my shit arts


Sugar, spice, and a bucket of butter,

These were the ingredients chosen to summon the perfect handsome boy.

But dumbass bitch artist accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction–

Chemical SEX

 Thus Incubus Butters was summoned!

anonymous asked:

Ok one more incubus request please: some incubus Kenny and butters being cuddly and cute and shit. Or just Kenny being a perv to butters and butters getting all blushy I don’t care honestly I just want them lol

Y’all just need to slay me and get this over with lol, Incubi have always been my weakness

finished a tiny reference sheet for Candy.♥

Name: Candy Alarie 

Au: batim mafia Au ( but I still have her interact with characters not in the Au)

Likes: Splurging her money, playing the violin, and bubble baths.

Dislikes: Humans, Her Height ( she’s about 3′5 to 4′0, she’s a tiny lady ), and running. 

anonymous asked:

do you have any fanciest for the Adventure Zone?

merle: danny devito 

magnus: san jose shark’s defensemen brent burns

taako: a lamppost wearing a shawl

lup: a different lamppost, slightly down the street, lighting a match

angus: cookie from ned’s declassified

garfield the deals warlock: the concept of a cat hunkered down eating lasagna