my shit arts

this is the only other thing i’ve drawn today and it’s just a sketch but i felt like i needed to share,

southerngal16  asked:

Please please say you're not going to rip our hearts out and stomp all over them by saying this is a false pregnancy or something right? This story makes me happy and I can't wait to see Bree's reaction to being a big sister. 😘

Nope, no pain in store, folks! this is an ENDGAME BAIRN! 👶🍼

Just so you know, up until a few weeks ago, I literally was going to have TEN months of trying to get pregnant.

But i was just like ya know what….? DROUGHTLANDER, bro.

Have some happy, y'all 🙃🙂💛



So I mentioned this a long time ago but I’m gonna have a self portrait displayed at an art thing in my home town, together with like 120 other artists!

Fun story, I couldn’t find a frame tall enough for the print so I had to brutally gut it with scissors. I’m such a professional

I also have to put a price on it apparently, but I don’t know why anyone would want a random stranger on their wall???

for once my messy style is a pro in my life
thats the style our teacher wants us to use in drawing class so our hand gets a lil loose and we are quicker to draw aND THATS ALL IM ABOUT
Besides that I’m learning alot of anatomy so maybe my drawings will stop lookin so stupid one day
I’m having fun drawing real people
we have a semi-naked model,which at some point, the teacher asked her if she could show a boob and the model’s looked directly to my teacher’s eyes and let one of her breasts hang out saying nothing, but  sayin w/ her look *like dis?* and I almost laughed 

hello this is my purple gf

slothy-girl  asked:

Ohhhhhhh that sign is so cool!!!! What sort of cons are you planning on attending? I'm hoping to make a few myself :D

Thank you~ <3

Currently I can only go to local cons in my country as I simply do not have the funds to travel D:  .. one day *clenches fist*

But if there are people from Austria interested in saying ‘Hi’ I’ll be at Hanamicon (this weekend), and Akicon for sure and most likely AniNite too  (though artist alley applications are not through yet for that one). Don’t know about the Vienna Comic Con yet.