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[AO3] TodoDeku fanfic recommendations / Part.2

Hi, i’m back with a Part 2 of this post because those two deserve more love and fanfiction give us so many possibilities.

Smut/ lemon or very suggestive situations are rated M (just to be sure) 

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anonymous asked:

ive always appreciated ur fandom discussions, but in this case, ur defense of the sup*rcorp fandom is misplaced. what the sup*rgirl cast did was unprofessional but u aren’t around 2 see how that fandom behaves. they aren’t ‘passionate’ theyr obsessive & terrifying. they’ve been harassing cast, writers, crew & press all season. its not advocacy its throwing a tantrum with threats & slurs. this isn't a response to ppl just shipping. the cast had no prob w/sup*rcat last year. what changed was fans

Do you really believe that your dislike for a ship fandom changes the narrative of my thread?

Are you trying to convince me that because certain people in a fandom are obnoxious that the mockery and ignorance being displayed in that video towards a non-canon queer ship is valid?

That the few people in that fandom who don’t know how to respect the line between fandom and actors means the entirety of that fandom (including the quiet folks, the folks who keep to themselves, the folks who freely share their art/stories, and the folks who are respectful despite whether or not you’ve witnessed that respect) is abusive?

Are you really going to sit here and tell me what I do and do not know about the pervasiveness of bullying and abuse across fandoms, both shipping and non?

“U aren’t around 2 see how that fandom behaves”?

Oh really? Please, tell me more about what I do and do not see.

Do you think that because I do not actively participate in a fandom or ship that I am ignorant to the dialogue that’s happening within it? Is my not ranting about something evidence that I know nothing about it?

You don’t know me as well as you think you know me if you thought you were coming into my Asks with real intel. I’ve been in fandom for over two decades, my friend. I shipped the OG non-canon relationship that set sail to the abbreviated word SHIP when it was still airing live, Friday nights at 9PM on FOX.

I know how fandom works. I know how fandom has changed. I have watched it change for more than twenty years.

If you think I don’t see folks crossing the line, throwing fits, invading people’s privacy, then you haven’t been paying that much attention. If you think that a Black woman in queer fandom has never seen a threat or a slur, the ignorance here is yours, not mine.

I’m glad you have appreciated my discussions in fandom until now but in this case, you’re allowing your personal bias against a ship overwhelm a very real and necessary discussion that I willing to have with or without your anonymous support.

This isn’t just about Supercorp. It’s about folks in entertainment not knowing how to interact with and within fandom. It’s about folks in entertainment constantly praising canon het ships (whose fandoms are just as if not more abusive for their pervasive homophobia) while sidelining, making a mockery of, and belittling queer ships.

It’s about people who want to call themselves allies, cite all their “gay” friends, and hashtag “Love Is Love” in June… but can’t see how their mockery of a subtext queer ship and a fandom full of queer folks perpetuates harm against queer ships and the very real queer people who enjoy them. Very real queer people, some whose only affirmation comes in the form of interactions with queer fandom.

Somehow Katie McGrath still manages to interact with this fandom just fine. (I see that often, do you see it?) Somehow, I know plenty of decent people in the Supercorp fandom, do you know them?

In your mind, this is the one and only ship in the whole entire entertainment world that has abusive people in it but no, I’m the one out of bounds?

Look, I’m going to tell you something. You can take it or leave it. I suggest you write it down.

Some people are just fucking rude.

Some people don’t know or care to respect boundaries.

Some people are stalkers, unabashedly.

Some people are racist.

And some people have the nerve to come into another person’s asks, presuming to know what that person does and does not know about fandom, while trying to silence their concerns based on something as ridiculous and inconsequential as a ship bias.

These people exist in all facets of our lives. They are everywhere. In everything. They even like the same things we like.

That doesn’t mean they have to represent us.

Your bias against Supercorp is not more important this conversation. I truly and honestly don’t give a fuck what you think about that fandom. I don’t give a fuck about shipping wars, period.

Queer folks are being made a mockery of and for some reason, in your mind, the existence of loud and heinous folks in a fandom is supposed to negate the validity of my concerns about how unprofessional and homophobic a show’s entire cast has presented itself to be?

Never mind my concerns about het fandoms using that mockery to further bully queer fandoms. Literally your only concern in this matter is that I have something to say about a show’s cast making a mockery of queer ships because YOU, center of the goddamn universe, have an issue with Supercorp?

I’m afraid this is one more discussion that you are not going to agree with me on, my friend. Because trust me when I say, I sure as fuck don’t give a shit what you think about what I have to say or which queer fandom is worthy of benefiting from it.

You can keep these trash ship war thoughts to your goddamn self.

anonymous asked:

What Pokemon characters of yours do u ship?

Wylie and Jinjo are not mine, they belong to @teeterglance and @ecstaticshli, respectively c:

also, let it be known that just because i ship it does not mean it is or will be canon in my stories. Case in point, Britty and Gengar.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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