my shits 2

Cayde has a secret cache hidden away behind a door only he knows the code to.

He tells a Guardian to go look for it and then tells them the “details” on how to unlock the door to the cache.

Tells them to do the dance but to send video feed to him to make sure that they are doing it correctly.

Guardian does as asked and begins the dance. Cayde on the other hand is having a blast of a time watching them do this. He has trouble holding in his laughter as he tells them to adjust certain parts of their body or that they aren’t shaking their hand fast enough. Anything to keep them going.

Finally after the Guardian is just about ready to think this is fake, Cayde secretly presses in a code and opens the door.

“Hey! You di-*snickers* you did it! Now, Grab the loot and get your butt back here Guardian, pffft!” Cayde cuts feed and looses himself in laughter while Ikora rolls her eyes and Zavala rubs his temples.


Phil: One time I had my fly unzipped the whole time until a mom said “We saw everything!” and I was like “Oh, no”.

Dan and Phil @ Night of Community - VidCon 2017

Everything about this episode was a wild ride I was not properly buckled for-


dan howell’s profile: good content

  • BTS: *does a thing*
  • Yoongi: ahh yes, as expected from international K-pop sensat-
  • RM: plz dont plz im begg-
  • Yoongi: -ionAL sUNSHINE RAINBOW
  • Tae: oh Go-
  • jk *backflips* : TRADITIONAL TRANSFER
  • Jimin: sTOp.
  • JK and Yoongi: USB HUB-
  • Hoseok: are you don-
  • Jin *punches through thru wall* : sHRIMP !!!
  • every1: . . .
  • YG,JK,Jin: BTS!! LOL ILY<333333