my shirt looked weird there

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day ~ <3

poor akaashi, it must be so hard being loved by so many dogs


i was cute today✨

“What could be better than spending relaxation time with your son?” 

Happy birthday All Might!! I wanted to draw Dad Might hanging with Deku, so I ended up drawing this. I wanted to post it the day of but it took longer than i excepted (-’: Oh well! I like how it turned out.

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Decided to post these 3 pic, because well, it’s better than just one, lol. Also pardon my face. At least I’m looking good with these pants.

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So what I’m tryna say is: I wanna know everything about you!

@yourlocallosernamedgreenookie​ you know how for Adore U one of the options was to each come up with a design and maybe they could be song twins(???) or something and

i may have gotten ahead of myself (today bein the last exam day n all; yee)

Here’s my attempt at a song character for Adore U/아낀다!  ( ಥ ͜ʖ ಥ)  This freckled boi is now Mansae’s long lost cousin three times removed new baby brother! maybe. i like to imagine he is a blood relative of Mansae? but aah iunno! What do you think?

Nobody knows if his hair is really like that, or if he does extra-careful hair dye job or wears a wig. He argues that his hair has always been this luscious colour like cotton candy but nobody believes him.

so i thought i should draw my trans boi sas in my afternoon clothes

the shirt is just as weird as it looks ‘you charm the socks off me….. among other things’ the bunny has no panties on in the first pic but then in the second it does idk idk but its my fav shirt to wear to the bed

Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up and Sirius’ part of the bed was made. I sat down in the sheets and rubbed my eyes. The house was silent and calm. Weird. I stood up and looked in my t-shirt drawer, who was half empty… Weird. I frowned and open the door to walk into the living room.

“SUPRISE!!” Sirius and Teddy yelled.

“What is going on?!” I asked.

Sirius was holding Teddy in his arms, both surounded by suitcases.

“We’re going to Paris!!” Sirius said.


“Now!” He laughed, “the plane’s leaving in 3 hours!”

“But.. the wedding is only next week?..” I said confused.

“I wanted to suprise you! I packed your things, and Teddy’s! Are you excited?”

“Of course I am!” I said, running to both of them and hugging them.

“Go get dressed, Teddy and I will pack the car.” He said, kissing my lips.

“Okay.. I’ll be there in two minutes.. Did you pack a bo..”

“Yes, I packed a book.. two exactly..” He smirked.

I smiled and kissed him one last time.

“That’s why i’m marrying you!” I giggled.

I changed and we left. I was really excited! I always wanted to go to Paris! Sirius always said I belonged there. The city of love. I am a romantic after all!

The plane ride was okay. Teddy kept looking through the windows. He was holding his stuffed animals close to him.

“Look Dadda!” He pointed his tiny finger at the window.

“Can you see the Eiffel tower? Right there..” I said.

“Ohh..” he breathed, amazed.

Sirius took hold of my hand and smiled at me.

“Thank you Sirius.” I said.

“I know how much you always wanted to come here.. I’m glad it’s with me.” He whispered as he kissed my lips.

I’ll write later today, we need to head to our hotel.

May 16th 1998

‘And She Was’ (Simon x OC, part 4)

Title: “And She Was”

Characters: Simon (The Walking Dead), Negan (The Walking Dead)

Tags/Warnings: Explicit language, eventual smut, slow burn, Spanish cocktail-making, bad flirting, a bit of cheeky semi-self-insert???

Gif Credit: GIF is not mine, credit goes to the creator! (Also, how nice does he look in this gif? Seriously)

NOTES: In which Simon is a big dork who makes Spanish cocktails, meaning I spent a good hour or so on the Smirnoff website taking notes and regretting my obsession with trying to be realistic. Vamanos!

Taglist: @simons-thirst-squad @backseat-negan @neganisking (if you’d like to be added, just let me know)

Part one!

Part two!

Part three!

It’s several hours later and I’m shifting awkwardly from foot to foot outside the door of the bedroom I’ve been told is Simon’s. In my arms is a soft white towel and a toothbrush, as well as clean underwear – which one of Negan’s wives begrudgingly bestowed on me – and fresh clothes for the next morning.

“I know what you’re thinking.” The blonde girl – Amber, someone called her, I think - whispered as she handed me the fragile lace undergarments, her fair brow furrowed. “It’s disgusting. But we chose this for ourselves. He wasn’t lying.”

“I didn’t mean that I thought you were gross.” I replied, ashamed as I accepted the clothes. “I meant him.”

“What’s the difference, really?” She shrugged, moving her long hair over her shoulder. “You’re lucky he didn’t kill you for talking like that.”

“Does he usually do that?” I asked after her, but she’d already disappeared into her own bedroom.

“Okay, so…” I murmur to myself, rolling the toothbrush between my fingers. “Hi, Simon! I know we just met but I got in trouble with your rampantly-sexual boss and now I have to sleep with you.” I say to the closed door. “Not with you, just in the same room as you. But it’s cool because I don’t take up much room – I can fold up like an accordion and just, like, slot under your bed. You won’t even know that I’m there, I’m super quiet. Like a ninja-”

“Who’re you talking to?” Says a familiar voice and I give a spasmodic jerk, almost dropping the objects in my arms.

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