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"I could hug you all day" for the fluff meme ask thanks!

You’re welcome~

Viktor Nikiforov

  • Viktor’s s/o was overworking them-self so he decided to make them relax and chill out a little
  • He suddenly bridal-style carried them to bed and hugged them tightly
  • ‘But Viktor my work-
  • ‘shht you’re overworking yourself too much,It’s time to relax now’ he’d say.He gives his s/o a relaxing massage,and kiss their eyelids to make them close their eyes.
  • He’s slowly embracing them.
  • His s/o would blush a little bit since they were at his mercy now.
  • ‘I know how important working is but finding the time to relax is important as well my love’
  • When his s/o finally gave in he felt kinda proud and viktorious.alright I’ll go away now XD
  • They relax together and while still hugging his s/o tighly Viktor whispers this:’I could hug you all day’ and playfully kiss their neck
  • And that’s how his s/o died.RIP Viktor’s s/o.They died from embarrassment.

Sleepy MerHusbands :D

It won’t be a “woah omg that’s so cool” style of coloration, but I love cel shading. It’s so quick.