my shit: greek

tbh my friend has been hypocritical, childish and insensitive at best, manipulative, gaslighting and degrading at worst, and the fact is he’s so ignorant and unwilling to actually make any effort to do better that he tries to pin it on me being ‘emotional’. i haven’t talked to him a few days because fuck him. fuck him thats why.

it is currently taking every ounce of self control i have to not go over to his house and sucker punch him

i haven’t been in an actual fight in a very long time but good GOD do i feel like getting into one now

Το σημαντικό είναι να θες να μάθεις πόσα μαξιλάρια χρησιμοποιεί στον ύπνο του, τα αγαπημένα του μέρη ή πόσες φορές έκανε ράμματα και άσε τους ανθρωπακους να επιμένουν σε μικρά και ανούσια πράγματα.
—  elesfantasticworld23