my ship actually has a basis

expensive headphones masterpost

if it was unclear about the reason that i ship expensive headphones then here’s all of it…in one post

first of all, it’s very likely that the “get well soon” bear was given to rich by michael. ive heard around that it’s also possible that jake gave him this (and while i still accept this too), its also entirely possible that michael did.

its not out of the question that michael definitely had been visiting rich at the hospital “like, a ton,” in richs own words

and while rich does ask about jeremy and michaels relationship in the very same line, its also possible that rich had/has a crush on michael

this assumption is made because well, rich would probably ask michael to prom, as said by joe tracz himself

he answered this to the question “between michael and jeremy, who would ask who to prom” (from what i remember, this was the basis of the question):

i know its not as much evidence as boyf riends and richjake but like,, lemme dream,,,

also??? dont send ship hate to my inbox (though i really doubt it because this fandom is actually as chill as its name tbh), im not trying to hate on boyf riends or richjake and quite frankly, i love both ships as well !!!

i hope this satisfies some expensive headphones shippers,,,

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He wasn't fazed by Sakura getting warped into another dimension because he knows his wife is competent enough to handle herself. And are you seriously going to compare that to Naruto getting stabbed (where it obviously looks more life threatening than Sakura's case)? You SNS fujoshis always absolve your gay ship of it's glaring flaws, but never neglect to mention how abusive SS apparently is. Newsflash: your ship is bad, if not worse than SS. And at least I can acknowledge the flaws with SS.

Sasuke himself has had to save her plenty of times. He can’t be sure of her safety. AT ALL. Either way, if he really loved her as much as you claim…he would have been seriously worried. 

You seriously think this had literally ANY chance of KILLING NARUTO??? Naruto himself had no reaction but a frown, that’s it. It didn’t pierce his heart, lungs, neck, etc. You know, places where he might actually be at any serious risk. That would not kill even a normal person and this is Naruto, for fuck’s sake. Sasuke knows that Naruto has survived MUCH worse, before he even went through puberty. Sakura was in a much more dangerous position. They could have easily killed her, before help arrived. 

As expected, you want to call me a fujoshi but don’t even really know what that means. If that was the case, my blog would be full of porn and there’s no way I would make an actual analysis post. Actually, I’ve made TONS of analysis posts. That’s why I made this blog, to prove you fools wrong. Still, you’re all a bunch of children and don’t know how to make a decent argument…so, you resort to insults that have no basis in reality. From what I’ve seen, the SS shippers are much more fixated on sex. Whenever I’ve had the displeasure of looking at one of your blogs, I’ve found NSFW content within a few scrolls. 

ANYWAY, when have I ever denied that SNS has flaws?? Obviously, I’m aware. However, SNS has infinitely more material that supports it than the dumpster fire that is SS. Sasunaru has mutual feelings, if nothing else. I base my ship on silly things like their actual compatibility, as well as statements and actions toward each other. I know that’s an unfamiliar concept, for you. 

I will never let anyone who thinks this ship makes even a shred of sense tell me that my ship is worse and illogical. SS is literally the most nonsensical, toxic, charmless, dysfunctional GARBAGE that has ever cursed my eyes. 

Sasuke has made it abundantly clear who is more important to him and it isn’t Sakura. Think again before you hit my inbox with this dumb shit. 

The Difference Between Zuko and Aang IMO

Let me preface this by saying that I do not hate Aang and I’m not shitting on him to support my ship. This is merely my observation so if you don’t like it, fair enough. 

But anyway, this is not actually revolutionary. There are far better meta writers in the fandom who have touched on this but it’s in my head and I wanted to write it out. 

Zuko has grown up with men and women who see power as something to revere and exploit and use to intimidate and conquer other people. It’s practically the basis of Fire Nation culture. Those who can firebend are more well-respected and elevated than those who cannot. Power is what drives the Fire Nation but also what corrupts it. He’s seen firsthand how power can be exploited and how it can warp a person’s mind a la his father, Azula, Zhao, etc. It’s not like Zuko is indifferent to this culture either. He wants power just as much but he’s also motivated by his need to belong, to feel loved and by his sense of honour to his family and nation. He wants power because he thinks it can give him that. 

When Zuko sees the height of Katara’s power on their journey to face Yon Rha, he sees just how frightening she truly can be. From the bloodbending to the rain scene, Zuko can see just how powerful she is but he also sees restraint. She has every right to kill that man in his eyes and he wouldn’t stand in her way if she chose to because he understands her reasoning, but I think what’s awe-inspiring to him is her restraint. She has power, unimaginable power, and she chose to hold herself back even though she was still just as angry and hurt as she was at the start. Zuko respects her for it.

While Aang, on the other hand, doesn’t even attempt to really understand where Katara is coming from with regards to her mother and finding the man who killed her. Throughout the seasons, he never once asks her, never once has a heart to heart with her where the focus was on Katara and not him. He acts morally superior to her, judges her for it and doesn’t offer any support. It’s because he can’t fathom a Katara who would go to such lengths because the Katara he has built in his mind lives in a glass palace on a pedestal. She’s his guardian angel, who is always there for him when he needs her. What she is, in fact, is a term coined in 19th century British literature as the ‘Angel of the House’. It’s used to refer to female characters who are there as a plot device to offer redemption and healing to the man who has been ‘corrupted’ in the colonies. She’s merely a tool and not an equal. Considering how Katara ends up in the comics and LoK, this is basically what they reduced her to, and that’s some kind of messed up, considering this is not 19th century Britain. 

– whereas Zuko respects her as his equal, probably even more than his equal in fairness considering how little he sees himself, but he doesn’t romanticise Katara. She is flawed and I honestly believe that that’s what draws him to her in the first place. Before he joined the Gaang, he probably saw her as that annoying girl who seems to be just too perfect. I mean we all know that person that never seems to do anything wrong and is always so nice to everyone, who while we know it’s wrong to dislike them, we do anyways. Katara probably was that person for Zuko, so for him to see her flawed and morally conflicted like he is most of the time was probably what made him respect and like her even more. It’s the knowledge that even someone as good as Katara is susceptible to what ails all humans. 

Also, in all fairness to Aang, he’s not evil for feeling that way about Katara considering his age. I remember crushing on people at 12 and thinking they were the most perfect person in the entire damn world, repressing any sort of fault I saw in them. But you grow out of it. Unfortunately, the writers never let Aang grow out of it and they disregarded Katara’s feelings in the whole matter and reduced her into a trophy for the hero. 

I love how sn*wbarry could literally never happen. like even if one day westallen (for some unknown, out of character reason) broke up, Barry still wouldn’t date cait. because he’s not into her. Barry was single for a long time, and had dated girls that weren’t iris. those girls also weren’t Caitlin.
like iris and westallen aren’t what’s in the way of sn*wbarry, it’s the fact Barry literally does not have feelings for Caitlin.
that’s why it’s not a serious ship. like, people can ship it for sure, but they can’t pretend that Caitlin is actually Barry’s love interest in the show. she’s not. like, at all.

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You know that the popularity of coldflash fics grew mainly because of your and Crimson's fics,right? I think before those epics it WAS a rare paring, but after you both started posting the fandom grew exponentially and I think now that's one of the most popular pairings in the flash fandom. Thank you so much for writing

Thanks anon, this message was lovely! :)

As much as I love it though, me and @crimsondomingo can’t take too much credit (though I’m sure we’ll accept a little <333). And of course, we’ll share the credit with the dozens of other fantastic writers for this ship :) 

But beyond us, I think the pairing potential was/is totally there in canon and I know that tons of people hop onto the ship before ever realizing there’s fic for it haha. And it was partially more rare before I started writing because I started writing after 1x16 when the potential for them kind of exploded, thanks to Len learning Barry’s identity. There wasn’t near as much basis for writing before that, or for shipping (though I had read the existing 5-6 fics by that point…).

Actually, I think the follower count on this blog doubled after 1x22, and then doubled again after 2x03? Episodes with a lot of coldflash tension bring new shippers :3

Originally posted by bottomraypalmer

It’s exciting, though, and amazing nonetheless. Two and a bit years later and I’m still a little mind-boggled at how much my life has changed since I started writing fic and started this blog, and how this little canoe that I expected to ship with 5-20 other people has turned into a cruiseliner with thousands of shippers and fics? 

Thanks for being awesome, y’all.

TaiYama Week 2017 - Day 1

Write about when and why you like Taichi/Yamato.

Ahh, sorry for being a day late >_< but here we go!

My love for Digimon goes back to when I was in the 4th grade and the dub was airing on YTV (aging myself here but oh well XP), and even though Yamato has always been my favourite I didn’t actually ship TaiYama/Yamachi at the time. I didn’t really have a concept of shipping back then and, if I’m being honest, I was actually pretty ambivalent towards Taichi when I first watched Adventure and Adventure 02 so I’m not entirely sure that 10yo me would have shipped them either way.

Throughout middle school and high school my love for Digimon didn’t fade (hell, I used to rewatch the movie on a regular basis until my VHS player died - yes I am that old) but it did get kinda put on the backburner until I got to university and met @ebres and @celephainiansapphist. I remember we were talking about shows from our childhood, first ships and the like, and something in the back of my brain immediately went straight to Yamato and Taichi. And I started thinking about all of their scenes together, Our War Game, all the art and… it just made sense. Everything clicked into place, and it all made perfect sense.

I remember going home, looking up a bunch of Adventure episodes and just thinking “how the hell did I miss this??” It sounds weird, describing it now, but that’s honestly how it happened. I ended up rewatching a bunch of Adventure, 02 and that freakin movie and I was absolutely sold. 

I feel like TaiYama gets branded as a rivalry ship but I honestly don’t see that. Yeah, they bicker and try to best each other sometimes but there is just something about their dynamic that doesn’t quite fit with most other rivalry ships I’ve seen. With Taichi and Yamato, most of the time I feel like it’s more about them doing something with each other and less about it being against each other, if that makes sense? There is absolutely a degree of competitiveness to them, don’t get me wrong, but I never got the feeling that this was the core of their relationship.

And that sort of brings me to why I ship them. When I see Taichi and Yamato, the one thing that sticks out about them is how inherently drawn to each other they are. Even if they try to resist at first (I’m looking at you, early Adventure Yamato; and also you, Tri Taichi), they always come back to the middle, to each other, and they always, always come out stronger for it. Hell, Our War Game was basically a love letter to this exact thing. No matter how much distance is between them (physically or emotionally) they overcome it, usually with the help of the other one, and through the sheer will and strength of their bond are able to save the world. Multiple times. And that’s kind of a beautiful thing.

I feel like I’ve rambled a lot here, but this ship means a ton to me. It’s subtle, and it took a while for me to see it, but when I did it honestly just made me love both characters all the more. Yamato and Taichi are a pair to be reckoned with and each of their individual stories just doesn’t make sense without the other there. It’s the inherent bond between them, the way they always keep coming back to one another, the way they unquestionably allow themselves to be drawn towards the other and come together to form something unstoppable. And that’s the core of their relationship.

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Helga x Arnold


When I call these two my One True Pairing, I really mean they are my One True Pairing. I’ve shipped a lot of shit in my life, but none have stood the test of time as much as these two. Where other pairings lose my interest after weeks or months, these two have never failed to make me grin, and it’s not just because they look cute together. It’s not because Helga loves Arnold and I love Helga so obviously she HAS TO GET WITH THE GUY SHE LIKES. It’s not because I’m into any of the cliche ship slots they fit into - devil/angel, villain/hero, sweetheart/asshole, etc.. And it’s not because they’re the most popular pairing in the show, or even the most blatantly canon. There are a lot of reasons these two are popular, but the biggest one is simply this: chemistry.

I’ve tried shipping these two with other characters before, but none of the ships I’ve been able to think up or find fics for mesh as well as Arnold and Helga do with each other. One of the reasons HA! slapped me in the face as hard as it did and still holds my attention is because of my love of psychology and well-crafted characterization, and it’s honestly a little scary just how perfectly these two click in every way it’s possible to click. Heck, it’s even a running gag in the show that they’re soulmates - they run into each other (literally) on a regular basis, Arnold can actually hear Helga screaming for him even if it’s halfway across town (Downtown as Fruits, Arnold’s Halloween), and he gets this gnawing sense that something is wrong when Helga isn’t present (Buses, Bikes and Subways). I could literally write novels on all the reasons these two work so well together, but I’m gonna see if I can sum it up as best I can in a few paragraphs. 

As much as everyone always likes to go on about how these two are an Opposites Attract type of pairing, they actually have a lot of things in common, and I’m not just saying that they have similar interests (though this is true, and is one of the reasons they’re so great together). At their core, these two are actually almost the same person. Don’t get me wrong here, I do think it’s important for couples to have different viewpoints and personalities because otherwise they’d get bored with each other pretty quick (especially Arnold and Helga, because both of them have shown signs of NEEDING someone to challenge them–Arnold even once said that he loves a challenge), but it’s also important to have common ground and kinda be on each other’s level. These two are equals in every sense of the word, and it’s honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. 

Like, they both come from kinda crackpot families that drive them both nuts, and as a result have been forced to where they HAD to mature in order to get by. They have to solve their own problems, because they know no one else is going to. They love their families, but they can’t rely on them. Really, they act a lot more like teenagers or adults than nine-year-olds sometimes. They even get similar looks of “oh God I’m surrounded” on their faces whenever something stupid or crazy goes down. Like, to the point I think if they ever had a real, honest conversation with each other about junk, they’d agree on a lot of points. Arnold would obviously try to be nicer about it, but it’s pretty undeniable that he thinks a lot of the stuff Helga says. He laughs just as hard at Helga’s mean jokes as everybody else. I’m not saying he likes that Helga’s cruel, but I do think it’s on some level relieving to him that he’s not the only one who notices these things and gets exasperated by them. On kinda the opposite spectrum of this, though, they’re both bleeding hearts. I mean, Arnold’s obviously a lot more open about it, but we all know how soft Helga is underneath all her spikes. She cares just as much about stuff as Arnold does; she just doesn’t want to because a) it’s too painful for her, b) she just doesn’t think it’s smart, and c) she has a reputation she feels she has to uphold. As well, they’re both intelligent, stubborn, competitive, crazy artistic, leaders, daydreamers, romantics–I could go on and on about all the things these two have in common, but this paragraph’s gotten too long, blegh.

Basically, they are like the same person in a lot of ways and react similarly to things - they’ve just chosen to deal with those things differently. Buuuut it is true, nobody can deny, yes, they are in a lot of ways an Opposites Attract pairing. I think something a lot of people don’t quite get, however, is that some Opposites don’t mesh well at all. They just bounce off each other. It’s not as simple as two people who oppose each other equaling solemats5ever. These two are fine-tuned to be opposite in every way they need to be in order to be amazing together, which is really impressive and one of the things that make them so gosh-darned OTP to people. For example: Arnold is rigid and steady. Helga is childish and impulsive. Arnold is optimistic and moral. Helga is realistic and immoral. Arnold is selfless and kind. Helga is selfish and vicious. Arnold’s peaceful, Helga’s a warmonger. Arnold is quiet, Helga is loud. Arnold’s cool, Helga’s hot. Arnold’s rational, Helga’s paranoid. They really balance each other out, but at their core they’re still the same. They’re a perfect example of ying and yang to point to when you want to show just how well the concept works.

I mean, I’ve been shipping these two for almost six years, and my fascination with them hasn’t dwindled once. If there was a grade higher than an A+ that I could give them, I’d be complaining that there still needs to be a higher grade.

“Ichigo never loves Orihime! He calls her by her last name!”

You know that its a big deal when someone does not casually call a person with their first name. It actually suggests that it DOES mean that he actually considers their relationship as something very special, and prefers to take it slow and steady. In my opinion. IchiHime has the formal kind of romance. Its a relationship filled with full of respect and innocence. When I read this page, I just thought that how big of an impact Kubo gave even with a small touch ; from last to first name basis. I really found that endearing, and that made me like Ichigo’s familial personality even more.

I would like to take a moment to dispel some common misinformation this fandom has brewed by word of mouth, since now seems a good time;

  • “Yana stated/confirmed Grell was trans”. In fact, Grell is the one saying these things, no matter how seriously you take them. Yana has sad nothing to support it herself, and actually refers to Grell with neutral-masculine pronouns. This isn’t disputing Grell’s gender status, whatever you view it as, just the misconception that Yana said so. If you use this argument, you are using false facts.
  • “Undertaker’s real name is Adrian Crevan” Headcanon post that got out of control. NO CANON BASIS.
  • “Kuroshitsuji was originally a yaoi!” There is no source for this. No source. Never has been. Nowhere in any volume, or the character guide, or on Yana’s blogs, has it ever been said Kuro was originally a hardcore yaoi. Yana used to write yaoi, yes, but Kuro is a different story altogether, done under another name. It started with an idea about a manga with a perfect butler as the protagonist, and rolled from there. Not from a yaoi plot.

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What do you think about Tenshi and Yuuka's common fanon portrayals?

…But seriously, I think it’s unfortunate when good jokes cross the line into bad memes.  Fanon and memes are only bad when they work to prevent, rather than to promote, the appreciation of canon.  (Sorry, this turned into a pretentious essay on Touhou fanon in general.)

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A word to the long standing Bamonators

Those of us I like to call “The Originals”, those who have been sailing aboard the Bamon ship ever since season 1, when we were still deciding between calling our ship Donnie or Bamon. When each of us wondered if we were the only person in the universe to have caught the quite literal sparks between our two favs. Yes YOU! You know who you are.

To you I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for your posts, metas, gifsets, fanfics, videos, etc. I may not communicate directly with a lot of you, yet I feel like I know you, and on some level, I actually do. You see, I’ve always been one to believe that what you ship says a lot about you as a person, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to Bamonators.

As the person who came up with the term “Bamonator”, let me explain to you why. BECAUSE WE SLAY! We are BaDass, smart, independent, open-minded, strong willed, beautiful, and face adversity like no other! I am a proud Bamonator because Bamon isn’t just a ship. It’s the Bamily. A place where I can be myself and find people that get me. A place where good character development and writing is appreciated, where we share similar morals and values while being open-minded enough to respect each other in our differences, a place where we fight for equality between races and genders. A place filled with people who can give credit where it’s due and criticize what should be. We don’t blindly follow an idea because it’s popular, we endorse the ideas that we know will mean PROGRESS.

The reasons why we ship Bamon are endless and have made for countless, posts, lists, guides and probably encyclopedias (I believe there should be one devoted to Bamon), that have been phrased way better than I could attempt to; but during these 6 long years as a Bamonator, I’ve also come to the following conclusion: if we do ship Bamon, it is also because subconsciously, we see ourselves in Bonnie and Damon. I mean come on, who better than us have kept the HOPE that Bonnie keeps talking about, alive? We EMBODY exactly what she was talking about, because with everything that has happened during these 6 years, what with the writers, the network, and a crazy part of the fandom shiting on our ship, ridiculing us, telling us it would never happen and that we were delusional; despite all that, HOPE IS WHAT KEPT US GOING! We held on because we’re not just casual shippers; much like Damon, when we ship, we ship HARD. What we do, we do with passion. There is no in-between with us, either go hard or go home! We don’t take no for an answer and we’ve moved heaven and earth for our ship, much like our two favs.

Even if I believe that Bamon has been in the works since day one, I also do believe that WE were an essential component to this whole process. The writers and network wanted to know if there would be support if they did go down the Bamon road, and guess what, there is! But that is because we’ve been keeping that fire alive. If they felt like it wouldn’t have been well received, they wouldn’t have tried a Bamon finale and Bamon AU. So kudos to us!

Whatever the future holds, I am actually pretty satisfied, because in these few episodes we got some mind blowing development for BOTH Bonnie and Damon, more than either of them have had all previous seasons. And I don’t know about you, but I doubt any other fans can say that their ship actually got to spend FOUR MONTHS ALONE in a freaking AU! I mean do you realize what it is we got? On this vampire show where EVERYTHING is crazy and messed up, where there’s always a villain lurking in the shadows, and no one is ever truly happy, Bonnie and Damon who are some of the characters that suffer the most, got to spend 4 months having a NORMAL LIFE. Just a boy and a girl eating pancakes, solving crossword puzzles, grocery shopping, having dinner. They ACTUALLY got to have genuine, unspoiled fun, listening to music, talking about the most casual things (Miss Cuddles anyone?) AND ALL OF IT WAS ON SCREEN!!! These two who’ve had anything but normal lives suddenly got to be HUMAN TOGETHER. I just can’t! What better basis for a relationship?

And of course, when things went south, BOTH of these people who claimed to hate each for so long, actually CHOSE to make the ultimate sacrifice FOR EACH OTHER. Not for Elena. Not for anyone else, but Damon for Bonnie and Bonnie for Damon, and that, my friends, is beautiful and no other ship has ever experienced anything like it.

So regardless of what comes our way from now on, I just want to tell you guys that I love and appreciate each of you, because without you, the Bamily and Bamon itself wouldn’t be the same. You have contributed in your own special way to keeping our ship sailing when the rest of us were overcome with doubt and vice versa. So thank you. During these 6 years, not only have our favs grown, not only has our ship developed, and grown in number; WE OURSELVES have grown and I am glad that we all did together.

Sending you all Bamon hugs!

This is why I hate shipping

Y’all get so caught up in your headcannons that whenever anything that threatens them happens in actual canon you start screeching and throwing hate at anyone in sight. Like shit, Genji might be involved with mercy? OH NO! MY POOR HEART CAN’T TAKE THIS! WHAT WILL I EVER DO IF MERCY ISN’T BANGING PHARAH? HOW WILL I LIVE? I NEED TO FIND A REASON NOT TO LIKE THIS! 

Fuck off

You made up a ship based on nothing, and now that you’ve been forced to acknowledge that it has no basis, you’re going into damage control. Just shut up and accept the canon whatever it may be. If your ship was the one becoming canon you’d be shitting on everyone else like your life depended on it.  The same thing happened when Tracer was confirmed lesbian. The same people who were going around laughing at everyone who thought she was straight would’ve burned down their own houses if she had been straight instead. Canon will always be the final word. If something is canon, your headcanon means nothing

Get a life you fucking degenerates.

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just curious, but why do you label all larries as annoying? why not narry shippers or lilo shippers? just because some fans of a group ship larry doesnt make them any less valid in the fanbase compared to everyone else? also, why is shipping /them/ in a het relationship any different from shipping them in a straight? i've never heard l/h say directly theyre straight or anything so arent you assuming their sexuality as well? you're right, we dont know anything and it's none of our business?

First where on my blog have I labeled Larries as being annoying? Second, it doesn’t sound like you understand the difference between shipping and tinhatting. Shipping is simply thinking two people would make a cute couple. They’ll write fan fiction and gush about cute moments between the two, but they understand that their ship isn’t real. Tinhatting is actually believing your ship is in a secret relationship despite any and all evidence that contradicts it. And that is what makes Larry different than other ships. Narry and Lilo shippers understand their ship isn’t real. Given there are a handful of Larry shippers that aren’t tinhatters, but they are few and far between. Narry and Lilo shippers aren’t assuming a sexuality because they know their ship is fictional. Nor is there anything wrong with shipping the boys with girls, again, so long as they know it’s fantasy. Meanwhile because Larries are so convinced that they’re ship is real, they’ll do anything to prove the boys aren’t straight including disregarding Louis’ right to self-identify, use LGBT+ stereotypes, and psychoanalyze each move and word by the boys and their friends/family. Furthermore, they’ll drop friends the moment they stop believing in Larry. They’ll paint anti-Larries as being these homophobic girls who are terrified the boys aren’t straight. They’ll attack other people in the fandom, including other Larries, but never apologize. And they’ll use the bullying card every time they’re behaviors are criticized instead of thinking about changing. You don’t see that with other ships in the fandom. So I wouldn’t call Larries annoying, but I do find their behaviors frustrating and often very upsetting. 

Also, Louis has actually said he is straight. (x) I’m not assuming his sexuality; I’m simply respecting his right to self-identify and believe what he has told us. Harry has never stated what his sexuality is, so I don’t know what it is. But it’s none of my business, and I’ll support him regardless. I’m curious to know when you’ve ever heard me assume their sexuality because I feel like I say over and over again (on a daily basis now) that it’s none of our business.

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I'm just kind of curious. Why are you up for Enzo being a replacement Klaus and being endgame with Caroline, but not really open to Klaus having an endgame with anyone else? Even if they can find him someone who has some similarities to Caroline that would be his type. Plus a new love interest could be someone who doesn't hate Klaus and wouldn't try to kill him or his family the way Caroline has.

Actually I see this kind of question posed to KCers a lot, and it seems to be a bit of a sticking point with people who ship Klaus with either Cami or Hayley in particular because of some perceived double standard (because obviously the overlap of Klaroline and Carenzo shippers seems to be a LOT bigger than the overlap of Klaroline and Klamille or Klayley shippers). However, for me personally there are a lot of reasons why I ship Klaroline and Carenzo and really strongly dislike Klamille and Klayley, and I have a really hard time finding any equivalency between Carenzo and Klayley/Klamille because of that. To actually find any kind of equivalency between Carenzo and Klayley/Klamille you’d have to be looking it on only the most superficial levels possible, because in terms of their relationship structures, developments, and characters they’re obviously very different. That’s really the main reason I find Carenzo really appealing while I find Klayley and Klamille to be downright repulsive. 

But, to answer your question in more logical detail I think we just have to start from square one. You asked why I’m up for Enzo being a replacement Klaus and being endgame with Caroline? Well, that’s easy to answer, because I DON’T see Enzo as a replacement Klaus. He’s really not a replacement Klaus, I mean aside from the accent, moral ambiguity, and interest in Caroline they really have nothing in common. And I mean, his initial story line and character development had absolutely NOTHING to do with Caroline. He had already been established as his own person completely outside of Caroline before he even met her, and their relationship just became another dimension of his characterization instead of what his entire characterization was based off of. Contrast that with something like Klamille. Cami was introduced FROM THE BACKDOOR PILOT as nothing more than a replacement Caroline, her entire purpose from day one has been to be Klaus’ love interest and fulfill the void that Caroline was leaving (which they actually tried to jump start by saying that Cami understands Klaus because of her knowledge of psychology, so not only were they trying to do nothing beyond replacing KC, they were trying to take a lot of cheap shortcuts to do it). With Caroline and Enzo’s relationship it feels like you’re watching a relationship between Caroline and Enzo, whereas with Klaus’ TO relationships it feels like you’re watching a relationship between Klaus and his love interest.

And that kind of leads me into another element of Klaus’ TO ships that I find problematic that isn’t a problem with Carenzo. Klaus’ TO love interests (and this is even true for Hayley, despite the fact that Klayley has never been a part of TO properly) exist within the TO narrative SOLELY because of whatever purpose they serve for Klaus. Hayley is STILL just Klaus’ baby mama (even her forever love Elijah still refers to her as Hope’s mother instead of Hayley), and Cami is STILL just Klaus’ psychologist/nanny. These characters have existed for TWO YEARS for the sole purpose of Klaus’ “development” (how you can develop a character through a one sided relationship is still completely beyond me though), while still never getting any development of their own. I mean, if Klaus ceased to exist within TO’s narrative Cami and Hayley really wouldn’t have any characterization whatsoever. With Carenzo this is obviously not the case. I know who Caroline is outside of her relationship with Enzo, and I know who Enzo is outside of his relationship with Caroline. I’m not much of a shipper in general, so I need the kind of ship where that relationship isn’t a defining aspect of that character. With Hami their relationship with Klaus is the only defining aspect of their character.

And even putting that aside, there’s the simple fact that I love Caroline and Enzo as characters individually. I also love Caroline and Klaus as characters individually. I practically go into a rage stroke every time I have to watch Hayley, Cami occasionally charms me but I frankly think she’s just an abysmal character in general, and TO!Klaus is just a walking flaccid penis only capable of ejaculating manbaby tears. So it’s really incredibly simplistic as to why I’d like Carenzo while disliking Klayley and Klamille. Because I like Caroline and Enzo, therefore I like seeing them together. I dislike Hami and TO!Klaus, therefore I do not like seeing them together. 

Also, there’s just the fact of all of these individual characters and their development over the course of the series. Caroline and Enzo are something that interest me because their stories have a logical flow together that I want to see explored. Caroline’s story arc over the course of TVD has essentially been outgrowing MF and the MF gang, and going off into the world to explore herself and grow. Klaus was really the catalyst for her willingness to explore this side of herself that she hides from, which is why I am ultimately hoping for a Klaroline endgame along those lines. However, Enzo came to the table with his own reasons for wanting to branch out and see the world that were completely separate from Caroline, but that also mesh very well with her overall story line. So I find the possibility of their endgame being together appealing because A. it makes sense for both of their story lines and B. because the writers can’t shut the fuck up about how Hope is Klaus’ ONLY reason for anything ever, so if Caroline can’t become who she wants to be with Klaus then why not do it with the super hot British boy who’s a good friend, who she cares about a lot, and who has the same needs out of life that she does?

And again I feel like that is in complete contrast with ships like Klayley and Klamille. Hayley and Cami are CONSTANTLY shoehorned into aspects of Klaus’ story line and character development where they really don’t fit. Carenzo can be together and continue on with their current logical story arcs (and actually give each other more dimension through that), whereas Hayley and Cami are being jammed into Klaus’ story line in a way that makes no sense and really degrades Klaus as an individual character. I mean, it’s my opinion as well as the opinion as a lot of others that having Hope has completely trashed Klaus as a character, and Hope’s existence is the entire basis for Klayley as a relationship as well as the basis for Hayley remaining in the TO narrative. Another huge problem is the woobification of Klaus, and Cami’s entire existence within the TO narrative is for the sake of propping that woobification up without ever having to explain why that makes sense. Caroline and Enzo have a natural flow together that makes sense and allows their character arcs to continue to grow organically, while TO!Klaus and Cami and Hayley do not have any natural connection together at all and their relationships force all of their characters to stagnate and become completely OOC.

And finally, there’s just the logical development of Klaus and Caroline as individual characters. To me it makes a lot more sense to see Caroline move on and try different things before eventually starting a relationship with Klaus, because she’s really young and her feelings for Klaus simply aren’t as strong as his were for her (at least not yet). Caroline’s romantic story arc doesn’t necessarily have to begin and end with Klaus, and her romantic story arc with Enzo fits in very well with her overall story arc as a character. However, you can’t say the same for Klaus at all. Klaus has had 1000 years to explore the world and explore life, and he directly stated that his feelings for Caroline were an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime experience for him. So I can’t ship him with Cami or Hayley because developing romantic feelings for them, especially so soon after meeting Caroline, is in direct conflict with his character development and overall story arc. So I mean, if I were to boil it down to one simple explanation it would be that, that Carenzo’s progression as a relationship makes sense for the story and I like it, whereas Klayley and Klamille make no sense for the story and I dislike them. It has nothing to do with one thing replacing something else (because really, I don’t see Carenzo as a KC replacement AT ALL), it just really comes down to that.

Top Five Ships You’ll Go Down With No Matter What

I was tagged by @leavesdancing. This took some real soul-searching actually, as well as a healthy debate with my bestie about what the qualifications were. I decided it meant the ships I feel on a soul-deep level, the ones that even 20 years on I’ll still be sighing over.

So here we go, in no particular order (because that’s asking too much):

Stucky (Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, MCU)

This is the ship that got me back into fanfic writing, the two beautiful, broken bastards that snuck up on me without me even realizing it. I finally watched “Captain America: The First Avenger” on a plane to Italy, and didn’t even realize I shipped them until months later when I read a spoiler saying the Winter Soldier was Bucky. My first thought was “I have to save him for Steve,” and thus began my long, slow slide into the depths of Stuckyness. My fics in the verse may have waned in popularity, but I’ll always love them.

McDanno (Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, Hawaii 5-0)

I literally watched the first two years of Hawaii 5-0 completely unaware of this particular love story, but when I left the show and came back in season 4 (because of McDanno gifs on Tumblr) it slapped me in the face (I still have no idea how I missed it the first time – Steve has been about as subtle as a brick from day 1). This couple wins for the most fics I’ve written about a single pair, particularly because the show is currently killing itself trying to pretend it’s not actually canon.

Destiel (Dean Winchester/Castiel, Supernatural)

This ship is literally the reason I started seriously watching Supernatural, and as such is responsible for at least 50 percent of the torment in my life. I’d watched the first few episodes of season 1, but both Sam and Dean were so clearly sad that I couldn’t bear watching on a regular basis. Still, I kept following the show, and heard all about Cas and Dean from various re-caps. I heard he died at the end of season 6, then I heard that Cas was alive again for five seconds. I remember thinking “Oh, I better watch an episode and check if they’re really in love with each other before someone dies again.” So I watched 7X17, the one where Cas has amnesia for half of the episode and Dean’s face makes me cry.

Worst mistake I ever made.

Cherik (Charles Xavier/Erik Lensherr, Professor X/Magneto)

I’ve read Marvel comics since I was 12 years old, and I’ve been a Cherik denier for almost that long. I deeply, deeply disliked the Professor X/Magneto ship, and would argue against it to anyone and everyone. Then I saw “X-Men:First Class” and became a wreck of a human being (I sobbed all the way through the end credits). My Cherik-happy fix-it/accidental alternate universe is probably the closest thing I have to a magnum opus in my fic land, and has replaced 20 years of comic reading (and 50 years of comic history). Damn it, I had no idea they could have been happy.

Eric Delko/Tim Speedle, CSI: Miami

And now, my ship that like 3 other people in the entire world ship with me. The fact that it doesn’t even have a ship name should tell you how freaking obscure it is, but this pairing has a power over me that in some ways not even the above ships can match. Because, see, Tim was dead by the time I started watching the show, and I mistook Eric’s crippling depression for the actor’s inability to act. Then the show suggested that Eric’s bout of reckless, self-destructive behavior might have something to do with Speed, and I marathoned the first two seasons and basically sold myself into servitude to this particular ship. I still questioned it, though, until three seasons later during a phenomenally stupid episode where Eric hallucinates Speed. Seeing him, the light was back in his eyes for the first time in three seasons, and for the last time in the course of the whole series. I sobbed, and never again questioned the validity of this ship. (Also, I used to protest the fact that Eric let himself believe Speed was still alive somehow – it was so illogical – but then I met Steve Rogers. Eric just had the bad luck to be in a world where that kind of crap didn’t actually happen).

I’m tagging @moonlightcalls, @kinthinia, @niorig, @hannio24, @trainerdelaney and anyone else who wants to play

Naruto Fandom! Listen up!

All right, it’s been a while since the last big thing happened and we’ve all seen the results, but a thought has been present in my mind, I’ve had a bit of a thinky-think and I have an idea. Feel free to disagree but here:

Naruto shows that, despite putting in every effort, life can still be unsatisfying.

Let’s start heavy: Shipping:

NH and SS are canon, there’s no getting away from that. SNS was the basis of the series, there’s no getting away from that. NS is incredibly important and probably the most consistent bond, again no denying it. However, for all these ships and more, was anyone actually satisfied?

Because SNS feel goaded and misled.
NS is largely confused as to how anything happened.
SS seems to just be rolling with whatever comes out.
NH blinked and suddenly they were canon.

But is anyone happy with HOW this happened? Because SNS got a massively detailed, wonderful story with so much emotion it was fit to burst and then nope straight af. NS just stopped dead at some point. SS and NH didn’t even get a proper love story out of it, they got a sudden child, a sudden marriage and now the husbands are just constantly busy whilst the wives chill at home.

I’m an SNS shipper so you might call me biased, but did anyone get what they want? Did anyone get what they deserved?

Let’s move on: Neji:

Neji died and people were livid because Neji had a story arc that was really driving at something. He had so much development and a great idea behind him, and then he died. Perhaps that is a comment on the nature of war. Hundreds of people died in that war, each would have had their own stories, both more and less profound than Neji’s. Their stories were cut there.

Finally: The Title of Kage:

Naruto began as a boy with a dream to become Hokage, but he’s not the only one. Obito, Dan, Sasuke, Nawaki and perhaps even Itachi, all dreamed to become Hokage but never did because it is, by all standards, an unrealistic goal. More accurately, living long enough to be considered Hokage is somewhat unrealistic. Naruto is the exception, not the expectation.

In summation, everyone is unsatisfied in this series, both reader and character. I could talk more. There’s Sakura’s abandoned development and Sasuke’s abandoned storyline. But it would seem some life stories don’t have a satisfying ending. Maybe that’s the underlying story of Naruto.


Hey ladybugs and kittycats — 
I’m getting a lot of the same questions, so here’s a big post on where we’re at that answers those questions as well. If you did not receive a personal message back, your answer is in here!


  • Everything down to the mailers has been ordered
  • Stamps, coin purses, postcards, bookmarks, charms, the hard copy proof of the zine, and mailers have all arrived and pictures/videos of them have been posted on the blog 
  • The hard copy proof contained a few minor errors which have been fixed for the mass printing. The books are anticipated to arrive at the end of the month and will be shipped as quickly as possible after arriving. This slight delay has been explained in a previous update.

FAQ - Availability of Zine / Items!!!

The digital version released on June 15th. This date was chosen because this was when I originally intended on the physical zines arriving and shipping. It seems unfair that the digital version is releasing first, but it would also be unfair to delay the release for the people who did get the digital version with the understanding of a certain release date. Regardless, gumroad does not allow this date to be changed so that’s just how it is.
You can still order the digital version, and it will continue to be available until just before we are ready to make the donation. I anticipate this being in August. I will announce the closing of digital orders at least a few days in advance.

The physical version is no longer available.
Pre-orders were open for a period of time. I went past my self-imposed shipping cap and now will be shipping 400 packages myself. I’m sorry if circumstances made you unable to purchase the physical zine, but the order for a certain amount of the physical copies has already been placed and the quantity cannot be changed.
We ordered some extra copies of the zine and bundle items in anticipation of lost/damaged packages. Depending on how many packages actually are lost or damaged, there may be extras, or there may not. If there are, they will be announced and listed for sale on a First Come First Served basis at a disclosed time in early August.

Stamps and coin purses are all spoken for and will not be made available again due to the circumstances surrounding ordering them.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! :)

anonymous asked:

have you seen the official art of rantaro and ouma🍵🐸

Anonymous said to incorrectdrv3: AMAMI/OUMA ACTUALLY HAS BASIS IN CANON AND IM CRYIGN???

Anonymous said to incorrectdrv3: Ouma really is gay, especially after that official art we saw of (my otp) him and amami

Anonymous said to incorrectdrv3: Hey you’ve seen the new official arts right ? There’s definitely ship material for Oumami now !!

Yes, we’ve seen the offical art of them. I’m so happy they actually touched base with the whole thing! Aaahh it’s so cool!! They’re both so gay, I don’t make the rules.

anonymous asked:

hi, I hope I'm not coming off as rude or ignorant, but how come westallen fans can ask us why we ship snowbarry but it's racist if we ask why you ship westallen?

I’m going to preface this with an apology to Sn*wb*rry shippers. The anon used the actual term instead of a replacement, so I am sorry if this ends up in your tag if you are on mobile.

That being said, here is the thing: comparing people asking why you ship Sn*wb*rry to people asking why we ship WestAllen is a false equivalence. Sn*wb*rry versus WestAllen isn’t a Twilight-esque love triangle. There is no Caitlin/Barry/Iris love triangle.

I mean this with no disrespect whatsoever and Lord knows I have my fair share of fanon ships, but Sn*wb*rry has no basis in canon. It’s all fanon interpretation. Maybe they will later, maybe they won’t but currently Caitlin and Barry only have platonic feelings for each other and nothing more in canon. Those are just the facts. It doesn’t mean I’m telling you that you shouldn’t ship Sn*wb*rry. Keep shipping, but please don’t erase or demonize Iris when you do ship. And I’m not saying you do, I just want to lay this all out there because it’s important for Sn*wb*rry shippers to understand.

Anyway, on the flip side, WestAllen is currently not together in CW (or comic book) canon, but the names Iris West and Barry Allen are linked in such a way that you know they are a couple or will be a couple – it’s like Lois Lane and Superman or Mary Jane and Peter Parker. They might not currently be together or they might not be together at the start of an adaptation, but you know that they are canon love interests.

Not to mention every episode of the show has been pretty blatant about Barry’s feelings for Iris (and Caitlin’s feelings about Ronnie). Even if you disregard the hints that Iris has feelings for Barry as well – I have an English degree and I took many film classes in college, so I’m pretty adept at story analysis and I’m prepared to fight anyone on this – you still cannot deny Barry’s feelings for Iris. There is a solid basis in the show to root for and ship WestAllen based on Barry’s feelings, the way other characters like Felicity and Joe and Henry Allen discuss Barry’s feelings and encourage him to be honest about it, and the framing of many of Barry’s voiceovers in regards to Iris. Not to mention the cast and crew (the writers and EPs) have been very supportive of WestAllen from the get-go, while only Danielle will really tease at Sn*wb*rry (and I’m like 99% sure that she only does so because shipping is unfortunately the best way for an actress to gain publicity because she teases Sn*wSt*rm a lot as well).

So when you guys ask us in our tag - and not an individual shipper who you are friendly with - why we ship WestAllen and you preface it with “I don’t like WestAllen”, it seems like you are, at best, being obtuse about the direction that the show has set up. It could even seem like you are purposely ignoring all four characters’ narrative arcs. At worst, it seems like you are trying to cause conflict and stir up shipping wars. Whereas when people ask why you ship Sn*wb*rry, people are legitimately confused because nothing in current canon indicates that the show will be heading there.

And keep in mind that people all over Facebook and Twitter and even here on Tumblr are not afraid to hide their Iris hate. They post pictures of Felicity and Caitlin saying that these girls are more beautiful than Iris on official Iris West posts by the CW (and how terrible and transparently racist is it that the two white girls are proclaimed as more beautiful than the sole black woman). They post things about how Iris is stupid and ugly and useless and wish that she would just be killed off.

I frequent Caitlin’s tag and her official CW posts because I love her a lot, too, and I’ve never seen this kind of treatment against her. No one questions her place in the show. Some WestAllen fans might criticize the plot holes in her writing - how she apparently is a doctor with multiple science degrees in her early twenties but cannot tell that Harrison Wells’ leg muscles have not atrophied when they really should have – but none of us have put her role and importance to the show under debate. I have yet to see a post proclaiming she should be written off or killed and I’ve looked because I always see Sn*wb*rry fans saying Caitlin receives as much hate as Iris. Maybe there is “hate” but none of it is rooted in racism and it’s obviously very infrequent and rare if I can’t find it even when I look. Meanwhile I don’t have to look for Iris hate – it’s just there.

Many of us WestAllen fans defend and protect Iris from this hatred based in misogynoir all the time. Many of us are in school or have jobs and we really do not have time for all this, but we make time because seeing a black woman in Iris’ role is a huge thing for us. It’s representation WOC are almost never afforded, so it’s important to us that we defend and protect Iris and WestAllen from racist fans, lest she becomes one of the many black women erased and marginalized because fandom is uncomfortable with the idea of a black female love interest.

The Iris West and WestAllen tags are our safe haven. It’s our space for us not to have to deal with racists or to defend Iris from misogynoir. When we see posts telling us to get along with Sn*wb*rry fans or see posts asking us to explain our ship, we are reasonably riled up about it, especially since many of us are WOC who not only deal with racism in the fandom but with racism in real life too.

It might seem unfair to you that some of us respond rudely or angrily when you maybe don’t intend for your posts to come across as rude to us, but how more unfair is it that we have to deal with racism and we have to protect Iris from racism?

I’ve said this many a time, but we shouldn’t have to pretend like it’s a polite debate when it really isn’t. Not to mention respectability politics only get you so far and people will still be racist and won’t understand where we’re coming from when we are polite. So why should we pretend we’re not angry if being nice still gets us nowhere? Anger and rudeness doesn’t invalidate our grievances, nor does it mean you should ignore our complaints to victimize yourself as I’ve seen so many Sn*wb*rry fans do.

Keep shipping what you want to ship, but also keep this in mind when you try to enter the WestAllen tag. Don’t be surprised or feel victimized when WestAllen shippers respond.

okay, quickly before i forget and go to sleep (I’m going to watch it again tomorrow and review it anyway, but these are my like immediate thoughts)

loved: david and gillian/mulder and scully, editing, score (I LOVE U MARK), ufo/paranormal archive footage, the actual ufo/alien shit, the basis of the mythology, how tired mulder and scully looked and you can see that mulder’s depression has obviously had a toll on them, mulder getting excited over the ship, mulder giving backhanded comments to scully (as heartbreaking as it is to see them like that) and scully slaying and bowing down to no bitch, THE ENDING

hated: chris’s writing (how dd&ga managed to get through the porch scene), too fast paced (especially with the mythology), giving mulder waaayyy too many monologues for one episode, tad (sorry joel but the performance was terrible), sveta (same goes for her) and the mythology kind of got hard to follow at points? more so than it used to and fucking TAD FUCK OFF

it wasn’t perfect but it made me cry with happiness and i’m so glad i stayed up till half past fucking four in the morning bc i am fucking BUZZED AND IN LOVE