angel, so pure and peaceful. Hair messed up and all over the place, its brown color contrasting to the pale color of the pillow. His eyes closed, eyelashes looking as long as ever as they rested against his cheeks. Lips parted slightly, looking swollen both from sleep and from your own assault on them only hours prior.

You scooted closer to him as gently as you could, your face now barely an inch from his. So close to his face now, completely sober, yet you felt drunk and dizzy on him.

Thoughts from last night started to cloud your head, memories of your heated activities coming back in flashes.

“Fuck, Jimin,” you moaned out as you rode him slowly. Your hands rested against his chest to balance yourself as you went up and down.

“You feel so fucking good,” he groaned out. His hands traveled from your thighs to your ass where he squeezed harshly before landing a slap to your right cheek, causing you to squeal in surprise and pleasure.

That only resulted in you moving faster against him, bouncing harder against his cock. The bed squeaked beneath your erratic movements, the headboard banging against the wall every once in a while.

“Jimin!” You cried out when he thrusted up against you, hitting you so deep you fell forward against his chest, your body weak with pleasure.

He took that chance to bend his knees and plant his feet firmly against the mattress, grabbing your ass in both hands to hold you still before he started to pound into you harshly.

Your cry was weak and hoarse, your voice nearly gone due to your screams and moans from your previous rounds. Your body jostled on top of his with the force of his thrusts, panting against his neck and digging your nails into the sweaty skin of his chest.

“Fuck, baby,” he groaned out. He stopped his thrusts, and you were about to whine before he wrapped his arm tightly around your waist and flipped the two of you over so you were pinned to the mattress.

Your cries once again sounded throughout the arm when he continued pounding you into the mattress, headboard now banging against the wall with each and every thrust.


You were snapped out of your thoughts when you heard his raspy morning voice, and you felt yourself blush slightly at your dirty thoughts so early in the morning.

“Morning,” you greeted back with a smile.

He tightened his arm around you and brought you in closer, nuzzling his face into your neck. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “I’m a cuddler.”

“I don’t mind,” you chuckled and stroked his hair, quite enjoying the affection you were receiving. You rarely had one night stands, but you were pretty sure guys weren’t always this nice the morning after. If anything, a proper smile was too much to get from someone after a one night stand, tops. But this, this you were enjoying.

“You hungry?” He suddenly asked, removing his face from your neck to look at you with curious eyes. You felt shy for a second, not wanting to impose and thinking he was just an overly nice and polite person in general.

“Ah, thank you Jimin. You really don’t have to-”

“Come on, I’m not the best cook, but I can cook something up.”

He got up and threw his legs over the side of the bed, grabbing a pair of boxers from his nightstand before pulling it up his legs, and you took a few seconds to admire the view of his back, so soft yet muscly, begging to be touched. Then you noticed a faint red over his shoulder blades, and you quickly realized they were your damn scratch marks.

You felt your cheeks turned red at the sight and you quickly turned away, your eyes quickly scanning the room in search of your clothes. They landed on a spot near the door, so you wrapped the sheets around you and got up to grab the discarded shirt and jeans. You held your jeans in one hand and threw them on the bed before grabbing your top. However, when you held it up and saw that it was ripped right down the middle.

Your eyes widened and you looked to Jimin who was stood there, mouth agape and cheeks tinted pink.

“Uh, I’m-” he cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck bashfully. “I’m so sorry. Here, wait a second.” He turned to his closet and opened it, flipping through hangers before he grabbed a plan black t-shirt that seemed a few sizes too big, but it would do.

“It’s fine,” you chuckled. “Thank you.”

“Thank you, Jimin,” you said after you two finished eating. “For breakfast. And..for last night.”

He looked up at you with his sweet smile as he was putting away the dishes.

“It was my pleasure. Both of those things.”

You blushed for the nth time, before you looked down at your phone to check the time. Your eyes widened when you saw 8 missed calls from Yoongi, 5 from Hoseok, and 18 total texts from both.

“Shit,” you muttered under your breath and got up from your seat. “I think I’m gonna head out now.”

“Oh,” his smile faltered just for a bit but he managed to stop it. “Of course. I can drive you.”

“No, I couldn’t ask that of you Jimin, You’ve already been so sweet to me,” you smiled at him gratefully. “I can catch a cab from here.”

He reluctantly agreed, walked you to the door, and watched you walk away from his apartment.

You both felt a heavy sinking feelings in your stomach with each step you took away from him, and his feeling only double when you were completely out of view and he shut the door.

You frowned at the feeling. But you convinced yourself it was because it’s been so long since you’ve been with a guy in any way, and the one you happened to meet with last night seemed like a complete sweetheart and gentleman.

You hailed a cab and told the driver your address before deciding to distract yourself with replying to Yoongi. As you typed out a text, as if on cue, your phone started ringing with his name on the screen. You slid open the green button and placed the phone to your ear.

“Did you get laid last night?”

His question was so sudden you almost choked on your own spit.

“Yoongi!” You snapped. “Morning to you too, asshole.”

“I’m hoping that’s a yes.”

“It’s a none of your damn business.”

“Listen I’ll talk to you later. I just got home and I’m in desperate need of a shower,” you said as you got out of the cab.

“Alright, text me later.”

You sighed and locked your phone before placing it in your back pocket. You didn’t take notice of the large van that was parked right in front of your building, the trunk open and filled with boxes and bags.

You took the stairs when you saw that stinky old man waiting on the elevator door. You reached your floor in no time, walking down the hall, head down and looking for your keys in your purse.

That was a bad decision since you managed to bump into a wall. Well, what felt like a wall. It was definitely solid.

You stumbled back but caught yourself before you went too far, looking up to find a guy about your age, maybe a tiny bit older staring back at you apologetically.

“I’m so sor-”

“I’m really s-”

You both chuckled at your attempts of apologizing.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t even looking in front of me,” you said.

“It’s fine, really,” he smiled what seemed to be the cutest smile in the world, making him seem much younger than he actually was. “I’m moving in here. Do you live here, too?”

“Yeah, apartment 205. Welcome to the building. What apartment are you moving into?” You asked with a smile, and his smile only widened before he chuckled. You felt your stomach fill with butterflies at the simple sound, but you tried to push them down and keep them at bay.

“204. I guess we’re neighbors, yeah?” He stretched his hand out for me to shake. “I’m Jungkook.”


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                   Old Dog, New Tricks: First Installment

                                                  Part One

                                                  Part Two

                                                  Part Three

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Bucky Barnes was someone you never thought that could lead you to danger after your sex filled summer - it led to only that. After months of playing between the sheets, you were suddenly in the line of work you never expected to be - part of the Avengers. With the help of the team, you learn to transform into something else. Someone else.

Word Count: 2,470

Notes: Cursing, Angst, Some fluff.

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