my ship has been going three months

Discrimination gets you nowhere, except bankruptcy.

This is gonna be a long post. Get comfy.

So within the last year or so I made a bunch of life altering decisions.
One of those was moving to another side of the country after being offered a job at a company in the state I wanted to live in. My boss, we’ll call him Brandon, had known me for a while (I work in an industry where most people know each other and the key players) and had offered me a job knowing my criteria and many other things. I was well qualified for the job he has hired me for.

So I move across country and I begin working. This company has a main office and a supplying warehouse, the supplying warehouse was where I worked. No manufacturing done here, just supporting parts for the main office. Within a month the owner of the company, Viet, shows up at the office looking for my boss. (The main company is about 8 or 9 hours away so this was a long drive and the owner never came down to the warehouse, not since it opened originally 7 years go). My boss isn’t there (he usually isn’t and doesn’t need to be because I can handle it and he lives up the road if I need him). Viet immediately begins yelling at me. He never once speaks to me. He yells at me the whole time he is communicating with me. Berating me on the fact I need to take inventory because fiscal year is about to be up and that I need to maintain the warehouse and had I ever done this before. He gave me the third degree and treated me like an idiot. Meanwhile I had texted Brandon and he showed up and Viet changed his tune completely. At that point he didn’t even speak to me at all. Didn’t even make eye contact. The two of them chatted and then Viet left.

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every step of the way | pt. 1

Word Count: 508

Warnings: None

Summary: Cassian is missing Reader lately and starts to take some moments to remember their shared times, all while getting familiar with the people in his new somewhat team of his. Takes place before and during the events of Rogue One. 

Notes: Eeeep! So, this has been sitting in my drafts for like a month and I finally found the courage to post it. The series is definitely going to be multiple parts, I’m planning on 7-8 chapters, but, we’ll see! Also, HUGE, HUGE THANK YOU to actual angel, Aub aka @warqueenfuriosa for helping me out with this! 


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Okay here’s the thing...

Firstly, I want to thank all of you for the support I’ve been getting in my inbox.

The past two months or so has been tough on me emotionally and creatively. I’ve been going to therapy since January and I’ve been on medicine for three weeks now. The effects of both have left me kind of…my emotions and thoughts are all over the place. My therapist and the nurse practitioner have told me this will happen until my body and…mind really…gets used to the two medications I’m on. And it’s just left me with random bursts of motivation to write but NO creative thinking…at all really.

So, I definitely appreciate the love and kindness and support I have been getting in my inbox.

Secondly, no matter how long it takes me to get back to writing I will NOT be giving up on this blog. I have worked WAY too hard to throw in the towel now. It’s my hope to have this blog even after the series wraps up season 8 and hopefully with whatever spin off that comes along I’ll be able to write for that as well.

Thirdly, there are about 19 or so ships in my inbox. I PROMISE I will get to them. I just don’t want to give you a name and post it. I like the explanation of why I chose that character and so I need to wait until I have motivation and the creative drive to do so. I appreciate that no one has come into my inbox demanding for there’s to be answered. It’s really nice to have followers who are truly respectful and understanding. I don’t think you understand how much that means to me; especially as of late.

So, thank you all so much and I hope when I get back to writing that you all enjoy the content.

~ Angie <3 <3

anonymous asked:

If requests are still on can you do one where one of the boys walk in on hayes and y/n making out and feeling each other up

My hands tangled into Hayes’ hair as He laid on top of me, one hand on my waist and one hand next to my face to hold himself up. “Hayes, the boys are going to come back any minute, we need to stop.” I said, the boys didn’t know we were dating. If they were to walk in on us kissing, we’d never hear the end of it. Especially since we’re the youngest of our group of friends. “Can I at least have another kiss?” He pouted as he sat up and pulled me into his lap. “I guess.” I smiled, leaning forward to connect our lips again. “The fuck?” Spoke Cameron as he laughed, Nash and the Jacks following behind him. “Awe! Baby Grier has grown up!” Spoke Gilinsky. The four older boys laughed as we stared at them, our cheeks heating up as we blushed. “Guys! Shut up! It isn’t what you think!” I said. “So you aren’t sitting in my baby brother’s lap, kissing him?” Nash laughed. “Why didn’t you just tell us you two were together?” They calmed down and we all sat down, this time I wasn’t in Hayes lap. “Literally this reason.” Hayes said. “We didn’t want you all to tease us.” I said. “How long has it been going on?” Cameron asked. “Almost three months.” Said Hayes. “Our babies are so mature now!” Johnson tackled Hayes in a hug, bringing me down with them. “This is why we didn’t tell you!” We laughed as we got up, Hayes wrapping his arm around my shoulders and taking my hand with his free hand, rubbing shapes gently into it. “I ship it!” Shouted Cameron. “OTP!" 

On the twelfth day of Digimon, 
Gennai sent to me 
Twelve Chosen Children,
Eleven-Year-Old Tai, 
Ten of Mimi’s outfits, 
Nine awesome fanfictions, 
Eight grown up Digidestined, 
Seven episodes where I cried, 
Six months to go, 
Four Teenage Wolves songs, 
Three digi-girls, 
Two canon ships  
And Adventure Tri for you and me!