my setlist

my ideal setlist would be 

(not in particular order)

  1. M1A1
  2. Feel good inc
  3. Clint Eastwood
  4. El manana
  5. 19-2000
  6. Last living souls
  7. Dirty Harry
  8. O green world
  9. Kids with guns
  10. Every planet we reach is dead
  11. Dare
  12. All alone
  13. White light
  14. Fire coming out of the monkey’s head
  15. 5/4
  16. Tomorrow comes today
  17. Rehash
  18. New genius
  19. Double bass
  20. Man research
  21. Latin simone (english ver)
  22. Rock the house
  23. Starshine
  24. Slow country
  25. Hongkong
  26. On Melancholy hill
  27. To binge
  28. Empire ants
  29. Rhinestone eyes
  30. Punk
  31. Sound check (gravity)
  32. Amarillo (why tf does he never play this)
  33. Sleeping powder
  34. She’s my collar
  35. Andromeda
  36. Busted and blue
  37. Dont get lost in heaven
  38. Demon days
  39. Stylo
  40. Sex murder party
  41. We’ve got the power
  42. Ascension
  43. Garage palace

ok i know this would take like 3 hours but that’s exactly how it should be!!!

Listening intently to Leader

Rosi’s Ideal Arctic Monkeys Setlist

Shoutout to @monsieurlennon @jossmayfair @arcticmonkeyys @train-inthedistance and @esparafuso for tagging me in this painful and brain breaking exercise.

What would your current perfect Arctic Monkeys set list be?
Rules: TLSP and Submarine Soundtrack are off the table but all the AM b-sides are obviously fair game. OKAY let’s do this: Cap 20 songs including the encore (and in order!!) 

(First off. PICKING ONLY 20 SONGS IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. IT’S LIKE WHEN SOMEONE ASKS ME WHAT MY FAVE AM RECORD IS. Spoiler alert, they’re all my faves. This is like asking a parent to choose a favourite child. Anyway, moving on to this monumental task.)

1- Do I Wanna Know? (I have an intense feeling of nostalgia for the dramatic instrumental intro from the AM era. I swear that intro could raise me from the dead.)

2- I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Bonus points if Alex yells out “Señoritas” before starting the song.)

3- The View From The Afternoon (Matt would ABSOLUTELY KILL IT ON THE DRUMS. Bang bang Mr. Drummer Man. Y’all are welcome for that visual.)

4- Fluorescent Adolescent (Cue nostalgia because “The best you’ve ever had is just a memory”. Just punch me in the gut. It would hurt less.)

5- Do Me A Favour (Nostalgia Intensifies.)

6- Cornerstone (I’d like for the audience to pull out cell phones and lighters and wave them in the air dramatically as they belt out this particular tune.)

7- My Propeller (Get everyone going again. Ladies and gentlemen, start your propellers.)

8- Crying Lightning (The guitars in this give me life.)

9- Brianstorm (Mat killing it on the drums once again.)

10 - She’s Thunderstorms (Another guitar-giving-me-life song. Also notice the weather theme.)

11- Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair (The intro to this song also gives me life. Also Alex’s hip movements during this. Only real 90’s kids remember. Reblog if you’re a true 90’s kid.)

12- Library Pictures (#1: The instruments in this song. LIFE GIVING. #2: MOSH PIT.)

13- Fireside (Cue visual of potatoes in a pot, the water reaching a rolling boil. You stare at the bubbling water and feel nostalgia for some nameless lover. Second hand yearning.)

14- Only Ones Who Know (From 0 to 100 real quick. Yearning intensifies.)

15- I Wanna Be Yours (Cell phones and lighters in the air. Sway to the beat. Feel the music cleanse your soul.)

16- Arabella (Allow Alex’s hip movements and stripper moves to kill you slowly and revive you all at once.)



18- R U Mine? (The formerly deceased audience returns from the afterlife after hearing the first notes of this song.)

19- Little Illusion Machine (Alex announces a surprise guest. You cannot believe your eyes as Miles Fucking Kane walks onto the stage. THE AUDIENCE FUCKING RIOTS. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE IN THE MOST AWESOME WAY.)

20- 505 (Alex and Miles perform this pressed against one another as they share a microphone a la TLSP. Tears of joy wash over the faces of everyone in attendance.)

appreciation post for trees (live)

as soon as you hear the first few notes, it starts. the cries of thanks belong to worn out individuals in the crowd, and you can hear by the desperation in their cracked voices that the “you saved me”s and “i love you”s are raw and genuine. when tyler starts to sing, there’s no screaming or shouting. everybody is singing in unison and the voices of the people around you fill up and echo through the entire venue, sending chills through your body. if you close your eyes you might just be able to evaporate into the sound. the words are drawn out and they slightly run into one another but it doesn’t matter because you’re all here together, not merely existing, but alive. before you know it, tyler and josh are on the crowd, and everybody is giving them all the energy they have left, and you suddenly feel okay. for a rare moment, you’re thankful that everything that has happened to you has led you to this moment. when the show is over and you’re stumbling out of the venue hand in hand with your friend, your throat is sore, your ears are ringing and your vision is slightly blurry, but your heart is bursting with everything you haven’t felt in a long while.

in the words of tyler himself, “this is music. this is why we’re here. this is why we stayed alive.”