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Jensen Ackles Should Have a Shelf Full of Emmys

Just finished my summer re-watch of season four and once again it breaks my heart that Jensen Ackles has never been nominated for an Emmy. I know it is because it is a CW genre show, but it still upsets me hat he will never get the recognition that he deserves for his portrayal of Dean Winchester. He can write a whole novel with one look. He can go from goofy to heartbreaking with such ease that it takes my breath away. He becomes Dean Winchester. Not just with words, but with his whole body and soul. You SEE the character in his eyes and that is rare. I hope someday he is given the opportunity to do a small independent character drama and that he finally gets the recognition he deserves.

porcelainp0ny  asked:

hey! You probably get this a lot but where are those carry on bookends from? They are so lovely!!

Thank you!!!  I made them, and they look way more impressive than they are. Here’s what I did:

Step 1: Cut out two pieces of craft foam in the right shapes and glue their heads together (I enlarged the book image on my computer and printed it out as a template). Repeat for the other bookend 

Step 2: Find some bookends lying around (these Portal ones were already the right colors, this probably used up my one bit of luck for the entire year honestly)

Step 3: Slip your craft foam pieces over the existing bookend decoration (or tape them from the back to the bookend, if you don’t have something else to stick them to)

That’s it!  I really wasn’t kidding when I said they were ‘terrible’ boyfriends bookends.  One day I want to make them out of wood or something sturdier, but I’d had this idea in my head for like a year and needed to make it happen.  

Thanks for the ask, and I’m sorry it took me so long to answer! <3


small look into my jim spaceborn museum…. 3 copies of the first book in different languages (still hunting for all languages, i found an online version of the dutch edition last night), second book in german (still desperately trying to find it in english), scanned materials (animation cels) of the unfinished pilot cartoon episode, lego space building the future (uses characters from the comics), bricks culture magazine issue 7 that has an interview with frank madsen, bricks journal volume 2 issue 2, another interview, and some minifigs i build of jim and keko :-) (not shown is my kazak minifig bcus im just embarrassed its kind of old) (also not pictured are emails and forum posts that i have printed out and keep in a folder for reference…)

if anyone out there knows of any fans of jim spaceborn and has stuff to share pls let me know!!! i want to meet other fans so badly!!!

I’ve always flexed my stern rules for other people but never for myself. A shelf full of trophies and a folder full of certificates will advocate my ambitious obedience. Relationships go against my ambitions as equally as they go against my cultural and religious beliefs; call me sheltered if you want. I’m proud of the accomplishments I have made because i wasn’t distracted by a lover.

I know too well that humans aren’t designed to live a solitary life. I will catch myself looking for a partner someday maybe not today, not this week, not this year but someday. Until then I will pat myself on the back for having a will power stronger than my hormones.

Not falling in love does not equate to not having a heart. I’ve been coarse on my nafs but I’m proud of where it got me. In a world that treads on teenagers getting drunk on the idea of love, I’ve rebelled by not losing sight of my goals.

—  Afreen Razvi, A Different Kind Of Rebel
Dear journal,

Today I got woken up by our owl scratching his claws on the window. Teddy’s letter was finally here! I got out of bed and left a kiss on Sirius’ forehead. I couldn’t wait to read Teddy’s letter. I gave our owl a treat and caressed its feathers.

“Why so early love?” Sirius mumbled, half asleep.

“Teddy’s letter is here! Wanna read it with me?” I asked him, smiling.

He yawned and sat down in the bed, stretching his muscular arms. I snuggled beside him and we read Teddy’s letter. His coming out went well, thank Merlin. I was so proud of my little boy.

“How about we make ourselves a good breakfast?” Sirius asked.

“Great idea! But I have to work down at the library today, the new shelves are here and I might need your help to fix them on the wall.”

“Okay, I’ll help you. I need to fix the garage door too, it won’t open for some reason..” Sirius said, scratching his head with his fingers.

What a typical day. Sirius fixing things up around the house while I placed books around. I had placed all the shelves where I wanted them to be and waited for Sirius’ help. My library looked very good! I had these old brownish shelves since We bought the house 18 years ago! A little bit if change was nice. I was putting a sticker back on a lost book when Sirius arrived in the door frame. He was wearing his work jeans with a white t-shirt that was dirty and sweaty. As much as it looked disgusting, It was very hot.

“Mr. fix-everything is here!” He said.

“Okay Sirius, let’s start here so-”

“Woh Call me Sir, would you?” He smirked.

“Are you Serious?” I laughed.

“What did I say about you calling me Sirius! It’s Sir too you cutie..” He winked.

I laughed and he started fixing the shelves on the walls. He was pushing himself against me, trying to acheive Merlin knows what!

“What’s wrong with you!” I laughed uncontrolably.

“Babe.. Teddy’s gone back to Hogwarts, we can now have a little fun and be all flirty.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows.

“You’re unbelievable!” I giggled.

“I’m trying to seduce you!” He said.

“Oh yeah?” I smirked.

“Is it working?”

“Maybe.. You’ll find out when you get those shelves in the wall.” I teased him.

He winked and got back to work. Every now and then, he would lift his white t-shirt up to wipe the sweat from his forehead which gave me a good look at his abs. We finished placing everything when the sun was starting to set.

“Okay now, it’s fun time!” Sirius said, excitingly.

I giggled as he layed his hands on my waist and gently pushed me against a full shelf.

“Are we really ‘doing it’ in my library?” I chuckled.

“I thought you liked books?” He asked, laughing slightly.

“Merlin you’re lucky I love you!” I giggled, kissing him.

“And I love you too!” He smiled through the kiss.

Let’s say a few books had fell from their shelves after Sirius had his little “fun”.


Me: *gets rid of all my grimoires so I can start again in ONE book instead of being ridiculous and having one per category*

Also me: ok maybe just one more. I’ll just use this big fancy one as a more ‘formal’ grimoire. So I can feel free to be messy in my big main one. Also this tiny one. As a travel grimoire. And this big ring binder for tarot. And this really pretty one for hedgecraft. And this other one for-

All the empty notebooks on my shelf FULL of empty notebooks: *waggled eyebrows at me* and what grimoire will I be?








Upcycling for Tarot deck collectors!

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself hunting for a thing to hold a thing.

Harvested seeds from last year need a vessel the breathes but not too much.
Sewing supplies need those blue butter cookie tins.
Your newly made lavender mead needs some awesome bottles for short-term storage.

This is what a large part of my life is consumed by: Containers.

I’m obsessed with containers.
If I’m out and about, somehow I find them. Containers stalk me, and I stalk them. I always need more things to hold things.

So, when I realized my tarot deck collection was becoming a little… unwieldy…
it was stashed in my subconscious that I needed to deal with that.

You see, I live in a tiny space, and things tend to get tucked deep in far corners until I need them - and then I have to dig.
I don’t want to dig for my decks.  You kinda want your decks at hand and available rather than a few layers deep in a closet.
I also don’t want them collecting dust on my very-full shelf.  I’m a little lazy with ‘the dusting’ and I prefer to keep things neat and simple if I can.

So, I was wandering around a junk shop many months ago while keeping an eye out for ‘boxes of appropriate size.’ 

While drooling over an antique chest with a billion teeny-tiny drawers, I spied something a bit more relevant.

old. card. index. drawers.
D’yknow the kind I mean?  Think dewey decimal, flipping through those little index cards to find that book you need to get, shhh, quiet, library-kind.

A big ol’ lightbulb went off.

It’s painfully perfect.
Decks w/o boxes fit with about 1/4″ to spare.  Therefore, decks with a very basic box also fit. 
Use your lwb’s to separate the decks or do something more creative than that!  (I was considering wrapping them in a nice cloth, but don’t like that I might not remember which deck is which.)

Decks that are slightly-larger-than-standard-deck-size?

Most deck bags will fit, too!

Start sustainability rant.
Upcycling is very important to me.
Recycling is fine and dandy and a darn sight better than letting all your sh*t fester away in a landfill, but if you’re looking to be truly conscious of the embodied energy and life cycles of things you use… effing upcycle!

Take a thing and give it a new life.  It’s like adoption for objects!
Don’t pitch that mangy pupper into the woods cuz’ he’s not doing what you wanted him to.  Give him a bath, some training and a ‘new’ loving home. <3

End sustainability rant.

Since computers have more-or-less taken over the jobs of these beautiful pieces of history… and, let’s face it, most of us can’t keep our deck collections terribly small… I feel like it’s a solution worth sharing.

These things were naturally made to a standard size, and I’ve seen singles, sets of two (I have another steel one which stacks one drawer high and two wide),  there are even your super-library chest-of-drawers-style ones.
Some of these boxes are wicked cheap (or free!)

Smoke cleanse ‘em. Douse them in salt (being mindful of the material they’re made of) and/or do what you’ve gotta do to make them a happy home for your decks.

I hope you find this when you need it, and you can have a chance to let the librarian in you have their moment.

Did I ever tell you guys that a psychiatrist told me that I had schizophrenic tenancies and agoraphobia because my father has BPD and my mother has severe anxiety and is most likely a narcissist?
So we get to talking (I just wanted some meds for my anxiety) and as we’re talking I’m seeing his shelf just full of Freud. Like we’re talking big books, clearly displayed.
A little warning bell goes off in my head but hey, maybe he’s just a little interested.
I tell him a bit about myself and he’s telling me that I am scary charismatic, so I for sure don’t have NVLD (which I was given a shaky diagnosis of when I was a teen with my mother in the room the whole time). He goes on to tell me I’m a zebra in a hoard of horses and I resent anyone who is in the crowd.
Which is wrong in general, yeah I’m a little weird but I’m all for “basic bitch” shit. I don’t resent the usual, I love it and participate in it when I feel like it. Like, don’t get me started on bathbombs and cosmetics.
So we keep taking and we end up with never addressing my fucking anxiety and about how I’m special and a product of my parents.
Never went back to that fucker.


Sooo here are my workspaces. My altar is on top and my witch shelf is on bottom. I basically only use my altar for offerings, so it’s pretty clean (except for the box of tissue paper underneath it). My shelf tho? Hooo boy. Some notable items are my boxes full of Various Things, my dragon candle holder, my Black Phoenix Trading Post sticker, and the plastic manticore that my spirit companion lives in. There’s a metric fuckton of other things though, ask me if you want to know about anything. This is all above my bookshelf and below my dragon shelf.