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Rip had managed to save Jonas by bringing him onto the ship just in time, then he’d taken off. He knew he was going against everything he’d learned as a Time Master but he didn’t care.

He had to pick somewhere to land so he went back to the Old West, his home away from home.

“Be careful,” Rip told Jonas as he led him out of the ship. He held his hand tightly. As nervous as he was about a place full of outlaws, he knew it was still safer than their former home.

Rip took Jonas to a saloon so they could get some food. They were both still shaken up from fleeing and Miranda’s recent death was at the forefront of their minds. So, they ate in silence.

“Rip Hunter,” a voice said from behind him.

He turned around and faced Jonah. “Hello, Jonah,” he said.

“Who’s the kid?” Jonah asked.

“This is my son,” Rip told him.

Jonah furrowed his eyebrows and said, “You’ve only been gone two days.” After a pause, he nodded and laughed. “Right. Of course. One of the many quirks of Rip Hunter.” He noticed how tired Rip seemed and the sadness in his eyes and softly asked, “And the kid’s mom is…”

“I couldn’t save her,” Rip said quietly.

Jonah put his hand on Rip’s shoulder. “I’m sorry,” he said.

“I think I need to focus on getting Jonas settled in here, but I’ll see you ar–” Rip stopped talking. “What’s that look on your face?”

“Jonas?” he asked. “Where’d you get that name from?”

Rip rolled his eyes and murmured, “Narcissist.”

“So paladin, it looks like your other paladins abandoned you.” 

“Oh don’t worry, they’ll be back.” 

“If that’s the case, how about we get started?” 

“Bring it big ears.” 


Anyway, concept is that Lance gets captured while on a Galra ship for some mission. Lance is about to get out but because of… reasons (?) he ends up staying on the ship while the rest of the team wormholes out. So he tries to keep out of their hands as much as possible but ends up being captured and interrogated by (*cough* Prine Lotor *cough*) before the rest of the team can come and get him. 

I needed my baby to do something badass although he had that cool sharpshooter moment I NEED MORE. Anyway here is to waiting for season 3 and drowning in fanfiction! Enjoy!


Sterek AU: ‘Munitions and Marriage

While Derek may be squad leader, Stiles will always find an opportunity to challenge his husband.

Like a married couple

(A/N): I feel as though I may be the wine mom of all my friends…

Request:anonymous asked: Hi! May I request Dad-Friend Steve and Mom-Friend Reader and everyone else ships them together, and they come up with a plan to get them to confess but it turns out they’ve been dating a for a while on the downlow? Thank you!

Warnings: none

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   “Steve if you tell one more dad joke I swear to god,” (Y/N) stared at Steve menacingly, placing their hands on their hips as they glare at the star spangled man. 

   “But I’m so good at them,” Steve smiled cockily, something that was rare nowadays. 

   “Everyone hates them so much,” 

   “You all love them and you know it,” (Y/N) rolled their eyes, shaking their head in annoyance as they went back to chopping up some onions for whatever they were making but the faint smile on their face only justified Steve’s words. Meanwhile every other avenger had congregated at the dining table, all staring at the two team members fondly. 

   “Guys I swear they’re a thing, how could they not be?” Sam asked incredulously, albeit quietly all the while gesturing to the two as they giggled at something one of them had said. 

   “I don’t know,” Bucky murmurs, shaking his head. “I don’t see it,” 

   “I’m with Bucky here,” Nat nods her head, agreeing to Bucky’s statement. “I just don’t see it,” 

   “We need to find a way,” Tony buts in,” To wiggle it out of them, truly figure this all out,” 

   “It makes sense,” Wanda suddenly joins in the conversation, previously having said nothing at all on the matter. “Steve is the dad of the group and (Y/N) is the mom,” 

   “What the hell are you talking about?” Bucky wrinkles his nose in confusion, glaring at the ‘couple’ across the room.

   “Bucky, (Y/N) keeps snacks in all of their bags in case any of us get hungry and Steve is constantly in protective pappa bear mode, they are the literal walking definition of Mom and Dad friend,” 

   “Maybe they’re already married, maybe they already are a mom and dad!” Tony gasps softly, his face dawning with surprise. “It would make sense though, right? Right?” Nat shrugs her shoulders before turning back to look at the pair who were now just smiling fondly at each other, like two teenagers in love. 

   “Fucking hell,” Sam mutters, shaking his head at the sight. “If they aren’t a thing then I’m giving up redwing,” 

   “Oh my god,” Bucky murmurs, his eyes widening in surprise. “You guys Sam just placed a bet on his precious redwing, this is getting serious,” The group continue to bicker and banter back and forth, attempting to figure out if one party was right, if Steve and (Y/N) really were a couple or if they were just really close friends who had bonded via their mom/dad relationship with everyone else. 

   “Do you think they know we can hear them?” Steve whispers to (Y/N) who is smiling faintly as they continue to merrily chop away at food. 

   “I don’t think so, maybe that’s why they’re whispering,” (Y/N) raises their eyebrows, giving Steve a mock lock of surprise as they do so. Steve merely chuckles, sliding down a bit into this seat as he turned to stare at his friends fondly. 

   “Do you think we should tell them?” Steve asks softly, watching as Tony whisper shouted something to Sam. 

   “Nah, let’s see how long we can keep this going,” (Y/N) ceases their chopping, electing to stare at their friends as well. 

    “I’m guessing the end of this month,” Steve murmurs, nodding his head to himself. “They are awfully close to figuring this out,” 

   “I’d give them to the day of our wedding announcements,” Steve nearly snorts, inhaling a bit too deeply as he laughs quite a bit. “Maybe the day of the wedding I don’t know,” 

   “Really? Do you think they’re that dense?” 

   “Steve, we’ve almost been caught-” (Y/N) pauses, giving Steve a side glance, trying to decide on which words to use for this particular phrase. “We’ve almost been caught ‘fonduing’ on more than one occasion and they’re still arguing about this, so I know I’m gonna win this,” Steve merely hums, shrugging his shoulders as he does so. 

   “We’ll just have to see then,” 

~Extended Ending~

   “Yes!” Tony yelled excitedly, punching the air before getting up to high-five Sam and Wanda. “We were right losers!” He points to Nat, Bucky, and Bruce, all of whom had thought that (Y/N) and Steve weren’t really a thing. 

   “Whatever man,” Bucky grumbled, huffing as he glared down at the artsy little piece of paper in his hands, the same one every avenger was holding. 

   ‘We cordially invite you for the marriage of Steve Rogers and (Y/N) (Y/L/N)’ 

OTP force
  • Person A: *a Star Wars fan*
  • Person B: *not a Star Wars fan*
  • Person B: can you hand me my drink?
  • Person A: no, your not incapable.
  • Person B: *pouts* fine I will get it myself! *reaches hand out like they are using the force*
  • Person A: what are yo- *realizes what they're doing* this is why I love you.. *sighs and hand person B his/her drink*
  • Person B: *smugly* I know *sips drink*
  • Person A: * dies a little in the inside*

I want to see the scenes where Emma invites guests over and Killian is the grumpy one that doesn’t like people invading their home…

Like, she always has to remind him to be nice but he hates the disorder that people bring with them:


“Get your feet off my coffee table.”

“Wash your glass out after you use it - where are your manners, puppet?”

“Don’t get too near the fire, I don’t want our house going up in flames.”

*walks in with laces in his hands*

“You left these on my porch. Hanging loose today mate?”


“Belle, love, tealeaves are dumped into the bin after use, not on the kitchen counter.”

“I do hope you didn’t track mud all over my ship like you have in the foyer”


“Don’t touch anything, don’t look at anything, don’t sit on anything- better yet, I think it’s best if you lot wait outside.”


“Yes the mittens and wrist restraints are necessary - no they’re not negotiable. Just sit in this chair away from any objects or surfaces. Emma will be home soon. There’ll be no fooling this pirate.”


“I hope you’re planning on cleaning all that up once you’ve finished.”

“Are all those plates necessary?”

“Do you have to be so heavy handed? It’s a frying pan, not an iron mallet.”


“That purple smoke better not stain our floor.”

Henry’s school friends

“Here you are. Spinach, crackers and prune juice. Eat up, lads!”

“… well if Gabriel doesn’t like it, you can all scurry on over to his house. I’m sure his mother would love the welcoming stench of teenage foot odour.”

*sprays aerosol around the room*



Am I the only one that gets jealous of fictional characters… Like:

Me: “Awww. How cute. I SHIP IT!”



Also, also, also me: “CHILL THE FUCK OUT! THEY’RE NOT REAAAL” *Sad violin music*….

…Why am I like this…



  • Laughing 24/7 because this boy loves the sound of your laugh.
  • So many kisses, on your hands, thighs, cheeks, neck, collarbone, ect.
  • Skinship.
  • Him singing to your when cuddling.
  • Rubbing circles on your hip bone.
  • Playing with Snow/Snapchat filters.
  • Karaoke dates.
  • “You’re aren’t getting out of bed until i do so lay back down.”
  • Going on double dates with Chanyeol and his partner.
  • Beak being so excited to show you off to the world.
  • “This is my Jagi and i love them very much, i hope you will too.”
  • Him hiding his face in your neck when he’s upset or sad.
  • Petting his hair and telling him that everything will be alright.
  • Running around the house because Baekhyung wants  kiss but you wanna play hard to get.
  • Stupid arguments about small things.
  • “Jagi you’re doing it wrong.”
  • Loud ass sighing coming from him because you are mad at him and ignoring him, but then you’ll get annoyed and forgive him.
  • Him looking at you with the biggest heart eyes ever.
  • You memorizing all of EXO’s songs and him being so proud of you.
  • Singing with him all the time.
  • Silly snapchats.
  • Him calling you and the two of you ending up falling asleep on the phone.
  • His family loving you more than him.
  • Purposely making him jealous because you love the cute little pouts he flashes you.
  • Him wanting you to go to the gym with him as “motivation” but really just uses that time to show off his strength to you.
  • Asking him to taste things you have cooked and him saying it’s the best thing he’s eaten even though you know it’s pretty bad.
  • Matching EVERYTHING.
  •  Him waking you up early because he got up early and gets bored when alone.
  • Having to try on a whole bunch of lingerie because he buys them for you.
  • Him letting you braid his hair and do his make up.
  • “Don’t i look pretty jagi?”
  • Owning a couple pets together and end up calling them “kids”.
  • Playing so much video games together and trying anything to win them.
  • Having a score board in your living room recording everything you had won and everything he had won, because he’s competitive.
  • Hiding the hickies he leaves all over.
  • So much teasing.
  • Forcing Baek to wipe off his makeup when tired. 
  • Going on cheesy cute romantic dates.
  • Him going on and on about his day before going to sleep knowing that used probably go to sleep mid conversation.
  • Smiley Baekhyung.
  • The other members loving ho nice you are to them.
  • Over all a sweet little (kinky) fluff ball that must be protected 100% of the time.

Don’t you just love Baek :’)



I was a TeWo multi shipper so I had my fic writing/reading hands in all the ships (well… None of the ones with Peter because he’s horrible and I hate him) and the one thing that stood out to me was how the fandom made a lie out of their own claims that they were pushing $terek for queer representation by how they dismissed Danny.

Danny. Precious, gorgeous, brilliant, and gay. Dude had chemistry with Scott from episode one and had a Canon love interest or two. And yet fandom only used him as a way to make Derek jealous or to get in your daily dose of “no homo” with Jackson.

I remember when the hotel episode was about to air, how a bunch of $terek shippers actually were like “boycott the episode” because Danny and his boyfriend were going to get horizontal. You know, because representation doesn’t count until it’s two white guys fucking.

There were literally people pissed about how Stiles/Derek “should’ve been” the couple on the show to have sex. And like… They’re not a couple on the show?? At all??

They planned to boycott the show and were freaking out all over because the “wrong couple” were going to have sex.


(In the same vein, see all the Sp!rk shippers who responded to the Sulu reveal with outright anger because the “wrong” character" was gay. Like they did that shit.)

If the desire here is for slash fiction to pave the way for queer representation, why are canon queer characters rarely centered (especially if they’re characters if color)?

Why is it that femslash isn’t more popular (and its not because y'all are so worried about replicating the male gaze so shut up with that nonsense)?

Why is it that multiple times in RECENT fandom history (within like 2 years) we’ve seen huge slash shipping fandoms get ridiculously angry over gay characters of color being canon or showing their relationships in canon instead of the more popular noncanon white dude slash ship?

If it’s all about representation, why weren’t Hikaru Sulu/Ben or Danny/that Twin ever popular main ships?

Why isn’t Queen Sugar with a queer Black woman as a main lead getting held up by these slash activists who claim to fight the good fight for representation?

Riddle me that.

no offense but like tododeku is one of the Best ships out there like hands down. bc todoroki was like Im Going To Beat You, we all thought it was gonna be some tense i-hate-you-but-then-we-makeout relationship, smth like our-parents-hate-each-other-so-we-do-too-but-not-rlly (…….all might isnt izukus dad but u get the point) but u know what it turned out to be like a chapter later?? izuku helping shouto realize he isnt his dad. them becoming friends immediately after. then them just loving and supporting each other from there on out…. it is?? SO good???

❅Boyfriend: Jackson ❅
-hugging u from behind
-grabbing ur ass “”“"by mistake”“”“
- "babe, ur hand is on my ass”
-“ouh…I didn’t notice”
- a few minutes later “ur hand is still on my ass”
-grabbing ur ass everywhere
-showing u off to the other members like ur the best girl ever (which u are)
-also showing off his muscles
-getting jealous whenever u hug youngjae which will happen pretty often ‘cuz he’s just a precious bunny and deserves to be hugged
- jackson shipping #markson more than he ships u two
-u wearing his sweaters with only undergarments underneath
-he checking u out like 25/8
- always complimenting u
-he loves u to his death and would protect u with his muscular arms

because our SoSoo ship went down so tragically, i’ll just choose to think about the parts of their moments together  we didn’t get to see

1.) in episode 14 when So took Soo out stargazing on her birthday, they probably continued to hold hands on their way to their spot (after Soo placed her hand on So’s hand like that, I can’t imagine So just letting it go)

2.) in episode 14 when they shared their first mutual kiss, none of us know how long that kiss lasted, just imagine their smiling faces after that kiss, with So being a giddy little puppy because finally she’s all his

3.) in episode 16 during their reunion, they spent two nights together and we only got to see 6 minutes of it, playing with shadows and feeding each other. what about their little talks in between? catching up on what happened to each other for the past 2 years? getting dressed in front of each other because that room was so small? So trying to sneak in some cuddle time every 2 minutes? because we all know his thing about back hugs

4.) in episode 16 during their stargazing, you can’t tell me the only conversation they had was about Pegasus. they probably just randomly mentioned trivial things that didn’t really matter but both found it interesting just because the person talking about it meant the world to them. probably laughing at each others’ stupidest jokes like a bunch of idiots. how long do you think were they intertwined like that before Ji Mong arrived?

5.) in episode 17 when Soo fell asleep in So’s room, she woke up lying down with a blanket over her when in fact it was So who fell asleep on her lap. imagine So waking up, carrying her carefully into a lying position and lovingly putting a  blanket over her, smiling sweetly at his love’s sleeping face before leaving for king/emperor duties

6.) in episode 17 when So would work in Soo’s room, or eat dinner with her, their conversations were so cute and full of fluff i bet that lasted the whole time So was there, because they bicker like an old married couple most of the time and it wouldn’t be a surprise. it would’ve been so cute to see So having to leave her room because it was getting late, and they say “good night” and “sleep well” to each other (ugh the feels)

7.) and just basically in the early episodes up until episode 8 when they would accidentally run into each other or when they go on little walks together, they never show us what happens before they part, but i’m 100% sure So walks Soo back to the palace or back to her room because he’s a gentleman like that and he is the sweetest little puppy ever

i choose to remember them like this, because i refuse to believe it was a love wasted

i know they’ll remember these memories between them forever and ever, and so will i

*cough cough*

Cadmus seem to have eyes everywhere so what if Lillian finds out that Supergirl is also Kara Danvers and she sees how much time her daughter is spending with Kara so she imprisons Lena at Cadmus to ‘protect her from the evil alien’ of course Kara goes to rescue Lena and you just see them running hand in hand down a corridor. Lillian sends one of her subjects to stop them and Lena ends up getting hurt. Kara is that worried about Lena that tears start rolling down her cheeks and she ends up shouting at Lillian “you asked me what your daughter is to me, well it turns out she’s a lot more to me than a friend” and up to this point Lena thought that her feelings were one sided but suddenly Kara is caressing her cheek and gazing into her eyes and she’s leaning closer and closer and then HER LIPS ARE TOUCHING HERS and Lena just lets out a muffled sob….. I’m so far gone with these two help me.


BOOKS READ IN 2017: ICE MASSACRE & ICE CRYPT (Mermaids of Eriana Kwai) by Tiana Warner

“I remember being afraid she would get sick of me and stop coming to see me– but she never did. She kept coming back.”
“As kids, you mean?”
“As kids… And on the ship. In battle. She came to see me in secret.”
“You miss her,” said Spio, in a tone so casual he might have been pointing out a halibut.
I stared at my hands, feeling myself blush. I must have given more away in my mood than I intended.
“I love her.”