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First of all, to you, as someone who presumably does not ship KatsuDeku, I’d like to thank you for coming to my ask box with a calm and respectful question rather than wagging fingers and yelling about how the pairing is disgusting and anyone that ships it is filth; or saying things that people who hate Katsuki and Izuku paired together usually use as an example as to why Katsuki is a pretty terrible person and why they should never be together. So, before I answer your question, i really need to say thank you. 

Without any more delay, let’s delve into this!

And please, just bare with me, I have a point to all this.

Their relationship was indeed abusive growing up, and anyone that can’t see it is either blind, or chooses to be blissfully ignorant. It was a textbook case of bullying, and first I want to say, that by “shipping” the two of them, that I in no way condone treating another human being like absolute dirt.

With that being said, Katsuki is a strange character. Too many see him as nothing but blind rage, anger, and (in my opinion) his most dangerous personality trait, pride. Izuku was a very young boy when Katsuki began bullying him, and our small green son said himself that once Katsuki had gotten his quirk he began to change.

I’m not excusing his behaviour, but Katsuki, as an impressionable child (as most are), with his drive and determination to be the best, was encouraged by absolutely everyone, and denied by no one. They didn’t just whisper that he was meant for greatness, they loudly exclaimed it, shouted it, and ingrained it into his head. He was told that he would be simply amazing because of his quirk, and then izuku, who didn’t have one, matched his fiery spirit all the way, despite HIM being the best.

A childs psyche is easily fucked with. This kid sat there with heavy expectations, and hopes and dreams on his shoulders. He was told he was amazing by everyone, so it must be true right? He treated Izuku badly all because he was quirkless, but no one stopped him from behaving in such a way, despite it being quite obvious as to what he was doing (Katsuki isn’t known for being quiet), so he couldn’t have been doing anything too bad right?

All that pressure, self doubt, fear of failure, insecurity, and self loathing when he couldn’t reach the top comes with those societal expectations and borderline demands. It all builds up inside and it’s been showing in the recent chapters. His treatment of Izuku… I don’t think Katsuki is as apathetic to Izuku’s suffering as he lets on. Katsuki’s anxiety about his own abilities was never Izuku’s fault, but he saw him as a hurdle to climb over, simply because he unknowingly regarded him as someone who was on par with him, quirk or no. Izuku always met him every step of the way in exuberance, dedication, perseverance despite not being as “amazing” as he is, and infuriatingly enough, beat him when it came to bravery.

If Izuku really was no more than a pebble to him, Katsuki wouldn’t have cared so much about building himself up in comparison, and would have simply dismissed him as another side character, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Izuku endured years of bullying, both emotional and physical mistreatment from Katsuki, yet this blindingly upbeat, and downright Heroic boy has this amazing gift to see the good there is in a person. He can read a person, and see their pain, and tries to obliterate it with his words. As an example, for Shouto, Izuku saw that he was suffering, and used the only power he had from the start to try and save him; the power of speech and his belief in peoples inner strength (or something equally as MC protag-ish). I think that’s what he’s been trying to do with Katsuki from the start. I personally believe that Katsuki perhaps knows that, and sees Izuku pointing out these things to him, or admiring them, as him dragging out and mocking what he sees as weakness in himself. Not that ‘being amazing’ is a weakness, but the fact that Izuku sees him, like his front of fury is so transparent that he could stick his hand through his chest, is like he’s being made out to be a fool. Heros are supposed to be strong, show no fear, and unquestionably courageous. Izuku has beat him in every respect as Katsuki sees it now, yet Izuku’s still there, praising him, and ‘making fun of him’. Katsuki has never needed any real encouragement, as he’s always been at the top. It was just expected respects and due praise to him. He probably has no idea what it means to have someone really believe in him. He was supposed to be the one to make it big, yet there’s “Deku”, crushing not just his dreams, but making the voices of everyone around him, and the whispers of the adults of his past louder and louder, reiterating that he is meant to be something.


I just had to explain where I was coming from to make my point here, forgive me.

So Katsuki, as fucked up, and down right foul as he can be, isn’t completely to blame for becoming what he is. Again, I’m not excusing him, but I’m saying that Izuku can see that. Izuku isn’t blind to it, at least not completely, because if I was that kid I woulda’ changed schools a long time ago, but this strong green bean has thought about it- said it to himself- and even said it to atsuki’s face (kind of) that he’s a fucking asshole. Izuku has even gone so far as to think about how he hates the guy.

I completely understand where you’re coming from anon.

I really, really do.

I was also bullied really bad by a few people, but two of them, who were incidentally two of the worst by a long shot, are now some very good friends to me. The only thing I can say about that is… people change. They just… grew up.

I’m not saying that everyone needs to go out there and confront their bullies, or people who harassed them, because not all people can make peace with who they were in the past, or perhaps never learned to function a different way, but it happens. You don’t need to gain any closure with a past tormentor, and you are allowed to live your life without sparing them another thought. That is 100000% a-okay. But so is forgiving people, and helping them down a better road to becoming a significantly kinder person. People are allowed to forgive as well as cast away, and this is something I have become very intimate with given my “family” situation. I completely understand that some just can not be forgiven, not ever… but in light of those who are undeserving, I’ve learned and become aware of who is forgivable. Katsuki wasn’t so bad as to not be forgiven and perhaps be given a chance.

We always forget that children can be so cruel. They can be kind, but they don’t even know who they are yet. They can’t make executive decisions concerning some basic life choices. We can’t expect them to understand what they’re doing wrong all the time. Hell, even as adults, humans are constantly learning and shaping themselves to their environment and the people around them.

One of my bullies, they were especially crude and mean to me because they “liked me”. Now they’ve admitted that it was not the way to approach things, and they’re deeply sorry for the ways they acted in high school. They made my life hell for the few months of grade eight all those years ago. I was on the rugby team with him as well, and he and his friends, who i had to play with, would be especially rough with me. It was fine, I thought. I was capable of handling it. We’ve talked about how the stigma and influence of his father and “friends” drove him to act in those ways. How the “boys will be boys” and “Boys pick on girls if they like them” thing was ingrained in his head. It was so influential and potent in his thought process that he thought that me fighting back only meant I liked him too- and drove him to do it even more.

The second of one of my worst bullies was a girl who also went along with the crowd, but now knows that she was a tyrannical queen bee. She had a lot of insecurities, as most bullies often do, and her mother was always on her about being a perfect woman, which now we’ve bonded over due to our similar circumstances. She knows what she did was wrong, and despises what she was in the past. We found eachother again when we volunteered as sort of ‘big sisters’ to teen girls, and did occasional groups with them as well. She knows she did a lot of bad, but hopes to make up for it now that she’s realized her grave mistakes. She’s since broken up with a lot of the “friends” who were just as toxic in high school, and surrounds herself with body-positive, loving people, and i couldn’t be happier to talk to her, and be friends with who she is today, and accept all her past faults and misconducts.

Now, i’m not trying to project my own circumstances here, because I definitely don’t want to see a few bullies I had in school, but I also broke one of their noses, and drop kicked another, so I feel like i got a bit of payback.

What I’m trying to say here,bottom line, with out all the gabbing, is that people can change. I’m not telling you, or talking down to you like I don’t think you know that, but I’m saying it as a generalization for my conclusion here (and for those who are very adamant that a bad person is permanently a douche canoe).

I don’t believe people are inherently bad. Although a person’s experiences and environment can shape the way they see the world, and how they put themselves forth in it, they can improve themselves. As adults, young adults, and perhaps growing teens who are beyond their years, we can look back and take into consideration that everyone’s issues are at play, and acknowledge that it isn’t always a black and white situation. No one is perfect, but we can strive for it as best as we can.

The majority of KatsuDeku shippers focus on Katsuki making amends, and growing past whatever beastly guise he buried “who he really is” under. I think I speak for most of the KatsuDeku shippers when I say we only want Izuku to get through to him, and for Katsuki to recognize himself, his wrongdoings, and fucking apologize. Most fics are all about redemption, or placed in a setting where it’s already happened. I mean, yes, there’s darker fics, every pairing has those, and it may just seem a little more intense given their past with each other, but really, with KatsuDeku…. I get the feeling a lot of us just really want that witty romcom pairing where they kind of piss each other off, but come together to save the world in the end kinda deal. If it was 2005 or something, we could be having this conversation about Naruto and Sasuke or something, who beat the ever loving shit out of each other, yet still had this deep rooted connected between them (that usually translated to each other through fists and screams, like jesus christ LOL).

Katsuki is also filled with passion and drive, and I think he’s more than a little above average on the attractive meter, so there are those fics where it’s purely them, realizing they can rock each other’s world…


I think we all see Katsuki’s insecurity, and want Izuku to continue to try and ease it- but we also don’t want him to be walked all over. We know Katsuki is a nugget of dickcheese. But this kid has also been publicly humiliated in the sports festival, beaten at every aspect of who he is- or what he was suppose to be, taunted and berated by his teachers and peers (which has never been happened before), captured and made to feel helpless, denied of even getting a hero’s training license (so failing at the bare minimum of what he should be doing), and Izuku can understand those feelings more than anyone else i’m sure. Izuku is a fucking VIP in those departments, or at least he was in the past. Katsuki is experiencing what Izuku has gone through, though in different aspects and situations, and Izuku could probably relate on eleven personal levels.

Katsuki and Izuku have history, and share a lot more in common than either of them would like to admit. They arguably have one of the deepest and most complex relationships in the series, and there’s so much more to them than “the bully and the victim.” They share pain and experiences, and though Izuku’s was majorly inflicted by Katsuki, he’s a big enough person to work past that, and be there if Katsuki so happens to work past his own issues. Izuku’s a strong willed motherfucker, and he’s the only thing that Katsuki Bakugou has never truly broken. If Katsuki could see that, and how despite himself, he’s used Izuku as his strength and drive to keep going, they could be unstoppable side by side.

I’d like to see what they could possibly be if Katsuki can manage grow as a person, which he is slowly, but steadily accomplishing. We just want Katsuki to say he’s fucking sorry, and listen to Izuku instead of getting his programmed prejudices, persistent, and intrusive, selfish desires, his need to excel, and pride in the way.

Izuku is strong, and more than capable of taking care of himself now. He’s made it clear he’s done being bullied, and is more than happy to go head to head with Katsuki to be his equal, though it’s kind of clear Katsuki may have seen him as such from the beginning. Still, he’s always reaching out to Katsuki, trying to raise him up despite his aversion to receiving support, and his determination to be on his own- and be number one. That’s the kind of strength one can only muster if they really care about someone I think.

With all that being said, you also asked me why i saw this relationship as healthy. Their current relationship… is not exactly healthy, but more dysfunctional than anything. There isn’t anything “healthy” about their past relationship at all, but now, I think Izuku is capable of pulling his weight. Some good rivalry never hurt anyone in these sorts of animes. This is also fiction. What I see as alright in fictional relationships does not reflect what I think is alright for a real relationship. There needs to be a firm line between fictional relationships and real relationships. Some are easier to establish than others, and it varies in difficulty from person to person.

If I saw two people interacting as Izuku and Katsuki do now, while knowing about their strength and how they butt heads on fairly equal grounds, I probably wouldn’t interfere. People are allowed to fight. People are allowed to argue, but hey, they’re pretty much on equal fighting terms.

If I saw them interacting like they did in middle school, I would be on that so fast, their heads would spin.

Perhaps I’m a bit desensitized or jaded when it comes to subjects like these simply because I’ve experienced some pretty extreme forms of abuse… but when I think of KatsuDeku, I can only hope for the best. KatsuDeku is easy for me to establish as fictional, and even if it wasn’t, where both the boys are now, I think they can handle each other. Their relationship isn’t so abusive currently that red flags start to fly.

Ever heard of Killing Stalking? Red flags there for me personally. Now, that shit straight up (and I don’t use this word lightly because some people just over use it to the point of giving it no meaning and now it’s just a joke to me) triggered me, because before I knew it, I was crying all over myself and having a panic attack, and flash backs, and all that lovely stuff. But it’s fiction. I recognized it as such, and acknowledged that people are allowed to like it, and read it it, draw it, ship it, w/e they want, because chances are they’re aware that this isn’t how a regular couple should function. This isn’t me saying “It’s not bad enough abuse for me to dislike it, because look what it COULD BE” when it comes to our aspiring heros, it’s just…. Izuku isn’t some helpless little kid, and I very much want him to prove that. He’s not a victim anymore.

KatsuDeku isn’t the best of relationships right now, but it’s certainly not the worst, and has a lot of potential to grow and shape into something. Canonly; more than likely they’ll just become friends, because everything is very hetero-normative in japan, though there’s room for a lot more than friendship. They’ve exposed themselves on so many levels that I think they would be even closer because of their past. Concerning fan works; a shit ton of material to play off of here. A pretty interesting date or two lies in store there, lol.

I’m sorry if I didn’t correctly answer your question, or if I made no sense, or rambled, or left things out that were in my thoughts and didn’t quite make it into my… lengthy response here. If I ever came off rude up there, that was not my intention, and was just trying to explain!

Thank you for your question! My sympathies to your past bullying experience, and i’m glad you no longer have to deal with that ;A;

If i wasn’t clear on anything, or should clarify, don’t hesitate to ask!

Have a lovely day!

After months of planning, here she is, my first OC, Liz WinterBun ^-^
Some time ago, my cousin and I were drawing together, and he asked me: “If you lived in Zootopia, what animal would you be and where would you work?” So he give me the idea of creating my first OC. What is my favorite animal? Yes arctic hare! Where do I want to work? Yes ZPD!! She is exactly what I would like to be if I lived in Zootopia.
Her name also has meaning. Liz is one of my favorite flowers and represents honor and loyalty. WinterBun means snow bunny (and winter is my favorite season). Well, a few weeks ago another artist posted here her fursona with the name WinterBun. But I want to make it clear that my art isn’t a plagiarism!!! I gave this name to my OC 5 months ago so that’s just a coincidence!

Aaaand my dear and amazing sis @andyourteeth also collaborated with me! She gave life to Liz with her wonderful art. Thank you so much Katie, you rock!

Liz WinterBun works at ZPD’s laboratory analysis and criminal investigation. She’s a classic wildehopps shipper! XD

She is about 26 years old, is a little taller and leaner than Judy, her ears are more pointed and her eyes are a mix of violet and blue, remembering the universe. She is sweet, intelligent and friendly, excited and determined, always willing to help!
I can see Liz and Judy as great friends! (And I have several plans for them)…

I’ll soon post more on Liz WinterBun. So what did you think of her?

Hope you liked, my dears <3

Special thanks to @andyourteeth (love you my dear sis <3)

The Whole You

This is how the proposal last night should have happened. Killian is able to confess to Emma and he is shocked by the way she responds.

I fixed it! Ignore the last scene of last night episode and just read this! Kidding of course… After lasts night episode I just had to get this out! Maybe this can give you some comfort over the next week until this can be resolved. Hang in there shippers!

You can find more of my work here:

“Emma, before I ask you, there is something I have to tell you. And I’m afraid that it may change your answer,” Killian admitted, not able to look her in the eyes. Emma cupped his face with hands with a deep concern.

“Whatever it is, we can work through it. We always do” She whispered. “This time is different, love. I don’t know if you will want to be in the same room with me after this let alone spend the rest of your life with me,” Hook explained, tears forming in his deep blue eyes.

“What you’re afraid of telling me, was it recent or in the past?” She questioned, worry wrenched her heart. She felt helpless watching the man she loved battling the pain and guilt he clearly possessed. “The past,” Killian replied, finally looking her in the eyes.

“When I fell in love with you, I fell in love with the whole you. Not just parts of who you are. That means your past too. I know you’ve done things you regret. We both have, but nothing you say will change the fact that I love you,” Emma admitted, as she felt wet tears streaming down her cheeks. She stepped closer to him, placing a tender kiss on his forehead.

“You can tell me anything, Killian,” She choked out. “This is weighing on your heart. Let me help with the load,” His vision was blurry from all crying, but it didn’t matter. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. He didn’t deserve her, or her love. He took a deep breath, focusing on his true love in front of him.

“A few days ago your father asked me to help track down the man who killed his father. He had found out that he wasn’t killed in an accident, but he was murdered. I wanted to prove to him that I was wasn’t just a pirate. I wanted him to see me as more than that, as someone worthy of you, so I agreed to help him,” Killian began, fighting back that prickling feeling in the corner of his eyes again. Emma just simply listened, never saying a word.

“We discovered that King George ordered his death. He was fueled with vengeance, something that I understood. I didn’t want him the make the same mistakes that I often did. I was able to stop him from doing anything he would have regretted, but earlier that day we went to August for some help. He said he ripped out some old storybook pages that might be of some assistance. And on my way home that night he saw me walking and gave me the pages to give to David,” Hook took a pregnant pause. That when he finally broke down. Emma reached out, holding his hand and gave him an encouraging nod.

“The second I saw the pages I knew. It was me,” Killian finished in almost a whisper. It was the first time he had said it out loud. “What was you, Killian?” She questioned still holding his hand tight. “I killed him,” Hook cried out. It took Emma a few moments for it to really sink in. Her true love killed her grandfather, but that wasn’t her true love that did that, not her Killian. Emma knew she had to respond fast. She did the only thing she could think of in a state of shock. Moving in she pulled him in close, wrapping her arms around him.

He fell apart in her arms, whispering that he’s sorry into her hair. Emma’s heart sank, but not for the reason she thought it would. They needed some time to talk, to think, and to cry, and the doorway was no place for it. “Come here,” Emma pleaded reaching for his shaking hand. She slowly pulled him up the stairs to their room and gestured towards the bed.

Killian expected her to walk out the door or maybe even make him leave for the horrible thing he had done. But here she was showing him compassion and love that he truly didn’t deserve. They both sat down on the bed in silence until Emma broke it, “I forgive you.” It only made Hook cry harder.

“How can you do that?” He replied between sobs. “Do what?” She implored, lacing her hand with his.”Forgive me, after all I have done. I have done countless unspeakable things in my life. I’ve killed, stole, and lied. I don’t deserve your love,” Killian wept.

Emma could see that this was bigger than the death of her grandfather. He still wasn’t able to forgive himself for all his past sins. “Killian, don’t you get it? Before I met you, I was miserable. Every person I ever had in my life left me. I trusted and loved no one, but the second I met you that changed. You were the only person in my life that put me first. You’ve loved me unconditionally, you’ve stood by my side, and you make me feel treasured everyday. I wake up every morning hoping I can make you feel even half as loved as you make me feel. You’re not only my partner, but you’re my best friend. And if you think I would just walk away from everything we have just because of something in your past, then I’ve failed you,” Emma ranted wiping the tears from her lover’s eyes forgetting the ones streaming down her face.

“You could never fail me, Swan,” Killian vowed, as she leaned in placing a tender kiss upon his lips. “I love you. Now please asked me, pirate,” Emma giggled, resting her forehead on his. He took the ring that was resting him her hand, and sank to the ground on one knee. His face was still wet from all the crying and his hair was going every which direction, but now his face looked happy and his heart was lighter. She was still sitting on the bed when he took her hand.

“Emma Swan, will you do me the greatest honor of becoming my wife, making me the happiest man in all the realms?” He smiled, blushing from head to toe. “Yes, yes, yes,” She beamed, kissing everywhere her lips could reach. “I love you,” Hook confessed, holding her tight. “I love you too,” She replied into the crook of his neck.

She knew the circumstances weren’t ideal, but it didn’t matter. They were stronger because of it, and twenty or fifty years from now when they tell their kids and their grandchildren how Killian proposed, it will be nothing short of perfect, because it will be the story of them and their love.

bitchwat  asked:

So after reading your post on TouKen, I went and read the new chapter and just...died. I love Kaneki, so I hope to god things work for him, but DAMMIT I miss Hide :C

Yeah i heard about it (i havent read tokyo ghoul in a few months so im a bit behind) and im just super disappointed that it went there. I honestly dont think theyre right for each other… Touka has too much control in the relationship and I feel like Kaneki would never be able to actually talk to her heart-to-heart without fear of her reacting negatively to him. I get that they might lust for each other maybe but i couldnt see a touken relationship sustaining past a few months. Without Kanekis mental illnesses their personalities repell each other and with the mental illnesses i dont think Touka is capable of giving him the right kind of support. It my eyes their relationship wouldnt work out and i always thought this series took such dynamics seriously. I guess we’ll just have to see where it goes after this.

I didn’t want any tokyo ghoul romance :/ oh well, i can’t help but feel like Touka is about to die and send Kaneki on yet another downwards spiral. I feel like touken shippers are celebrating too early and are likely to get their feelings hurt. This is tokyo ghoul after all. When does anything good last?

There’s Always Tomorrow

Requested by @beakaleak for my Follower Appreciation Day Random Drabbles from the 100 Kinks List. #81 - Drunk Sex

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Professor Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 1074

Warnings: explicit language, nsfw, explicit sexual content, smut, drunk!Dean

Author’s Note: Let’s just say, drunk sex doesn’t always work out. :-)

Tagging: @aprofoundbondwithdean @jensennjared @mrswhozeewhatsis @the-mrs-deanwinchester @official-shipper @balthazars-muse @brooklyn-writes-flangst @climbthatmooselikeatree @mamapeterson @rizlow1 @eyes-of-a-disney-princess @winchesterenthusiast @salvachester @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @fingersinsamshair

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anonymous asked:

OH MY GOD! That ch 81 spoiler! We already thought that Levi might have decided to use the serum on Erwin but REALLY? Mr. Isayama? It's so amazing. I can't take my eyes off the last panel. That desperate expression on Levi's face! I'm crying. And Levi defeated the beast titan indeed. Erwin's plans always work with Levi. Team Eruri is invincible. Blessed are the eruri shippers. *ugly sob* Thank you so much for this translation! I can't wait until next month XD

I KNOW, I’m having the most surreal feeling right now! Just when I wrote this post a few days ago about the canonicity of Eruri, and how a lot of us legit think Isayama might be implying that Levi has romantic feelings for Erwin, we suddenly get these spoilers?? And it supports this idea so strongly?? 

Like, Levi genuinely looks like he’s in love in this chapter. The Erwin in his mind is smiling so gently like fucking Prince Charming or something. Is that how Levi sees Erwin? Is that what he sees whenever he looks at his commander?

I don’t know, man. Isayama is just… getting out of control with his eruri agenda. And it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Top 11 Most Annoying ANH Arguments

(from my perspective) because I like to go one step beyond.

So yeah I’ve wanted to make this thing for a while now as a sort of collection of the most annoying arguments against NH that I’ve seen. Now I’m not a person who goes into the ANH tag and wants to complain about it, this is coming from crosstaggers and anons that I’ve seen a lot of people get. What I mean by annoying is that these arguments are both horribly overused and have pretty much been proven wrong by logic. The point of making this list is maybe to show ANH we’ve heard this all before. What’s being said isn’t original or thought provoking, it’s an annoyance we try to scroll past as fast as we can when we’re in the pro-tag. Also I kind of made this to hopefully be entertaining for NH shippers to read as nothing serious or analytical ^^ (warning: some pro-sasusaku )



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anonymous asked:

215 was so unexpected and well written. Being the die-hard clexa shipper that I am [and always will be], I'm actually bawling my eyes out right now. THAT WAS WORSE THAN KILLING LEXA OFF. Is all hope of clexa gone? I just need to know!

First, your compliments are appreciated. I will pass them along to aaronginsburg, kimshum, sugarjonze and the rest of the staff (but particularly Aaron and Wade who wrote the episode). The writers worked for WEEKS to figure out the finale, day after day talking through each character, what they would do, what they would think. how they would feel, what made sense, what didn’t make sense…at times, it felt like they’d never crack it. But, they did. And, wow what a twist, right?

To your question – ‘Is all hope of clexa gone?’ Well, I don’t know. Let’s think about it…

First, what does Clarke think? She’s obviously hurt by Lexa’s actions. I mean, that is some betrayal right there. BUT, would she hate Lexa for it? She’s spent days with Lexa and understands her more than probably anyone else in the world. They see eye to eye on doing what’s best for the people, even if the cost is terrible.

It’s my opinion (which should be taken for what it’s worth, which is, not much) that Clarke will eventually understand what Lexa did and maybe even forgive it. I think it would take A LOT to forgive her, but I think it’s possible.

Just toss it on the growing pile of 'things Clarke will have to sort through emotionally when this is all over’