my setlock

Setlock Evening 27.04.16

The filmed only inside the London Aquarium this evening and even closed early for this.

Ben was there, he drove past and waved at us.

There were also 3 supporting actors. We didn’t recognize any of them, but they were wearing police uniforms.

Ben was just in there for a pretty short time, then they filmed more scenes just with the SAs. They also did some shots from Westminster Bridge, but without any actors, so just for some establishing shots.

And last, but certainly not least, we were informed of one Very Important bit of information: Martin was actually filming with Ben in the MI6 building earlier and it was a closed set. As far as we know, it was just the two of them together (yay!), not even with Mycroft.

listen, mrs hudson is totally gonna be the one driving that aston martin. speeding to pick up john because sherlock’s in trouble and his husband needs to fucking help, and if that means hudders has to go out there and get john her damn self, then by god that’s what she’s gonna do. she gets an escort from a couple of lestrade’s friends, skids into the drive, pulls john by the ear out of some fancy ass dinner party he’s been dragged to, gives mary the finger as she leaves, throws on her shades, and is already burning rubber before john even closes his door.