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  • ATLUS guy 1: You know what? In a game where you refuse society's standards we need to accept that "age doesn't matter when it comes to love"; Let's make it possible to date the teacher.
  • ATLUS guy 2: What if we let the protagonist, who's a boy, date other boys?
  • ATLUS guy 1: Unrealistic. Impossible. Blocked. Get out of my sight.

Here, in case I haven’t quite driven the point home:

…anyways, @white fandom (and otherwise uninformed peeps): please stop using mcclain as lance’s last name in VLD fanworks. why?

  • it is literally not his canon last name in VLD. he literally does not have an official one yet for the VLD canon. mcclain isn’t his name.
  • he is freaking cuban. even IF for some reason they made the conscious decision to give him a white last name (lbr here, they won’t lmao), it couldn’t be mcclain because that name literally does not exist in any cuban genealogy records, try again.
  • it literally comes from a different voltron canon version of lance where he was white. he was a white dude. that is his name from when he was a white dude in canon. it is white-washing. insisting VLD lance should be called mcclain is like insisting on calling VLD shiro by sven or using holgersson for his last name. that’s not him. that’s not their canon. and they aren’t white. you’re not doing it to shiro so don’t do it to lance.
  • and because of all of that it’s lowkey racist to keep insisting on using mcclain ESPECIALLY when latinx fans from various walks of life (ESPECIALLY cubans, who y’all seem hellbent on ignoring or shutting down when it comes to THEIR representation found in a CUBAN character) have asked y’all to stop using it and use a hispanic last name for VLD lance instead.
  • aaaand that’s p much it end of the dang discussion folks lmao

if you’re gonna at me, combat me. but if you really do insist on shouting about why i’m wrong for some (racist) reason, at least read my other more in-depth post about all this that probably answers the exact question/reason you were gonna hit me with anyways. don’t be willfully ignorant or compliant just cause this seems like a tiny lil issue to y’all. own up.


Merlin AU where Merlin meets a familiar face. (this is a classic one, i know~)