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Lilo and Stitch AU with Mondatta as Nani, Zenyatta as Lilo, Genji as Stitch and Hanzo and Jesse as Jumba and Pleakly.

ye s…..


I'm so tired of all of this...

I’ve been dealing with a shitload of school assignments since last Friday that I almost definitely won’t be able to finish on time.

My parents keep getting upset with me because I have eaten much today and apparently, I’ve been talking to myself a lot more lately.

My goddamn voices won’t leave me alone for five seconds (I almost started to cry in class today out of frustration).

I can’t think straight or concentrate on anything anymore.

My bipolar disorder has drastically worsened due to me not having my meds.

I keep getting a lot of my PTSD symptoms again for some reason, and I’ve had about four flashbacks followed by somewhat minor panic attacks in the past week or so.

I’m still dealing with stress and anger and handling my emotions.

I’m so incredibly overwhelmed.

And I can’t deal with this now. I just can’t. Not anymore.


I was tagged by @danidery to make an aesthetic board using pictures from my phone and then tag 10 people to do the same, if they want to.

That is one of my fav pictures of me, btw. Be the tree. Feel the tree. Sniff the tree.

I tag… @thesnadger @the-ford-twin @kindafooey @weirdmageddon and whomever else wants to do it! I wanted to tag my mutuals alexia-neo and fordsy, but it won’t let me for some reason…


(english under the cut) 

Hoje tá sendo um dia daqueles, mas eu penso em você e a gente vai indo 


Today is being one heck of a day, but I think about you and we carry on 

1. “Almost two years of us” 

2. “I wanted to make a lot of drawings of you, but you are not yet out as I am, so I give you this universe mask, for until you do.”

3. “I’m always trying to get out other people’s tongues, 
It’s a bit weird living so balanced in others people’s opinions, 
But the thing is, every time I’m about to jump, I remember my fear of heights, 
I’d rather live on your tongue only.”

So, guys! Hey!

The show I worked on will be airing in the US soon! On the 1st of October, on the Ovation Channel. 

It’s called Versailles, and I guess the producers kind of tried to give it a Game of Thrones vibe, so, lots of sex, not that it’s always necessary, but, you know… But there’s also a gay relationship that’s super cute and super angsty at times!! Yay! They still have work to do regarding women though… let’s hope it’ll get better, but, if you could tune in and try it, that would be great! 

how do ppl get their posts to like Take Off and get a lot of notes rly fast and stuff bc that like never happens with mine and it makes me feel like all my stuff is shit and im wasting my time