my shame is true


This is from my heart.


Well Art Requests are still taking awhile-*distant voice*CAUSE YA KEEP PROCRASTINATING!*

Ahem-Here the first part of a redraw comic.

anonymous asked:

Guilty Nonny, lemme just tell you this. I played the game in the most suggested order possible and Jumin Han is still my true end, which I absolutely have no shame about it.

👆he’s my canon starlight boy.

And to be honest I hate the emotional manipulation of the breadcrumbs call. Especially if you subscribe to reset theory, which thankfully I don’t.


it’s hard to come up with lies when your truth already involves so much weird stuff


Behold, the maskless raccoon bandit in all his glory.

According to the people who made the Unmasked mod, they couldn’t save his hair when they were making the mod, hence the lack of hair here. Also, it seems like NRS didn’t bother to work on his mouth animation because he’s either wearing his mask or bandanna the whole time.

Either way, this is pretty much Erron Black’s true face, and he looks quite cool (and handsome-ish). Not like that … other edit that floated around a while back.