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“Rumen’s Mojito tasted like booze”

Wrapped Around Her Finger

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader x Becca Barnes (3 yrs old)

Warning: Cuteness // Fluffiness

Prompts: “Free Willy keep it in the tub.” - “Is that my shirt?”
This was for @atari-writes I hope you enjoy and thank you for the Bucky love!!

“Bath time Becca!” Buck calls down the hall, a devilish giggle echoes back at him. “Becca.” Buck chuckles as his daughter giggles once more. “I will find you.” He chuckles setting down the princess towel in his hands.

“Hehehe.” Becca laughs, as Buck stoops low and starts down the hallway, looking for his daughter.

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You borrow something of his + preference

Tamaki: His eyes grew wide. He had forgotten that he’d let you borrow his jacket. Until now. Then, he smiled and tugged you closer to him. “Y/N! You look so cute,” he gushed, a blush in his cheeks as he squeezed you. “S-senpai,” you protested, but it only made him laugh and hug you tighter. “You can borrow all of my jackets from now on, okay?” He insisted between hugs. ‘And I was going to return it to you,’ you thought before you hugged him tighter. ‘Oh well, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.’

Kyoya: “How bad is your eyesight?” You asked Kyoya for the umpteenth time, making him chuckle. “Why’re you so interested all of a sudden?” “I’m bored,” you said with a pout, before a devious smirk took over your face. Before he could ask what you were up to, you reached out and took his glasses. He started to reach out for them, stopping close to your face, when he noticed how cute you looked. They definitely weren’t meant for you, as your eyes were a little squinty and your nose was slightly scrunched, but he liked how they looked on you. He took them back, making you pout, before he wrapped his arms around you. “They looked good on you,” he said softly, kissing your shoulder. “But you look even better without them.”

Hikaru: “Hikaru, stop it!” You squealed as your overly playful boyfriend threw another water balloon at you, laughing maniacally as he ran away from you to go attack Kaoru. Your shirt was completely soaked so you decided to go borrow one of his shirts. He owed you while your own shirt dried. When you found him again, he was sitting outside with Hikaru. He looked up and greeted you, but he had a funny look on his face. “Is that my shirt?” He asked and you nodded. “Yeah, I had to borrow one while mine dries since someone decided to throw water balloons at him,” you pointed out with a playful glare as Kaoru snickered. “Well, I like it,” Hikaru said with a small smirk, wrapping his arms around you. “You should borrow my clothes more often.”

Kaoru: “Oh Kaoru~” “What is it, Y/N?” You giggled to yourself. You’d gotten bored while over at the Hitachiin residence and decided to entertain yourself with Kaoru’s wardrobe. You’d found kitten ears and a tail, which you were now sporting along with your regular clothes. You walked outside to where Kaoru was sitting on a lawn chair beside Hikaru. Once he saw you, his cheeks immediately flushed red. “Y-Y/N? Where did you get that from?” He asked you and you laughed at his face, sitting on his lap. “It was in your closet, silly. Which reminds me, why do you have this?” “Oh, well it’s from when me and Hikaru-“ “I told you to never speak of it again!” Hikaru yelled from his lawn chair and you and Kaoru laughed at him.

Mori: When you got stuck in the rain, you cursed your luck. You’d gotten completely soaked on your way to your boyfriend’s house. When he saw you, he immediately fetched you a towel while you made yourself comfortable in his room. You ended up changing into one of his old kendo hoodies from middle school, giggling to yourself when it was still too big for you. When he came back, he lingered in the doorway for a moment before he smiled, walking over to you. He patted your head gently, much to your surprise, before he handed you the towel. “You should keep it,” he added as an afterthought, sitting beside you on the bed. “It looks good on you.”

Honey: Honey’s eyes grew wide when he saw you asleep on the couch, clutching his Usa-chan. You looked so cute, curled up with Usa-chan’s cheek pressed to yours. He tried to resist, he really did, but he couldn’t help but hug you tightly. “Honey?” You mumbled drowsily, sitting up, and he giggled with embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Y/N-chan! You just looked so cute with Usa-chan,” he explained, and you smiled. Instead of replying, you scooted over so he could join you two. Happily, he clung to you and mumbled, “you’re even cuter than Usa-chan.”


it was a different world then.


(x), (x), (x), (rhett ver.)

EXO’s reaction to you wearing his shirt

Anonymous said: If it’s not to much trouble to remake it😁😁😁

The ask before this asked me to make a reaction to you wearing their shirt, but since I already did this before I linked the person to it. The link didn’t work, and I think something went wrong when I reposted the reaction since I forgot somethings that I couldn’t just fix by editing. So I’ll be making a new one! I hope you like it :)

Baekhyun: “You’re so cute I wanna squeeze you!”

Chanyeol: “Did you steal my shirt? Naughty…”

Chen: You: “Chen do I look funny? Like weird?”

Chen: “Nope, you look really cute.” *starts blushing and laughing*

D.O: *finds it extremely cute and is dying inside, but covers it up with laughing*

Kai: “Oh.”

Kris: “You stole my shirt? But I need to wear that today!”

Lay: “What, that’s my shirt? I don’t remember it at all!”

Luhan: *gif*

Sehun: “You better not spill on it…”

Suho: “But my grandmother made that for me.”

Tao: “Hey that’s my shirt! Give it back!!” *swaggers his way to you to get it off you*

Xiumin: *starts dying and is very much into it*

Valentine's Day with Namjoon

And now it is time for my lowkey spirit animal, an amazing leader with an amazing heart and amazing smile and just wow he’s really amazing overall, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • I’m gonna throw in some father!joon bc it’s my fave I love anything father!bts (all of the father related posts are here)
  • Okay so before I launch into the bbys being involved, I’ll give a lil preface of what before-kids joon was like on Valentine’s Day
  • He’s a v v smart guy and he seems like he’d be someone who picks up on all of the lil things and really uses that to his advantage
  • Like he notices your reaction to small things like a certain phrase being said on a show, a certain action being done etc.
  • And he stores all of that and when it’s time for romantic days, which are like a monthly thing, he brings all of that back out and has the perfect day planned for you
  • To him, Valentine’s Day isn’t too important bc he already has random days that he dedicates to you and only you so in his mind, it’s just another one of those days
  • He likes making you feel loved and important all year round and he loves pampering you as much as he can so it is nice to have a day that he can for sure plan on
  • Bc sometimes he plans ahead and is like oh on Friday I’ll set up a nice lil date night but then on Friday, he ends up being busy or you’re busy and then it’s just oh
  • So to have a day that is secured, for sure, all about you two and your love, is v v nice for him and you
  • He loves loves loves spoiling you
  • Especially with affection
  • It’s all gentle kisses to wake you up and say good morning or just a hey I’m here how are you and warm hugs that last for hours and him playing with your hands all day
  • He also whines at you to wear one of his shirts or his jacket or his sweatshirt, he’ll even accept you wearing his sweats he just needs it
  • It’s that subtle way of saying you’re his and he also thinks you just look really cute in his clothes
  • Cute lil date nights where you two go to lil restaurants and order some good food and just enjoy your night together
  • Now to add in father!joon bc that’s my shit right there
  • He would completely understand if you wanted to have the kids be watched by the grandparents so you two could be alone bc some years he’d feel the same
  • But the other years both of you are chill with them being there bc they’re your loves too
  • It’s a different type of love but who says Valentine’s Day is strictly for romantic love only
  • He’s got this whole grand plan on waking up before you so he could take care of the kids
  • They’d all make breakfast together bc cute lil bby kims waddling around joon and giggling and hugging their teddy bears
  • Lil prince demands to be held bc he likes watching the food cook and lil princess just wants to dance with dad that’s it
  • “Daddy look at me I’ve got Elmo on my shirt isn’t that funny I’m not Elmo !!! why is he on my shirt idk isn’t it funny”
  • “No no no dad look at me I’ve got a bear on my shirt that’s even funnier bc I’m not a bear !!!”
  • They both always want dad to be looking at them bc hi I’m here I’m your kid you should pay attention to me
  • They definitely make him a card and they definitely ask him if he likes it a hundred times bc they wanna be sure
  • “Okay but are you absolutely positive that you love it??”
  • “I put it up on the fridge that means I love it times a million”
  • “…but do you like it?? what do you like about it?? I drew that part, say you like that part bc it’s mine I did that”
  • He finds it really fucking adorable though bc they picked that habit up from him asking you if you’re totally sure you like the shirt he’s wearing
  • They all make breakfast for you and take it up to you so you can have breakfast in bed with your munchkins and your love
  • Like you literally get to be comfy and warm, you get food, you get nonstop cuddles, that is some good shit
  • They would of course make you a card too how could they not
  • Lil prince sneaks over to you when lil princess and joon are cleaning up and just hands you a tiny candy
  • “Shh don’t tell anyone but I got that for you don’t tell dad shHH THEY’RE COMING”
  • You all go out to the park after chilling out for a bit and cuddling and being cute as fuck bc joon in general is cute as fuck so mini joons would be fucking precious
  • They act like kids and run around everywhere and are just having the time of their lives
  • Joon and you do join in but they have like twice the energy you both have combined bc children so eventually you’re just like we’re gonna play on the swings you have fun
  • It does give you and joon a moment to just talk and hang out together and hold hands bc cute
  • He gets you a lil picture but it’s a v v special picture
  • It was taken on the day lil prince turned one
  • The story behind it is that joon was on tour at the time and you all thought he wouldn’t be able to make it but surprise he did bc he couldn’t miss his bby boy’s birthday
  • So the picture is of all of you hugging joon and it was just a really sweet moment that you can now look back on and smile bc you’ll never forget how excited lil princess got when she saw him walk in
  • It’s just a really nice day and you get to spend it with your family, your favorite people and it’s just what you all needed

Sometimes I wear things just to feel cute and this is one of those times.  This is yet another dress that is entirely too short to wear without leggings but when I’m just putting it on to wear in my yard, it isn’t a big deal.  I have a large collection of Chuck Taylors that I really don’t wear enough. I prefer low tops so my high tops don’t always get much use.  These are super neon pink and it doesn’t really read well in the photo.  The whole photo looks kind of hazy and I think there was something on my phone to make them look funny.

Dress- Torrid size 22

Shirt- Forever21 size 3x

Shoes- Converse Chuck Taylor high tops size 8

She’s Just A Broken Girl (Part 2)

Pairing: Reader X Simon (It can easily be replaced by a boy/girl of your choice)

Warnings: Nope, little sad but nothing too bad.

Requested(?): Nope. but requests are open!

Additional Notes: Here’s part 2! I loved your response to the first part so i couldnt wait to bring you the second! There will be 2/3 more parts probably. I COULDNT STOP WRITING

… … . .

(Reader’s POV)

“You’re not Josh” I stutter, unsure of what else to say.

“I needed him to get you to open the door. He dropped me off” He says, walking into my flat.

“Why are you here?” I ask. He continues to stare down at my attire, giving me a funny look when his eyes landed on my shirt. “I just threw it on” I told him.

“I’m sorry you had to see what you saw” He told me, standing in-front of the couch I had sat myself on.

“It’s fine. Didn’t bother me” I lie to his face.

“Then why did you leave?” He asked, knowing It bothered me.

“Because it hurt” I admit. Head in my hands.

“I hurt you, (Y/N). You shouldn’t miss me” He says, taking a seat on the couch.

“You don’t think I know that? I can’t help it Simon. It hurts to see you happy with someone else while I’m throwing myself a pity party every other hour of the day” I shout frustrated.

“I’m not that happy” He says.

“Really? Cause it didn’t look that way when me and JJ walked in” I tell him sarcastically.

“Just because I was almost having sex with her doesn’t mean she makes me happy. For fuck sake can you not see it?” He asks, well, shouts.

“I don’t get what I’m meant to see Simon!” I yell back.

“I was using her to get fucking over you. She had been messaging me the whole time we dated trying to hook up so when we broke up and I needed to get over you I hit her up and she was game” He says, standing up out of what I assumed was frustration. “When I saw you in the bathroom I knew you were crying over me. I had to do something to stop myself from hurting you again” He adds.

“You don’t think what I saw hurt me?” I ask rhetorically. As I go to launch myself into another rant he grabs my hand and pulls me up. “What’re you do-“ He cuts me off with his lips on mine. No movement, just his lips pressed into my own. I feel my tears land on my cheeks. He pulls away and rests his forehead on mine. He used his thumb to wipe away the existing tears, as he looks me directly in the eye. I slowly inch forward, eventually reconnecting our lips. He cups my face in his hands, and begins moving his lips slowly. I lightly place my hands on his waist, my lips moving in sync with his. His tongue pushes through my lips and into my mouth, moving fluently with my own. His hands are engulfing my hair, tugging slightly.

He pushes my hair to one side of my head, and places slow and gentle kisses on the newly exposed skin of my neck. “Do you want to go to your room?” He whispers I nod lightly and grab his hand, slowly walking into my small bedroom.

I see him staring at the empty half of the wardrobe and he looks at me sadly. I look down at the floor, slightly embarrassed. “You were waiting for me to come back” He whispers, more to himself than me. I nod my head, tears streaming down my already damp cheeks. I didn’t realise, but it all made sense. I was waiting for him. Leaving his toothbrush alone, leaving the closet space clear, keeping his shirts. I was waiting for him to come back.

I felt him wrap his arms around me tightly, placing my head onto his shoulder as he slowly rocked me back and forth. I felt a warmth I hadn’t felt in months, the bedroom finally felt like a bedroom again. He made everything make sense to me.

“I don’t know what I was thinking” He tells me, sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling me down with him. “I told myself you were in the way. I didn’t want to admit I was spending too much time on youtube, I needed someone to blame and I did that to you” He admits, almost as if he was realising himself.

He laid back, kicking his shoes back before moving to under the covers. He held his arm out, waiting for me to join him. I clamber under the covers, moving closer to him. “You need sleep” He tells me. He was right, I hadn’t had a good night sleep in months, not that he knew that but I must’ve looked tired.

“Promise you won’t leave again” I squeak, recalling the morning I woke up without him beside me, looking around and noticing his things were gone. He interrupted my thoughts with a tight squeeze.

“I promise (Y/N). I’ll be right here when you wake up” He tells me, pulling his shirt off and throwing it to the side of the bed. He kept his sweatpants on. I snuggled closely into him and dozed off into a sleep quicker than I ever have. 

To Be Continued