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people shouldn’t interact with icon blogs unless they’re an art blog making their OWN icons or they commissioned someone specifically for icons


they’re usually bad writers who write all their characters the same angsty, boring way and hope that making their text fancy negates the fact they have absolutely no talent artistically (sorry, throwing someone elses art in photoshop and making it sparkle isnt art boys)

its ridiculously hard and tedious to read shit that is done ‘aesthetically’, like honestly you may as well be typing in a different language as it’ll take me 5 hours to decipher your RP and then realize it’s shit anyway

you guys dont even fkn use the same icons from the same artist so your muse always looks different in each reply with each icon kind of butchers the point of using icons if there’s no consistency in the artwork

they dont ask permission for the artwork, but then post new icons saying ‘dont steal my icons’ xd

they’re all pretentious shits with a higher than thou attitude despite being garbage 99% of the time

Day 3 – First Date

“You are so lame,” Philip says.

 Lukas’s heart falls for half a second before he sees Philip’s teasing grin. He scratches the back of his neck, trying to look cool. 

“Yeah, well, it took, like, five seconds anyway.”

 Philip arches a brow, gesturing at the picnic blanket and the stupid little plates and forks and checkered napkins Lukas so loving arranged. “Fine,” Lukas admits, refusing to meet Philip’s gaze. “It took a while.”

 Philip shakes his head. “This is cute, you dumbass. I love it.”

 "You do?“ Lukas knows he sounds stupid and hopeful and lovesick.

 And then Philip is kissing him, smiling against his lips, and he tastes like happiness, sweet and strong. Lukas still feels stupid and lovesick, but that warm, unfamiliar feeling in his stomach rises up again, flooding through his whole body.

 "Of course I do,” Philip murmurs.

 His eyes are soft, and Lukas stares at the little mole underneath his bottom lip, wondering if it’s too early to make wedding plans. 

 Between mouthfuls of sandwich, Philip tells Lukas about his time in Idaho. “—that shit was crazy. I mean, seriously, this girl had five boyfriends in the same school, and she honestly thought none of them would find out. You should’ve seen the confrontation, I was choking on my laughter. I was crying." 

 And then he’s laughing, and Lukas is laughing, and their laughter carries across the lake, loud and joyous.

 Lukas lets Philip spoon-feed him bites of ice cream as he lies in Philip’s lap. "This is so gay,” Lukas says. He can feel Philip tense, and he sits up, grinning. “I’m so gay." 

 Philip’s answering smile is magic.

 Afterwards, they hold hands and walk back to the car. For the first time in a long time, Lukas feels content. He feels happy. "So I didn’t mess up our first proper date?” he asks. Philip squeezes his hand. “It was perfect.”


he just fucking stops in the middle of his speech about games to show yugi his flexed bicep for some fucking reason and then continues without any explanation. what the fuck is going on here