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And heeeeree’s the whole batch. I’m thinking of doing a few manga pages of a scene from the show (I know I really shouldn’t start another project lmao but oh well) so these studies should hopefully be good practice.

Also it’s so hard to find a Panin ref that’s actually smiling holy shit this guy is like in mad resting face 24/7

Guess which one I had the most fun with :P

Molly Hooper - The Enigma

This just sort of happened. We all know Sherlock Holmes,the detective, who can deduce everyone and everything but only when it comes to Molly, he always ends up making the wrong deductions. Yes,he hasn’t always made the right deductions about everyone, I know there are a few exceptions like Jim, Irene, Mary etc. But these are people who wanted/had to hide something from him, play mind games or had hidden agendas. They all had some kind of skill set and intelligence to fool him. And then there’s our darling Molly, she didn’t want/had to hide anything from him or play any mind games or beat him, nope nothing and yet Sherlock is always on the back foot when it comes to Molly.

This has been happening right since S1, why even in episode 1 when Molly asks him out for coffee he thinks she’s offering him coffee and tells her his coffee preference. Then again in TGG, he’s so busy trying to rip apart Jim (we all know why he’s so eager to tell Molly that “Jim from IT” is gay) that he fails to notice who exactly Jim is. In ASiB, again he’s too busy trying to find out who the recipient of Molly’s gift is (please it’s clear that he’s quite jealous here) he once again makes the wrong deduction. In TRF (lab scene) he’s caught off guard by Molly and her perceptiveness, he is, in fact, surprised by it. He stumbles and stutters coz Molly has seen (the real) him and seen through his facade. This happens almost every time and in all of their interactions. I don’t want to  start talking about s3 and s4 because there are too many sherlolly scenes and I won’t stop once I start.

Anyway, my point being Molly is the one person who has always caught him off guard and he is always on the back foot with her. Molly, by just being herself, her true honest self, has single-handedly managed to surprise, shock and move Sherlock Homes. Now coming to THE SCENE in TFP, if you think Eurus is in charge of this operation,then please let me direct you to Molly Hooper. Yes, Eurus did start this one and is responsible for it but it’s Molly who takes control of it. Even after all these years Molly surprises him and turns the table on him and once again Sherlock Holmes is stunned by her.

No wonder his “I love you” looks like a realization (there is a hint of surprise here).

I’m pretty sure she will continue to surprise him forever. Molly Hooper is and will always be an enigma. I’m so happy for Sherlock, he’ll spend the rest of his life trying to decipher the mystery called Molly Hooper( I’m legit sqeeing). Thank you, Moftiss. For writing this beautiful love story and yes I believe them when they say that this show is not a romance. Yes, the main plot is not romance but the sub-plot is, and no one can convince me otherwise.

P.S - I love Jim Moriarty and Mary Watson. No hate will be tolerated towards them.

the still point

This one is for @moriartysgrimmfairytales - it was meant to be cuddling fluff but it…. isn’t. Sorry, love!

Sheriarty, 876 words. 



He is used to all the ways that people use the word. Tired to mean dull (usually directed at him, usually the way you’re behaving is getting a bit tired). Tired to mean annoyed (usually directed at him, usually I’m just tired of you). Or it can mean a simple need of rest (usually directed at him, usually meaning why do you never sleep).

And then… then there is what Jim means when he says tired. Which is none and all of the above with an added extra something.

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Do you think there is relevance behind there being so many quotes and instances of things hiding in things in season 4? For instance: TST: "Like hiding a tree in a forest" "or blood in a butchers" and then there is the stick drive in the bust. TLD: "You don't build a beach if you want to hide a pebble, you just find a beach" "You want to hide a murder...just find a hospital" and the microphone in John's walking stick.

Hey Nonny!

You know, I never noticed this trend of metaphors and similes and “hiding” until you mentioned it? Mainly because I haven’t watched S4 nearly as much as the rest of the series and don’t have it almost memorized line-for-line. I really don’t know what it could be; Tinhat me is saying that it’s a clue to “hiding in plain site”, as in the real story is hiding in plain site, behind something bigger and more complex. Skeptical me is just saying that Mofftiss liked the use of metaphors in the past, and now they’re just throwing them in to sound clever into a series we’re supposed to take seriously.

Hmm. This is one I might need to ponder on a bit more. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I’m no English major by any means, but I know that metaphors and similes are usually used when trying to convey something deeper. *shrugs*

Happy Friday…here’s a (Snapchat filtered cuz I’m not brave) selfie. I guess this is what happens when I don’t have any writing in the works?? XD


John in 4F and Sherlock in 2A!!

I hope this is good enough! I’m sorry it’s so messy…I did it in a rush QwQ I’m not good at drawing clothes and that crop top is DEFINITELY a problem XD But it does fit Sherlock well :>

Thank you for your request! I’ll try better next time!! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑


“I’ll bring you home, little brother…”

So The Abominable Bride had a lot of brotherly feels and inspired me to draw this series - 3 times Mycroft carried Sherlock, I might call it? I indulged in cuteness, angst, and some punk in between! Was gonna pair each scene with a ficlet, to sorta explain my derived headcanons, but I’ll just leave the visual details to your own imaginings! 

(My Art Tag) Please DO NOT repost(?) or display my work anywhere else without my permission, thank you. (edit: watermarks added, was remiss of me to not have them originally, sigh…)