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OMG! This is just so full of markson, 2young and yugbam goodness that I nearly squealed my housemate’s ear off!

Especially the markson! THE MARKSON!!!


“The last person you think of”

Everyone is talking about John admitting that Molly is the one person who has learned to see through Sherlock’s bullshit, the one who knows Sherlock best, but no one has mentioned this line.  This is the line that got me.  John is accusing Sherlock of ignoring Molly. You can totally hear it in his tone.  John thinks that Sherlock still dismisses/ignores Molly.  But Sherlock hasn’t…he already thought of her.  If he planned the entire thing, he knew John would want a second opinion, so he called Molly.

My shipper heart sees a parallel in the “omg text Irene back” tirade from John later.  I don’t really think John assumes Molly doesn’t matter, but I am damned sure he thinks SHERLOCK thinks Molly doesn’t matter…and if it IS a parallel…then Sherlock, of course, has already thought of Molly in the context of this whole conversation about being human.  Sherlock has obviously thought about how to be human, because he tells us that he doesn’t know how to spend the currency Mary gave him (his life).  

Basically, John is wrong about how Sherlock sees Molly…hopefully he’s wrong both times.

 WIP. Inspired by celestial-tiger Snow Day fanfiction.

In an ideal world, where Sting was brave… he would have followed his heart’s intent to tell her that actually,though he liked the snow, there wasn’t a single thing comparable to her. But, of course, that thought was quickly suppressed, pushed aside for the time being. Maybe, if it were to snow in the year to come, he’d bring her to this exact spot and confess right there, right then…but for now, a different (and a far less satisfying) response to her statement would have to do.

“…Yeah. Me too.”

Gruvia Reunion

I’m so happy, that I made this edit to enjoy the gruvia reunion \o/

Gray told her He’s SORRY !! 

Juvia is an angel !! She’s just happy to see Gray  :3

Gray didn’t reject juvia when she hugged him. 

Juvia is picking up Gray’s stripping habit !!  \(~o~)/

I’m like this right now