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Sherlock : [In a crowd and can’t find Jim] This calls for drastic measures.

Sherlock : [uses hands like a megaphone] IS THAT SHERLOCK AND MOLLY KISSING?!

Jim : [appears out of nowhere] what whAT ATLEAST ONE OF THEM WAS SUPPOSED TO END UP WITH ME

Sherlock : [blinks] wait a moment

Molly : [In the background] did he just say atleast one?


Bellarke & Fitzsimmons | Parallels

by Ilovehertjes

  • Nora : *holding up shirts that say 'If lost return to Ren' and 'I'm Ren.'* Pleeeease!!
  • Ren : You want to wear these while in Vale?
  • Nora : *nods*
  • Ren : Okay. But first let me do something.
  • Nora : *confused*
  • Ren : *writes on the shirt, it now says 'If lost return to Ren immediately, I miss her.'
  • Ren : *small smile* Wouldn't want you to be on your own now would we.
  • Nora : *big ol blushy flustered mess*
  • Nora : *screams*

i described the gotham scene to my bf, without using any names ofc because i’ve already gushed again and again about how much i love my ship and i wanted an unbiased opinion on whether or not it was super gay–basically described it as a dude killed his best friend, takes hallucinogens in order to see him and talk to him b/c he misses him, and then hallucinates his dead best friend singing rather seductively to him

and he said it sounded very, very gay

Written Ship 💖

Hi love! 💕 I absolutely adore your blog!! May I have a ship with BTS and Got7 please? I’m an Aquarius and my personality type is INFJ which means I’m sensitive, caring, and passionate. My friends see me as altruistic, loyal and kindhearted. People may think I’m shy but once they get to know me I can get pretty weird and crazy. I love skin ship and cuddling. My hobbies include listening to music, doing makeup and creating things. Animals (ESPECIALLY DOGS) and children make me super happy! I’m an open minded person who loves traveling and exploring different places. I’m always up for trying new things and new experiences! Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope you have a lovely day filled with smiles, positivity and lots of kpop. 💖 사랑해~

@irresistible-paradise Thank you for the love and support, I hope your day is just as brilliant <3 나도사랑해~

In BTS I ship you with V. I think he would adore your INFJ personality and really care for you back. The weird and crazy side of you he would get to know and love as he is pretty similar and you could get weird and crazy together :D He would love to snuggle up with you and give you all the skinship you deserve. He would actively listen to music with you and love watching you put on your make up and getting creative. Your love for dogs and children is something that you and V share and he would be able to be extremely happy watching you interact with either children or animals. Exploring different places with V would be so much fun and your open minded views would help V understand more of the world, you would be able to experience so many new things together. You would both be very cute together :D

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In Got7 i ship you with Jackson. He would adore how passionate and caring you are, he would also give you so much love back. Both of your weird and crazy sides would blend well together and be something exciting and fun to see.He would highly appreciate your loyalty and give you the same back. He would give you all the skinship requirements you need and make you feel like the happiest girl on earth, especially with the warm cuddles :). Seeing you be so happy when with animals and children would make him think about your life together and he’d want to enjoy his time with you now, by travelling and seeing the world with you, experiencing those new things and making many fond memories together, and later think about how he can spend the rest of his life with you <3

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I hope you enjoyed it :)

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THIS ONE IS BASICALLY THE SAME AS THE PERMANENT STARTER CALL. okay! so basically, by clicking that little heart, you give me permission to tag you in any sort of SHIPPY starters (short, para, text, one-liners) as well as send you random SHIPPY memes (could be old memes on your blog or something that’s on the dash that i see and just want to send to your muse. i’ll try to let you know what meme it was from if it’s not one you’ve reblogged, unless it’s a random SHIPPY sentence - i’ll just send random SHIPPY sentences randomly xD). it also gives me permission to throw SHIPPY  things at you in different verse (ie. my modern au verse) so that there is more diversity on my/our blogs.

This is basically an ice breaker for people who want to ship with my muse. Gender aside! Bucky is diverse! Give him love (babe fucking deserves it after the fucking shit he’s been through and going through and don’t let me start! just love my child. pet his hair. hug him tightly. let him cook you breakfast. let him wear ten million sweaters when its the middle of winter despite his serum because he h.a.t.e.s. the fucking cold.

SIDE BLOGS: please comment via replies what your URL is for your side blog. DO NOT REBLOG. Thanks!

HERE is my regular permanent starter call for those interested in non-shippy things because even if you don’t want to ship our muses, i still want to interact with you!

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Guess who has two thumbs and is using one to scroll through your blog and the other to further damn herself to ship hell by reading Jeronica fics.... Seriously. Guess.

oh my gosh i love yall!!!

“Dude, you’re crushing on Keith? I heard from someone that he’s ace.”
“Yeah, he is. Isn’t that amazing? He’s so wonderful and he loves aliens, too.”

Because Ace Keith who loves to read is my jam. /o/ Redbubble