my sewing is shit on this project

Anyways here’s Delsin.  Either his favourite colours are gold and green, or that’s all he can seem to find on this hellscape of a planet.  Likes to sew, embroidery, and attach knickknacks to his shit in his down time.

Bedtime 18 Oct 17

I have gotten all the seams done on my current hand-sewing project, and the hem at the neck and one of the arm-hole hems is started and my hands hate me. Lots. (Jewelry pliers are fantastic for pulling needles through four layers of muslin. Or in the case of the hems I’ve started on, eight layers.)

Also, I have watched a complete season of Leverage today. Plus the first episode of the next. Three more seaons of Leverage to go. And the bottom hem, a second arm-hole hem, and the rest of the first arm-hole hem to get through.

My hands are going to be screaming agony by the end of the week, but it will be worth it. Because I will have a nice light weight sleeveless thing to wear under the sixty pounds of buttons and damask fabric at Philcon, so I am less likely to overheat.

(Next bit of screaming agony: finishing sewing the buttons onto the coat. There’s a reason I gave up my embroidery and mostly gave up hand-sewing, and this is it. On the other hand, all cotton. Including the thread. No itchy synthetics.)

(Also, on the subject of Leverage - I would like to punch Jim Sterling in his smug bastard face. He’s got very pretty suits, and if he just shut up and sat there, he might be aesthetically pleasing. But damn if he’s not the kind of person I’d gladly break ribs of if given the opportunity. As a character, he’s growing on me, though. He’s really great as a character. And I still want to break his face. Breaking it with a baseball bat may be better than employing my already cranky hands, though.)

Edit: this post has inaccuracies! I’ve bolded them and put corrections in italics. I didn’t want to delete this post because it’s one of my most popular ones. Thanks for bearing with me. Also the face in this is killing me. It looked like fucking moldy drac guts back when I posted this picture originally—do me a favor and don’t leave my blog thinking my “replica” ended up like this. It did end up pretty damn shit, but better than this.

        Boiiiiiiii so mousekat is sitting on my messy ass floor, unfinished, until I finish off my jeans and maybe jacket. Looks pretty sad.

My plan as of now is to fill (using watered down model magic) and sand the face and ears one more time, use a shit ton of filler primer on it, paint it, and use some kind of gloss finish on it. Also need to remake the eyes with a slightly thinner metal border -the borders of the eyes, in the original Mousekat, actually appear to be poly resin rather than metal- , sew down the edges of the fur, and extend the breathing tube a little bit -that was a bad idea–it ended up too long-. Then my baby will be done -nah gene you never finished it we all know you’re a lazy turd-.

During mousekat’s months long process, I’ve changed my mind on a few things. I’ve never seen original mousekat in person obviously, so I don’t REALLY know what the face and base are made from, but throughout this project I’ve built a pretty good idea of it. I’m pretty sure the face and ears were cast professionally out of some sort of semi-flexible plastic -as of now, I’m fairly sure it was either 3-D printed or cast out of poly resin-, about ¼ of an inch thick. As of the base, I think it either isn’t there at all, or is made from a motorcycle helmet. There’s pretty much no way to know for sure. -It’s true there’s no way to know for sure, but currently I’m thinking the base is made out of the same poly resin as the face and ears-
Mine is made from foam and model magic, and from looking at video of mousekat, I think it’s a good deal lighter than the original. It also rests further back on my head that original mousekat would have, which is part of why I’m speculating that the base of the original didn’t go around the back of the head, or didn’t exist at all. -I now think it did exist, because the head does keep its form and appears rigid-

All in all, my mousekat is probably not a terrible replica -nah gene it’s pretty shitty but you tried-, and definitely better than the first mousekat I made (which was horrible). It’s definitely recognizable to anyone who’s watched any videos including mousekat, which is really what I was going for. So I guess for now, I’m satisfied.

In the future, because I’m 1000% sure my danger days obsession isn’t going to fuck off -this is actually right for once-, I’ll probably -definitely- make another mousekat, as accurate as possible. I’ll be able to spend a lot more money on it -ha ha fucking broke ass little bitch that’s not happening-, probably be able to 3-D print the face and ears -currently planning to cast the entire head out of poly resin instead-, and get the shape a lot more accurate. It’s gonna be cool as fuck

i have no right to say i can sew
  • me: *cannot sew in a straight line*
  • me: *uses pins, still can't sew a straight line*
  • me: *measures everything, STILL can't sew a straight line*
  • me: fuck it *never measures anything and suffers later*
  • me: there are different thread types?
  • me: i... can take the needle out of this machine?
  • me: what's a ballpoint needle
  • me: why can't i sew this jersey stretch fabric????
  • me: oh.
  • me: i don't even fux with zippers
  • me: where do i even find a zipper foot google is so VAGUE
  • me: *forgets seam allowance as usual*
  • me: i can't even read templates
  • me: my sewing machine is eating this fabric.. again
  • me: *thread breaks* *JUMPS RIGHT OUT OF SKIN*
  • me: *pile of wasted thread to my immediate left*
  • me: i don't even know what this foot is for.
  • me: *breaks a sweat from sewing* ???? why???
  • me: *touches toe to foot pedal gingerly* hhhhhhhHHHH
  • me: why do i even sew??? what the fuck
  • me: *puts off sewing project for exactly a year and a half* ok

mickeycookies  asked:

Oh my god, the tracker thing. Could you imagine? Tadashi probably went to Honey's lab one day and said "You think you can teach me to sew?" and she'd agree excitedly before curiosity gets the best of her and she asks why to which he replies "oh, no reason" but it's to freakin sew trackers into Hiro's clothes because he's a little shit that gets into trouble so often XD

Omg yes Honey teaching Tadashi how to sew could you imagine how much that would be but tadashi is literally doing it because hiro cannot stay out of trouble for five minutes 

but because he doesn’t tell honey the reason she takes it as general interest and is always bringing little projects for him to help her with for her online boutique and he’s too nice to turn her down