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i just started reading sbr and so far……i’m mcloving it

What I love about the new Samurai Jack is that it doesn’t feel like it’s returned in a way, but merely continued. There’s not a lot of “the old series was better” and whatnot, as it mostly just feels the same. The style, the humor, the fight scenes… they’re just like from all those years ago. Sure the violence has heightened, which is fine (I actually like it), but there’s no disappointment here. Other cartoons/series in general have been brought back, and people complained about them with good reason. I gotta commend Genndy Tartakovsky to sticking to what works, rather than changing it.

DM: Okay Paladin (2), the closest orc is going to try and attack-

Paladin (2): Can I try to charm him?!

DM: …Sure. Go ahead.

Paladin: *nat 20*

DM: As you gaze into each other’s eyes, he disengages from battle and lowers his great axe. Cupping your cheek in his large hand, he greets you and introduces himself in the guttural orc language as Skor.

Paladin (2): *writes down* “Skor, my first love”


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Let’s show the AC fandom (and, of course, Ubisoft) that Desmond is loved too!

(‘Cause seriously, guys, I’m tired of the way both the AC fans and Ubisoft seem to ignore Desmond, who was the true main protagonist of the series). 

can I idk maybe relax? i ran out of langst fics to read that had all the characters yknow reflect on how GOOD of a person lance is & now I’ve started a semi gen fic that deadass I should not be writing since I haven’t updated my other fic that I’ve actually thought about in like two months. this literally has no solid plot, but the idea is stuck with me now and I can’t let it go???

anyway just in case you guys are interested….. I will link it like a Good Samaritan:

Living Together Part 2

Idk why you guys wanted more but here you go (hope you like them :))

- okay, okay, lemme tell ya something amazing: grocery shopping together
- srsly both of them need to be eXTRA careful w what they eat (Ty’s kidneys and Ethan’s peanut allergy)
- so like they get to the grocery store, and Ethan turns to Tyler
• “I can already tell, I can’t eat half of the. things in here.”
- and Tyler is torn between going to a new store for Ethan or spending the whole entire day look for food in this store
- “Can we go shopping another day?” “We only have ramen and peanut butter at home.” “Oh.”
- iT TAKES FOREVER BUT THEY FINALLY GET ENOUGH GROCERIES (only after going to 5 different stores smh)

- can we also talk about Eth doing gymnastics all over the house
- like, oh Eth is just sitting on the couch, NOPE HE’S DOING A SPLIT
- handstands fucking everywhere
- (and dunno if you guys know this, but when and after i was in gymnastics, when i stretch my body literally sounds like pop rocks)
- so the first time Eth stretched around the house, Ty asked him if they had to go to the hospital
- also can we just ???
- Flexible Ethan is my shit
- like ??

- Or literally them doing chores together
they sing constantly no matter what chore it is
- vacuuming, dishes, sweeping, laundry
- they literally are singing together with each chore
- bonus: they sing Disney songs
- bonus bonus: it’s duets

- and like guys
- they decorated a house together
- if you ever want to be happy, imagine them putting together IKEA furniture
- “wtf is that.” “a chair.” “are you sure?” “not really.”
- also Eth fucking hoards candles
- like its his shit
- candles everywhere
- especially in his own room
- idk why i hc that but i do

- them living together ????

(Thanks for all the notes on the last post, it means a lot to me. Also feel free to send asks.)

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