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Micc at 17 when he began training. he was a moody mf. obsessed with wanting to learn how to control fire and throw fire balls. and Corvus was like “We do not teach trainees elemental magic, Michelangelo. Stop complaining about it.” 

Scars on his face are from his shitty attempts at learning new magic on his own. Those faded away with time. unlike the heavier scars on his body. 

Here’s the thing to all you pros

Regardless of how Kishi tries to butter up gaiden and these characters, i still dislike them. That’s his issue.  He butters up Sakura and Hinata, who serve no use whatsoever, and we’re supposed to like them? He squeezes out sympathy for salad’s whiny, ungrateful attitude, for burrito’s jerkass, shitty attitude. They’re just unlikeable. Have no use. Simple as that.

He can’t write females. He can’t write logic.  He can’t write angst. He sure as hell can’t do romance if his life depended on it. Naruto has been failing since, after the pein arc. Everything got really messed up there. Instead of being smart and ending it on a good note, he dragged this mess on and fucked it all up. Naruto hasn’t been good since at least part 1.

Say what you wish, nothing’s gonna change our minds. Not this poor excuse for a manga. Not kishi’s pathetic attempts to draw in more readers. And not you pros coming at us with your defense bs. I’m sure there’s hell lot of more people who hate this shit then people who actually like it.

We hate it. Gaiden is shit. Gaiden is a disgrace. Gaiden is a shitty fanfiction. Sasuke and Naruto are dead. Kishi and whatever else he pulls out of his ass it trash.

But if you wanna support this garbage, be my guess.

To my boyfriend of a year and a half

Yesterday was valentine’s day and I did not receive so much as a hug. You have destroyed me.You have allowed me to hate myself. You have ruined my self worth. You have told me I am not enough and too much all at once. You say I am unworthy of love. While I’ve been thinking about this for months…here is what I have to say.

1. I will shamelessly listen to Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and Queen. I like them. I love them. I don’t give a fuck if you hate them. You don’t like me listening to them? Leave the room.

2. You used to tell me I was overweight. Now I’ve dropped down to 115 pounds in an attempt to appease you. I finally LOVE my body, only to have you tell me (two weeks ago) that you hate it and aren’t attracted to me. Not attracted? Get the fuck out.

3. I love movie musicals, shitty lifetime movies, and Disney movies. Don’t tell me they are stupid in an attempt to knock me down. I used to sit back and watch whatever you wanted. Not anymore.Tonight I will watch “13 going on 30” and not care what you think.

4. You tell me you are poor, so I let you stay with me, rent and utilities free. I buy your groceries, drive you places, and help you pay your debts…only to find you gamble online and THAT is why you are poor. No more handouts.

5. In one year and a half I have received 1 vase of flowers, 1 pair of cubs baseball yoga pants, 1 baseball jersey, and 1 shitty pair of earrings from Target. Materialism is not everything, but god damn, I have bought you clothes, food, video games, movies, workout gear, daily hygiene essentials, home decor, movie tickets, among other things. No more. The batman shirt I want to buy for you? Nope. I am going to go buy an oversized sweater. Speaking of which….

6. I like oversized sweaters. I LOVE MY CONVERSE SHOES. I like skinny jeans. I like to wear dresses JUST BECAUSE. I like wearing boy-short and mini cheekster underwear. I love my Harry Potter t -shirts. No longer will I let you decide what I wear.

7. Don’t ask me “who are you getting all dressed up for?” None of yo damn business. It is for myself, not for you, not for anyone else.For me. Savvy?

8. You tell me I need to wear make up to cover my acne, but then say I look like a skank when I put on eyeliner. You know what? I’m going to wear eyeliner whenever I want now. The only person who should care how I look is me.

9. I will no longer stop wearing my favorite scents of perfumes and lotions (Paris Hilton, Fantasy by Britney Spears, Secret Crush from Victoria’s Secret Classics, and Bombshell Diamonds from Victoria’s Secret) just because you don’t like them. I am not going to wear Vanilla ANYTHING for you because it makes me nauseated. Get over it and bring on the florals!

10. I write in a journal, I cry a lot, I love to decorate for holidays, I like dancing in a club and in my shower, I love singing at the top of my lungs, I write poetry, I love the “Elastic Heart” video, and I want a cat. I will no longer be ashamed of any of these things. They do not make me a sissy.

11. I will eat McDonald’s if I want. The smell makes you cringe? Good thing I’m at my apartment, you can leave now.

12. You hate the size of my boobs? You want me to get a boob job? Leave. or are you going to pay for that boob job? I am perfectly comfortable with my boob size. I think they are cute and I can get away without wearing a bra. I refuse to get plastic surgery for YOU.

13. You hate the sound of my voice and think our relationship would be better if I never talked? I’m going to keep talking. My thoughts, ideas, emotions, and beliefs are just as important as yours. I refuse to be a silent, submissive girlfriend.

14. You hate that I am emotional? I am sensitive. I am loving. I care too much. and that is beautiful. I will no longer hide how I feel. (Listen to “I am” by Christina Aguilera)

15. I am no longer going to let you dictate when and where I can go out with my friends. If I want to put on high heels and get a drink, I will. You go downtown and get wasted with your friends, so why am I questioned when I go to dinner? Or Hobby Lobby? No more. I will do what I want with my free time. 

16. You will never love someone like me?Like what? What am I like? You don’t love me after a year and a half? Go. Someone is bound to love me endlessly and will not be afraid to show it.

There is plenty more. But I simply refuse being told I am not good enough,things I like are worthless, my thoughts and emotions are invalid, and I am only important when you say I am.

I will no longer hide who I am, mold myself to your desires, or attempt to change myself because you say so. I am me. If you don’t like it, someone else will. Someone else will treat me with respect and love me for everything I truly am.


 Sketchbook Flipthrough Part 1 

(From top to bottom, left to right)

  • Page 3 (requested by @mohegan567 and @schlampermaeppchen) - For practice, I started some random weird environments and as you see did not finish it, haha. Still figuring that stuff out. 
  • Page 9 (requested by @faridahmalik ) - Some little notes and concepts for a horror game/story I was noodling with before Halloween. Basically the aftermath of a man selling his soul to the devil, where he seeks out other people who “got away with” doing the same without giving up their souls, in hopes of keeping his own. Still fond of the idea. Maybe someday.
  • Page 21 (requested by @kstearb) - I was making a ‘flyer’ for flash commissions when I was really low on money. Never ended up opening them however. But I wanted to make it look like a grocery flyer. 
  • Page 29 (requested by @i-say-spooky-you-say-scary) - After being obsessed with Legend I wanted to write a story with similar big horned demons, so I started creating a race and the outline of a story called “Mary Sue.” Another “maybe someday” project. lol. 
  • Page 64 (requested by @ironbloodaika) - A self-portrait doodle surrounded by concept art for a point and click game me and my friends are currently working on that include Nosferatu Butlers. 
  • Page 69 (requested by @nukepone ) - I was gonna make more skull stickers–here’s one that didn’t make the cut because I didn’t think people would understand it. I’m probably going to make it just to stick on my journals anyway >_>
  • Page 87 (requested by @thorsthunderthigh) - Quick-ass thumbs for both UI and an environment for aforementioned game I am currently working on (the one with the nosferatu butlers). 
  • Page 99 (requested by @bionicplaneswalker ) - More quick ass notes for aforementioned game, figuring out some of the puzzles and stuff. Just jotted down during a development meeting. 
  • Page 170 (requested by @fruitsushi) - I watched the entirety of gravity falls recently and i’m in love with Stan so I tried to draw him and these shitty drawings are the result. Also a really crappy attempt at Mob from Mob psycho maybe? Idk.

Got a bunch more to post in different parts. If you’re interested in looking at whatever stupid stuff is in my sketchbook, feel free to drop a number (between 1 and 181) in the comments or in my askbox. 


i drew this half coherent of my actions but i love the au where they split up for 3 years or something and realize that they need each other but cant find each other until they meet up at a convenience store or something on accident

"Family and Friends" - Avengers Imagine

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel
Pairing: Avengers x reader
Word Count: 1,636
Warnings: mild cursing
A/n: So this was my first request for avengers! Thank you lovely anon for the extremely cute request c:

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i started this vent comic thing about my depression a while ago and i never finished it ;/ maybe ill make a better version of it in the future tho

the gist of it was tho was that I’d ask for the grim reaper to take my life, but every time he would come, I’d end up being hesitant/ finding the will to live? or something like that. idk I made this months ago. But ye its supposed to represent my shitty dumb mi and past attempts or whatever but ye. I thought I’d post it here since I'm never gonna finish this version of it at least.

lips like sugar

Rating: Explicit

Pairing: Eren/Levi

Summary: The last thing Levi wanted was charity. But a sugar daddy? That doesn’t sound too bad.

FULL -  1 - 2 - 3

chapter three 

It doesn’t take Levi long to make his way back to the apartment complex, plastic bag in one hand, the other safely tucked away in the interior pocket of Eren’s suit jacket. The snow has thankfully stopped falling and is now just left to sit in inconvenient piles alongside the road. Levi was able to sidestep most of them, only landing ankle deep when the entire sidewalk was covered. The walk back is definitely not as bad as he was thinking it would be, but that’s probably because he was driven most of the way. And this stupidly warm jacket, Levi thinks. 

Yeah, that, too.

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anonymous asked:

that laney girl is getting hate and is being kink-shamed because of your post. how does it feel to be a shitty person?

she is getting whatever you are talking about because her and her doctor daddy dom decided to insert their fetish into a post about my REAL ACTUAL FIVE YEAR OLD LITTLE SISTER 

i didn’t kink-shame anyone, my problem isn’t with their age-play or w/e it is with them attempting to do it on a post about a real child???

i didn’t say “ew wow your are disgusting and horrible” i said “don’t do this here” don’t fetishize my little fucking sister or any child don’t be fucking disgusting like that, it’s not that hard to do

so if that makes me a shitty person, it feels great

External image

External image

My reply to this is too long to screencap in one grab, so I’m copying and pasting it. (Side note: I love how he’s misappropriating academic principles and telling me what I’m actually thinking! He’s magic!) 

“Buddy, I’ve studied reinforcers. I have a degree that involves mastery of this content. Believe me. This is not a positive reinforcement situation. I understand that appropriating academic content is "cool” or “hip” these days but let me simply say: You’re wrong.

I’m actually more displeased with you than I’ve relayed. I’ve been balanced and measured in my replies to you in an effort to be marginally equitable, and in the thought that maybe you’ll realize why exactly you’re being a worthless dudebro. This last message however, has made it abundantly clear that you’re incapable of seeing exactly what it is you’re doing - so after I send this I’m going to block you and go on my merry way.

I never presented myself as a diamond in the rough. My entire profile is written in the same way I’ve communicated to you here. Brusque, honest, and very clear as to my expectations. (Those expectations, by the way, involve “zero time for bullshit” which is all that you’ve given me.) My profile also makes it clear that while there are people who write succinct messages or profiles, I am not one of them. You’re attempting to assert that because I write a message more than ten words, I’m interested? Please refer to my first two messages where you attempted to call me to task for not even bothering to write a complete sentence. I feel as if you’re overlooking that in your little deluded interpretation of this exchange.

I am not interested. You are not attractive to me. This is not charming, funny, or witty. This is an exchange that has shown me a poor, pathetic person who cannot possibly comprehend why I find him a sad little man with absolutely nothing to offer me. Your attempt at “high brow” conversation has fallen short - you’re misrepresenting basic academic principles, your highbrow “romanticism” is being forced on me in a way that I find completely abrasive.

“You were given an ultimatum that would have shut me up” oh yes because that’s always going to work? That’s a very passive aggressive attempt to establish that I’m the one continuing this conversation. However, let me remind you: you sent me a message first. I’ve done nothing to encourage you and, in fact, have made it quite clear that I’m not finding your approach appealing. Appropriate responses to this: “I’m sorry. Good luck!” or “Thanks for the message. Have a nice evening.” Or even (because your earliest messages were especially egregious) a sincere, thoughtful apology realizing that your attempt to contact me was tacky.

Let me rehash what has happened here.

Step one. You sent me an absolutely shitty message that I wanted no part of, and made abundantly clear.

Step two. You thought, for whatever reason, that my displeasure was ironic? Meant to be “hard to get”? And tried harder.

Step three. Our conversation has deteriorated to this point which, in effect, is me verbalizing exactly why I’m not interested and you continue to press the point that, “No, you’re not as disinterested as you seem!”

Let me cut this down to size.

Get. This. Through. Your. Head.

A woman replying to a message is not encouragement. A woman looking at you is not encouragement. In a bar, a woman replying to you is not encouragement. None of these things should ever be indicators of interest from a woman. The fact that you make it clear that you find these things to be “encouragement” and an indication of someone’s interest in you is a huge red flag. Because I take the time to type a reply (to a message that offends me to the point that I feel galvanized into responding) you want to tell me that I’m interested in you? This is not how the world works.

You are not attractive. You are not clever, you are not intelligent, you are not charming or witty or engaging. You are creepy. You are disrespectful in your repeated attempts to try to tell me (despite my explicit detailing to the contrary) why I am actually interested to you. I find your attempt to manipulate this situation to misrepresent it legitimately alarming. The fact that you used the phrase ‘you were given an ultimatum’ in sincerity is nauseating. Above all though, your persistent, repeated attempts to misconstrue my character - as if somehow I’ve been deceitful or misrepresenting myself in this exchange - has left me with the conclusion that you are a sad, small-minded man whose ego is so fragile that you can’t exist with the idea that a woman finds you - you, personally. Your mannerisms, your mind, your appearance, your presentation, your personality - deeply objectionable.

But let me assure you that I do. And I’m going to take away whatever avenue you have for finding gratification in this exchange out, or your attempts to re-frame our exchange into something it’s not, and block you.

I will not say have a nice day and I will not say good luck. I will say go grow up and learn to be a decent human being. Learn to not be a creepy, manipulative, irritating individual. Basically? Learn to be a worthwhile human being. I have a feeling you shouldn’t have anything to do with dating until then. “


I was hoping to make a video explaining this, but things have got progressively worse and now I don’t really feel like explaining this in person.

This is regarding everything to do with the Chair Thrower EP, like the release date… Like how I was gonna announce one and how there isn’t one now!

If you’ve been following my stuff for a while, you know that my projects don’t really go to plan. Like all the things that a good musician should be doing, especially when trying to get new work off the ground just never get done right with me. This new EP is meant to be different, I want to get it right and not sacrifice any quality or meaning by rushing it and making do with what little I have, I want to make a good thing and put it out there.

I’ve mentioned all the things in previous posts about what’s made this better for me, like how I’ve had a small group of great people to help me with everything I love every single one of them to bits. Unfortunately one or two of those people are not in a good place and can’t bring myself to put them through anymore trouble than necessary. It does make matters worse.

I’m gonna be blunt. I’m not good. I had the foolish idea of not letting anything hold me back, I left my job, took what money I had saved and tried to pursue freelance music stuff and be ‘Daniel Dobbs - Singer/Songwriter artist guy’. Now I have no money and have lost someone I feel is very important to my creative process and generally just getting Chair Thrower out there.

Basically what I’m saying is I can’t do anything right now, I can’t even pay off the recordings of the EP, let alone afford to make a music video or just anything for that matter. I can’t even give anyone a rough idea of when I’ll actually release anything because plans have just fallen apart, so for the time being, everything’s gonna be put on hold until I can pull myself and some money together. These things happen, like I’m no stranger to things not working out. I do feel however, that I’m too familiar with things not working out and I’m just tired of it! I’m not gonna give up or throw all these ideas away, although I do feel like this will be my last attempt at whatever this is.

I know this doesn’t look like something to get upset over, but like, I’ve just been trying to make a good start on something that I care about. Making music is all I can do that makes me feel good about myself, so when I can’t even make a 5 track EP right, I feel pretty shitty and these songs mean a lot to me, like I’m so proud of what I’ve made and have never wanted to identify with a sound more than just these 5 songs. 

I’m sorry about being a miserable sod, I just want the people who care about this stuff to know what’s going on and hope they’ll understand why things are the way they are right now.

Again, thank you to anyone that has been supportive since this all started, you’re all great!


I am in complete shock right now. This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Wow.

I browse the tags of my stuff to see what people have to say ‘cause it can be funny and sometimes there are fun little tag fics. And I come across this.

I can get over you thinking my AU is shitty. I can get over you not liking me making Derek an Alpha again (and for full disclosure: I don’t want him to be an Alpha again, that was mainly for plot and 'cause I wanted to attempt to change his eye color for fun 'cause I’ve never done that on a gif before). Whatever. Can’t please everyone.

But calling me racist? And misogynistic? And trash? That goes from disliking AU media about a television show and fictional characters to attacking a person.

And the worst part? It’s not even just me. This is from a blog that’s dedicated to reblogging gifsets that have replaced Braeden with Stiles in AU scenarios and calling people racist.

I made that gifset 'cause I wanted to play with scenes and see what I could come up with. I’m not erasing the women. I love Malia and I really like Braeden. I like the characters. Just because they’re not in this AU means I’m completely neglecting their existence or don’t necessarily ship them with the guys. It was just for some creative fun. 

You know? Fun? The thing that fandom is supposed to be until people like this ruin it by being combative and generally awful human beings? Who lack respect and maturity to simply move on from something they don’t like and have to in turn sling false slurs at complete strangers over fiction? That crosses a major line.

Whoever runs this blog is the number one problem that is wrong with this fandom. Not shippers. 


So hello from the other side, yeah
some sad music just was playing nearby, and that’s how it turned out
with shitty attempts to make a gif
unlike Moblit poor man has at least some small chances to have a grave
2 details under the cut

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So, I really love constructed languages and constructed scripts, probably to compensate for my shittiness at learning real ones! (Micheal taught me the Arabic and Cyrillic alphabets so i can transliterate and read a little, but all attempts to teach me the languages themselves were horrible, horrible failures). I’m currently trying to get the hang of Seumul, which I only found because I was trying to find some constructed scripts for Korean so I could harass my mother into learning with me. It helps to just sit down and write whatever inane bullshit happens to come to mind.

(I was watching Youtube videos with Micheal, then Breaking Bad, so pictured is a mildly incoherent stream of consciousness featuring how weird I find clopping as a concept, how much I like Breaking Bad and that I wish I had Netflix, and a reminder to myself to buy bus tickets.)

My original plan was to learn Cirth because I like Lord of the Rings and Micheal’s been into Futhark as of late, but I was sidetracked. :b I’m kinda having trouble figuring out when to properly use vowel diacritics, and writing in English with what are essentially Korean letters is also tough considering I suck at transliterating with the actual language itself, so I don’t think I’ll get bored with this soon (it’s actually kind of super inconvenient to write, ngl). But if I do, I think I’ll move onto either that or Tengwar, although I’ve also been super interested in Klingon and Vulcan!!

Anyway, there are some constructed scripts that just kind of. Infuriate me. Like, I assumed the entire point was to, you know, create an aesthetically pleasing (or at least interesting) alternative method of writing??? Like, okay, Seumul isn’t so much “inconvenient” as it is more accurately “ridiculously clunky,” but then there are those that just seem like they were deliberately designed to discourage literacy???

I don’t know, like:

I mean, maybe it’s just me? But I have…. so many problems with this. Where do I even begin? Why was this categorized under “writing” system? Am I weird for thinking this shouldn’t be categorized as a script? I feel like the line is drawn where gifs come in. If you can’t write with it unless you download the font and open photoshop to use it, I don’t think it counts. Like, fucking Wingdings is a better method of writing than this. At least you can just draw the ridiculous pictures. You cannot do this without a computer so why is this even in this section. This seems to have been designed to keep out the lower classes which cannot afford technology, and for anybody with vision problems and I’m just. Really unhappy about that??? And then there’s this monstrosity:

Under “sample text,” you’re supposed to read counter clockwise from the center:

WHAT EVEN IS THIS?? THIS ISN’T A FORM OF COMMUNICATION, AND IT’S BLASPHEMOUS THAT YOU WOULD INCLUDE THIS AT ALL??? It’s supposed to be the language used by some snow people or whatever in a fantasy setting, which I personally don’t think is a good excuse to just toss whatever stock images of snowflakes you had on you onto mspaint, arrange it into a circle and go “Yes this is how my people will communicate.” Like, I don’t care if Frosty the Snowman has his own language, it’s not writing if you need 32 rubber stamps and 20/20 vision to communicate with it?? If you’re going to have intricate symbols in your language at the very least arrange it in a damn line like everybody else or make it piCTOGRAPHIC OR SOMETHING THIS IS NONSENSE, THIS IS GALLIFREYAN FOR JACK FROST, I CAN’T EVEN MAKE OUT WHAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO SAY BECAUSE THE CIRCLES KEEP SPINNING IF I STARE AT IT LONGER THAN TWELVE SECONDS YOU CAN’T INCLUDE THIS AS A WRITING SYSTEM I’M SO MAD


A Thing About 1994

This is self-indulgent and ranty so don’t expect more or less, it’s something I wrote last week but never posted because I was like “eehhhhh too self-indulgent" 

I promise, there’s a point to why I’m talking about this. :D Nothing bad, I promise! Everything’s okay, no one hurt me, haha. But 1994 has been a weird, wacky journey even this long after the fact. So here are some words HAVE SOME WORDS.

I don’t want this to open a huge dialogue or anything, I just want to put this out there and leave it be, hopefully an ultimately positive message. TYFYT.

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my main complaint about gotham as it stands is the fucking shitty ass bi representation. like it’s classic “bi lady can’t choose/is promiscuous” or whatever the fuck. and that’s before we even get to the fact that she’s the only bi character that we’ve seen and she’s a recovering addict who is fixated on her ex-fiancé, has turned into a villain, both attempted and threatened to kill her ex-fiancé’s current gf, and just… like it’s fine to have bi villains. but we also need bi characters that aren’t the “crazy lady needs to be in a padded room” character. what about a bi dude, hm? or another bi woman? or just some. one.