my sheit art

Thranduil and bby Legolas because yes <3

Heh, I felt like drawing some actual lotr based stuff and who are the best characters to start with? Two of my favorite characters, Legolas and Thranduil of course!

Hehe, hope you guys enjoy~!

PS: pls ignore the patterns on the clothes, I suck at patterns lool

Pirate! Lan Fan inspired by my dearest friend, @xyriath and her fic “Disinclined to Acquiesce”

I really like how that story is going so far, and I felt like doing something for it. Sure, I should’ve gone with RoyEd but then, Lan Fan is just too great to ignore. No, she hasn’t appeared on the story, yet, but I know that when she does, she will be awesome!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!

Little gift for @xyriath dedicated to her awesome story “Disinclined to Acquiesce”

Come on people, I know i’m not the only one who thought about these two in a dress. Pls tell me I wasn’t the only one xDD

Anyways, sillyness aside, hope you guys enjoy~!

Uh…police/ Thief AU???

Dunno, i allways imagined an AU in which Ed would be a thief and make mr. police officer Roy’s life a living hell because everytime the brat got caught he would allways find a way to escape like the wonderfull woman from the ‘03 anime. That episode was hilarious..

Anyways, Roy and his team would be in charge of catching this little shit and his own group that consisted of: Alphonse, Alfons, Ling, Lan Fan ('cause wherever Ling is, so is she) and sometimes, maybe Russel.

I imagine allways something like this:

Alphonse sighed after a while of staring at the door his brother was supposed to get through around five minutes or so ago and yet no sign of the older Elric. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he spoke to the earpiece.

“'Fons, could you locate brother for me please?”

“Sure thing”, Alfonse replied from the other side and started typing right away. After a couple of minutes of searching, the blond found his target and barely held back a groan “huh…"he said aloud instead.

"You found him?” Al asked from the other side of the transmission.

“I…did” Alfons replied with a grimace on his face.

Al, knowing the other blond quite well, knew what that tone of voice exactly meant. “He’s harassing that mr. officer again, isn’t he?” He asked resignedly.

Alfons sighed “yes”

“Figures” Al said with a roll of his golden eyes. His brother would never change “Well…time to go get him…”

“Please hurry” Alfons said “the rest of the officer’s team will be there soon”

“Will do” Al said then the communication was off.

Later that day at the police station:

Hughes could barely contain the laugh as he stared at his best friend’s “puppy that just got kicked” face. “So you, once again had that thief in your hands and once again you let him escape?”

“It’s not my fault!” Roy hissed angrily “how can i focus on my job when the brat is wearing those bloody pants and keeps harassing me?! I’m only human!”

Hughes could have sworn that he heard the only female officer in this room muttering something in the lines of “I actually follow this idiot willingly” under her breath.

Woops, big post. I apologize for my lack of skills in writing these kinds of things, i cannot write fics to save a life.

*bows in apologies and hides in shame*

I’m home…

I dunno who is welcoming who but i like it <333

Sorry about the circle in the background, in the last days/hours i’ve been spamming them like crazy ^^’ (i didn’t do them, mind you. Well except Roy’s lame ass circle (well.. the way i made it, not the circle itself))

Little note: When i made this, Ed was standing on his tip toes, so you can imagine how ridiculously short i made him. And damn boy that hair is long. Geez. Don’t regret that tho.

Don’t kill me Ed, plz. I luv you very much bby. I know how you feel buddy, i’m shortest one in the family too *i’m cry*

Heeeh?? What’s This?? @xyriath​‘s birthday?

“Let’s make out Riza, she’ll love it”


Anyways, Happy Birthday to Xyriath who is an awesome person who has been so kind and great with me all these months and she should get all the best she deserves!

Hope you had a wonderful day honey and I wish you all the best!

And ofc I had to draw Mariza, because they are such cuties together~

Hope you like it, dear~!


Time for some Olympics!AU girls~

First we have Winry in her swimming suit. She is a butterfly style swimmer (dunno, It feels like it suits her) I mean, look at those powerfull arms (buff Winry ftw) and no, her breasts are not supposed to be that huge….I was just so damn lazy to change that…

Lastly we have Amestris Volleyball team members - Rose, Rebecca and Catherine (there are more members ofc, I just haven’t been in the mood to draw them yet) looking all fancy in their uniform and in cute/sexy poses.

The design of both uniforms is still undecided so I went for the most basic, so yeah.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!


Major KakaRin (and sometimes with my OC Sakumo II) post

Many have asked for my KakaRin’s art, most i have deleted (the old drawings) and i have a certain allergy of posting my old drawings (since i hate ‘em so much) so here’s most of the recent pics of them. There are some that are in the process of remaking, so I’m just going to add more here when I’m done with them (hopefully) /troll

enjoy ;u;

Lior’s princess and a Roma girl - two reflections on a mirror

Just a simple doodle of Rose and “our world’s” version of her, Noah <33

These two cuties need more luv ;3

I used the color palette used in the actual movie, so if anyone is wondering why they are different (in matters of skin tone) it’s because of that, ok? Good

My god I wanted to post some royed later tonight, let’s see if i’ll be able to ^^

Hope you guys enjoy~!

Another doodle that Is not FMA related, this time from Gundam Wing~!

I actually did this one last year exactly in October, but I never really felt like posting it ^^’

I just love these two dorks so much...I’m jealous of Duo’s hair too, though I don’t want my hair to be that long o.o

…Tho, it’s highly unfair that anime characters have such great hair *cries*

Anyways, i’ll be posting some FMA doodles later tonight, one of them is actually from my Punk!Ed AU ^^

Hope you guys enjoy~!