my shipper goggles are too tight

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Actually the reason we all hate Touken is because she fucking HITS HIM. That's not healthy, and if that's the romance that's gonna lead this manga, we don't want shit from ishida anymore.

My post was not about whether you like it or not. Or whether you should like it or not. -_- My post was calling out to fojoshi’s/crack shippers, (if thats what you mean by “we”) that justify their hate based on wearing dem goggles on too tight. You can ship what you want, whatever, i don’t care. But nothing justifies that you tell a person to “kill themselves!” Nothing justifies harassment or bullying! (i wont generalize, I’ll simply refer to the bad apples)

btw that hitting trope is common in anime

In japan people hitting other people for minimal reasons and making weird faces is suppose to be funny! (not that i ,personally, lose my shit when they happen; but that’s the way it is, especially in japan) IT IS NOT DONE JUST WITH GIRLS HITTING GUYS! ITS IS DONE WITH BOTH GENDERS! THAT MEANS: GIRL X GIRL! BOY X BOY! GIRL X BOY OR BOY X GIRL! It is also NOT done with the intention of painting the characters as evil and abusive. It is, like i said, simply comic relief. Why do you think that poka poka meme was a thing?

If “touka hits him” is all you got then try again. I’m not forcing you to like touken. All i want is for bad apples/ extremists to stahp harassing the mangaka for believing in ships that could never happen (i say this seeing as where touken was OBVIOUSLY getting)! 


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So last night I got so frustrated with Doctor Who that I started ranting about it to my older sister, who doesn’t watch the show. She knows about my major Whouffle alliance, so she was like “maybe you just don’t like Danny because your shipper goggles are on too tight” and so I showed her a couple of pictures of Clara and Danny together, and her exact words were:

“Ugh! He’s not attractive enough for her. They don’t look right together at all! It’s ridiculous!”

Just to drive the point home, I showed her a few pics of 11 and 12 with Clara, and despite the age difference between 12 and Clara, she said:

“That looks much better. They seem much more natural together.”

Doctor: 1, Danny: 0

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To follow up on all that I said before (this is polkari-seuta/that anon with that one headcanon again): I suddenly wondered like, maybe there’ll be times when Jikook accidentally get too fluffy in public, and the other members are like, “dudes wtf you guys are being too obv *sigh* now we gotta push the other ships to balance everything again and ward off suspicion so we can preserve your relationship .” Get what I mean? IDK IDK MY IMAGINATION IS WILD. I ALWAYS HAVE CONSPIRACY THEORIES FOR JIKOOK

I got you bae ;)

Yes.Oh my God yes. But they’re all very protective of their Jikook.

 P sure that’s why bighit is pushing Sugakookie right now, lol. Jk, but I totally get you.

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but you know what my favorite part about this scene is? 

They still

Find a way

Lol. Maybe my shipper goggles are on too tight, idk.

If you have head canons you want to share, or if you want me to share mine, shoot me an ask

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EreRi (the most important)

Ereri: OT mother fucking P. It’s been over a year and I’m still not sick of those two idiots. There’s probably meta about why I like them so much somewhere in my blog. I’ve posted about it before. I honestly don’t think I could talk about them objectively any more; the shipper goggles are too tight. They’re both awkward and oblivious and passionate and good-hearted and determined and they trust each other, and care about each other, and give each other hope and support and one or both of them are probably going to die and it will be horrible.

“while I walk off mostly ignored by my girlfriend in favor of Regina.”

The ability that the more idiotic SQers possess to twist things to such a non existent, context disregarding, reason-abandoning degree never ceases to amuse me.

I mean, it’s not like Emma was sticking with Regina because they’re both magic wielders and had a gigantic demon to focus on defeating to prevent death and destruction, or anything.