my shining star on a moonless night

Bryce Canyon - How Raven became my Spirit Guide: Part One

I once spent an entire day in September from dawn until after night fall hiking alone through this place.  When I was finished I was covered with dust in a dozen shades of red, orange, pink and yellow. My hair, clothes face and hands were painted as if in pastels. It was beautiful.

When the sun went down I sat in the middle of a clearing surrounded by multicolored pillars. It was a moonless night and, in the midst of the Utah desert, it seemed as though every star in the sky was shining just for me they were so bright and vibrant. I lit a candle and as the candle flickered lighting up the colored stone I could hear the coyotes and the owls speaking to one another, the cries echoing among the stones. The strangely shaped rocks seemed to sway in the candle light.  

A large black raven settled down on the ground just across from me.  He cocked his head and looked at me in wry amusement with his intelligent yellow eyes looking for all the world like one of the old Indian men I had seen earlier selling turquoise along the roadside.  

He hopped, not flew but hopped, closer to me. He seemed interested in the candle light. Looking at it from different angles. I chuckled and said “so fella what are you looking at”.  Again he cocked his head and then, I swear by everything sacred, he replied “What are YOU looking for?”.  Here is the strange thing, it did not seem a bit out of the ordinary that the raven was talking to me … it seemed like a normal occurrence. I, still sitting in a half lotus, responded, “I’m not looking for anything”.  To which he replied “then you are not likely to find it are you?” and flew away making a “caw caw caw” sound as if he had just made a clever joke and was pleased with himself and couldn’t wait to tell his raven buddies all about it. That was the first time I met Raven. We would meet again.

Part two