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yeah here’s the video that had been rendering for like two millenias 

I filmed this whole thing with my phone and edited it with the program that I illegally cracked just for the purpose of editing this hope you enjoy it 

So, I hadn’t really intended to address the matter but I’m receiving a lot of asks and pm’s about it + it’s in the press here so i might as well just get it out of the way real quickly. 
Two metastases (new tumors created by the main one) have been found in my dad’s liver and it’s shitty but that’s just the way it is. I’d rather not discuss it and while i really am super appreciative of all your support and kindness I would rather not receive asks or stuff about it. I’m finishing up final exams and shit and i just need to focus on the things that i actually have control over (like my grades). 
so thank you all and i hope this answered your questions. 

Fairy Tail Chapter 517 React 

I’m not going to lie, this was literally me in the chapter. I was first really grossed out that the first thing Irene did was fondle Wendy’s chest; but then Wendy did it… so i just accepted it. 


Kogami & Tsunemori illustrations from Newtype Magazine Feb 2015 Issue


“I’m sorry…”

Happy belated birthday, @ka-zu-ya​! IMOUTO IS HELLA LATE BUT YEah ok I have no excuse

Based on this (x)


Here are some scans from the April 27, 1987 issue of Time magazine, courtesy of my wonderful friend Donna, who found it—the real, actual, almost-untouched magazine!—while helping to clean up her parents’ old house. And then she just slid it across the table to me at lunch and said, “keep it!” Twist my arm, Donna.

(Everybody check out dat almost-nakey Edge.)

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*headcanons intensify*