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hello studyblr community !!! i’m starting a new little project on my blog of masterposts. the first one is, obviously, exercise. i’m very enthusiastic and passionate about staying healthy and working out, so i decided to make a post of my favourite routines. i hope this will be helpful to those of you who want to start working out but have no idea where to begin. the routines will be separated by body part :) as always, like/reblog to help others :>



legs (glutes, thighs, butt etc)

full body + cardio

and that is the completed list! please do not over exert yourself if you are a beginner, start moderately and build the intensity over the weeks as you become stronger and fitter. 

send in requests for any other masterposts you want to see from me !!! and now i’m off to revise for my romeo and juliet in-class essay someone send help i’ve studied romeo and juliet three times over the course of my high school/post-secondary education i’m sick of these two dumb teens