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I remember. You do. For that, I bring you to the scales. Come. ||  In life you believed in nothing, you will go to nothing. You will be done, there will be darkness. And peace? There will be darkness.

American Gods

i’m laughing so much because of this lmao, like first jensen sees jared is gonna move right in front of him and he’s like “nope i won’t fall for this, i won’t look”

and he smiles because of the crowd’s reaction but still doesn’t let himself be tempted

and then he’s like “fuck it” and he’s clearly taking advantage of having the best view lol but the best thing about this is the guitarist’s (don’t know his name sorry) reaction, the dude was watching jared and smiling until he catches jensen starting ogling jared and that’s when he can’t help but start laughing out loud, like this dude KNOWS lmaoooo, he knows what’s going on there 

and then jensen heard him laugh so he looks at him and the dude is like “oh my god i can’t believe you guys”

this is jensen’s face while looking at the guy, he is so SMUG lmaooo, he knows the guy knows

oh you thought jensen wouldn’t look at jared’s ass again after this? that’s cute xD

look at his face, he truly appreciates what he’s seeing 

and when jared’s done jensen looks SO pleased like “yeah yeah yeah that was good that was very good” he keeps nodding lmao 

this is priceless, i can’t with these two, i just wonder if jensen thought he was being subtle and everyone was focused on jared or if he just doesn’t give a fuck 

that reminded me of the nerd hq 2013 thing lol

here’s a gif with the dude’s whole reaction

and one with the quick shots of jensen’s face from this angle

source of the videos from vegascon 2017: XXX     XXX


I know what’s said about me behind my back. Whispers of infidelities. My husband’s heard them. And I suspect, given the look on your face, you’ve heard them, too. Thomas and I are not bothered by them. The only question that remains is… are you?

Angry Tumblr Post

Boy i sure do wish the birdflash tag had more actual content and less Relatable OTP Posts uwu™ that the person posting them just tags with 400 other ships and that aren’t even really about this ship but hey you cant win em all i guess

Gallavich Fic Recs Part 2

ourladymuffin  asked:

Hi!! I just wanted to say that I have binged all the Gwenvid Week stuff you've written, and I love all of it (even though you don't seem to like them so much, from what you say in your tags). They're wonderful, I hope you continue to write; and, if you don't mind, have you posted more fics elsewhere? Keep up the great work!! <3 :)

Just kill me. Just fucking murder me all of you sweet, wonderful people. Just kill me dead with your nice things to say.

Normally I tend to answer user compliments privately, just so I feel less like the insane egomaniac that I am, but this ask happens to fuel my desperate need to plug everything I’ve ever written. So first off, Our lady Muffin, thank you! This comment made me smile so wide. <3

But also! I have written more. Lots more. Lots and lots more Gwenvid shit. I am actually the Queen of Gwenvid Trash Mountain, and I have built a mountain out of Gwenvid trash. 

Like, I’m not kidding. We’re talking 10 stories and over 137,000 words of Gwenvid shit. Holy shit what the fuck have I been doing with the past year? Why am I not even a little bit ashamed of this?

In addition to all of my Gwenvid week stuff – which is almost over, holy smokes! I’ll both miss it and enjoy actually getting to sleep before 4 am – we have:

  • The Adventures of Tigger and Eeyore: 14 chapters of friends-to-lovers fluff. Actually, 13 chapters of friends-to-lovers fluff and then 1 chapter of shameless smut, but close enough for government work. (Sidenote: This title is one of my favorite things I’ve ever come up with and words cannot express how much I love it.) Complete
  • Tigger & Eeyore: Camp Campbell and Beyond: The sequel! Sequels are never as good as the original, are they? Currently in-progress, so … try not to want to die at where it currently ends, because it’s … feelings.
  • Whatever You Say, Boss: I have a whole collection of Gwenvid AUs, most of them incomplete and some of them even good! This is one of the good ones, I think; it’s a crime AU that … definitely resembles the Fake AH Crew universe. Try not to notice that. In-Progress
  • Destiny’s Kinda Overrated: Another AU, in which I apparently misunderstand that soulmate tattoo AUs are supposed to not be endless misery and angst. Awkward. Minor Jaspid in there as well as Gwenvid, because Jaspid is pure and beautiful. In-Progress
  • Maybe a Little Bit Personal: @doritofalls​ made a gorgeous Serial Killer David AU and I just … vomited Gwenvid all over it. May include a third chapter now that the show’s given us an actual for-realsies serial killer, but at the moment this one’s complete.
  • Nature Family: The only one that isn’t technically Gwenvid, but about David adopting Nikki because that’s the cutest goddamn idea in the world (© @ciphernetics​). Complete
  • Like this place wasn’t enough of a zoo?: The Hybrid AU nobody asked for. David is a kitty and Gwen is a bighorn sheep and there’s a lot more blood than any of us anticipated. In-Progress
  • Worth Saying: Drabbles! Lots and lots of Gwenvid drabbles with excellent prompts. In-Progress
  • 23 Days: Bonvid drabbles with some minor Gwenvid, because I think Bonvid deserves so much more attention than it gets. It’s cute as hell, okay? In-Progress
  • Together: Cowritten with @hopefullypessimistic84, this is where I took her Jaspid-adopts-Max adorableness and she took my Gwenvid and we smushed them together to create the OT3 that we’re desperately trying to make happen. Complete

Holy … wow, I’ve written a lot. It’s so intense-looking all smushed together like that, huh? I’ll be uploading my Gwenvid week posts to AO3 at some point, but that probably won’t happen until I get some free time in between my applying for jobs and crying. Also, depending on the response to this ask, there might be Gwenvid smut. A series filled with lots and lots of Gwenvid smut written by either @ciphernetics or I. (And if I have any say in what it’s called, it will carry over the current title, The Pornkedex, because that is the second best thing I’ve ever come up with.)

Anyway, thank you for being so wonderful and kind, and I’m sorry to smack you in the face with a wall of text.