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tbh this is one of the best bits of mbmbam, and highly underrated  

if vicchan’s own version of a katsudon™ as yuuri’s birthday present isn’t the purest thing ever then idk what else is

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Are all those sims in your recent pose post sim selves? Sorry if this question made no sense and sorry if this is a dumb question.

Not a silly question at all! 

soo, the male sim in the green shirt is my boyfriends simself, and the girl in the grey shirt is my simself! The girl next to me in the white top is a sim based on one of my irl friends! The two males together are just two of my random sims! The blonde sim is the sister of a sim @aandidas created for me! (which I use in my story, she’s called Natalia, her sister here is called Lydia) Andd the sim crouching is ofc, the lovely @our-dazed-sims!! 

It’s funny that you asked this!! Because I actually wanted to create some of my irl friends as sims to use for this pose preview?? But I ran out of time xD 

Your Dearest

Author: Billowsandbreeze

Rating: T for flirting

Pairing: Jaal Ama Darav x Sierra Ryder

Summary: Sierra receives an email from Jaal and feelings are laid bare.

Author’s Notes: I wanted to try to capture that gut-clenching, excited, nervous moment right when a flirting relationship is about to take that next step. Jaal’s emails were so good at inducing that feeling. So, hopefully I did it justice.

(Spoilers for Jaal’s emails. I included the full text of one in this.)

“Good morning, Pathfinder.”

Groaning, Sierra throws an arm across her face as the cabin lights brighten too soon against the back of her lids.

She grumbles beneath her breath and rolls into her pillow. “You don’t have to do that as soon as you feel me wake up, SAM. Give me at least five minutes to get my bearings.”

“Noted, Pathfinder.” There’s a momentary pause. “You have unread email at your terminal.”

Taking in a deep breath, Sierra blinks rapidly, trying to erase the fatigue and sleep from her eyes. SAM clearly isn’t going to let her stay in bed any longer, and he’s right to do so. The display on her nightstand tells her they’re almost to Kadara. So, with another groan, she sits up.

“Okay,” she says in a rushing exhale and gets to her feet. She runs a hand through her hair and makes her way to the terminal. Email first, then coffee, and then Kadara Port.

The messages are routine—Tann reminding her of their position on the outlaws, a colonist on Eos asking for help, Lexi sending her diagrams of yoga poses to help with her stress—but one toward the bottom catches her eye.

A communication from your friend Jaal

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*Controversial* Two Ghosts Comentary

Ok so this has been eating at me and I wasn’t going to say anything because you exhale in this fandom and someone gets offended, but…I just need to point it out since I haven’t seen someone else do it??

I think the reason why I can’t totally get down with Two Ghosts is because it’s a huge mirror of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. We all know how much Harry loves that band, to the point where all he did for a tour was listen to Dark Side of the Moon, so it’s no surprise to pick up influences but….the wording and the tempo??? Is almost exactly the same if you listen to both???

The parts in particular that I’m talking about is when Harry sings, “Were just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me, trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat.”

Pink Floyd’s song is, “We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year. Running over the same old ground…”

The messages of the songs are reflective and that one section sounds EXACTLY the same if you listen. It just kind of loses originality for me and not because I think Harry would ever rip off another artist (don’t confuse what I’m saying for that), but because it’s already been done. And I think Harry subconsciously semi-replicated the same iconic song.

Okie, that is all !


Chapter 3: Episode 5

        I was silent as we exited the nightclub; the familiar front for all of Zedd’s back alley dealings. He was the type of man that everyone whispered about, and no one crossed. That included me. Though, my reasons were more… sentimental.
        I suppose that’s why I was in this position.
        “So,” the kid’s voice floated up to me, just as whiny and grating as I had imagined it to be. “Are you like… Mrs. Mob Boss?”
        I stopped short, jerking my head back so I could glare at him over my shoulder. “What did you just say?”
        “Uh…” His blue-grey eyes went wide before narrowing in confusion, and when he continued, that same hesitance shown in his words. “You’re like… his woman? Ya know? Like Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Joker and Harley?”
         “If you want to live long and unimpeded, don’t ever call me that again,” I said darkly.
         He blinked. “Harley Quinn?”
         I grit my teeth. “A woman.”

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A Warrior’s Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Forty-Five

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding, and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think.

RATING: Mature

Loki groaned, his shoulder stiffly creaked as he stretched it. It had become somewhat weakened with its lack of use as he rested to aid his recovery. He looked to the horizon and smiled, seeing Asgard again was something he refused to believe was a possibility as he watched the days go by while he tried to will his body to heal. He had thought of Nafi, Maebh and the child she carried incessantly. As far as he was concerned, that was all that pulled him through as he prayed daily to the Gods for them.

He watched the villages go by as his vessel made its way between the fjords watching as it became clear another raid was being prepared for. He sighed to himself, knowing it was likely he would not be going on it, the first one he had not been on since he reached manhood, but all he wanted was to see his family.

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Apartment 5108 // 14

Apartment 5108 — ft. Oh Sehun
// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language — in later chapters

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13


I deteriorated in silence, grieving within the confines of my mind.

As a child, I grew accustomed to hiding my pain. Whether if it was physical or emotional, there wasn’t an outlet available to show how the unhappiness my parents granted me distorted my personality. I had no help. No shoulder to lean upon for advice. However dire the circumstances, I wasn’t permitted to hold the hand of another regardless if they were family or friend. I couldn’t ask for assistance because my father declared requiring the aid of others meant I harbored a weakness. I was forced to perform solely based on my own merits throughout every struggle. 

For years, I managed to survive on this singular practice. I coped with every adversity thrown at me and continued to live—just barely. Yet, there was no denying how far I had fallen throughout the passing weeks; how unraveled I became while suffocating within the shell of my skin. 

I tried. I attempted within my capabilities and entrusted my willpower into everything I was taught to surpass this ordeal. 

But I retreated into the sanctuary of my mind and remained there with my questions of what ifs, creating various scenarios perhaps in hopes of it all resulting in a different or better way. Nothing I came up with was of substance and there was no method in preventing the damage from forming fissures inside my head. Not even with my parents did I wholly succumb to the futile disappointments. I hid away. I was beyond reach and slowly broke while waiting for the last fragment to shatter everything that I was and am.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. I wasn’t certain if I would remain in one piece or if I could withstand the obstacle I was dealt.

Because I never experienced a heartache to this degree.

For minutes, hours, and countless days, I allowed Sehun to consume my lingering thoughts. Every breath I breathed was a singular whisper in his honor. Every person I came into contact with was a reminder of the man no longer next to me and every dreary memory was drawn up against the letters to his name. Our parting devoured the well of my affections until I was on the last thread. I reached the very tip of the cord and I finally realized—


I endured through enough.

And I suffered—far enough.

With Sehun. With my mom and dad. With the expanse of my entire life. 

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Dear Ge'els, I would like to ask you some questions: - Who were your parents and what were their names? - Do you have any siblings? - How old are you? - Who is your best friend? - Do you think that all humans are evil? - What do you think about Imlerith or Caranthir? - Do you like painting? - Do you have a wife and children? - Are all elves Aen Elle do not like humans? - Is Avallac'h your friend? - Why did you paint this portrait in the middle of the night? Do you have sleep problems?

[brings out a family journal] 

I had nearly forgotten about it myself, it’s been decades, centuries ago. Would you care for some tea? This will be quite long indeed. Please, take a seat. My servant will bring out some refreshments for you.

I was born into a noble and rich family, here in the capital of Tir ná Lia. My father never hailed from any noble family himself, but he married my mother, the eldest daughter of a high-ranking family of society. Thus, my father claimed his noble rank, as well as worked his way up to become the viscount of Auberon’s court. My mother, Evadne, whose name means “nymph of water”, was a gentle beauty, and my father, Galan, became a respected advisor to Auberon. I grew up at court under the watchful eye of both Auberon and my father. We became very close to the royal family.

I’m an only child. Though, I grew up with Lara Dorren, daughter of Auberon and Shiadhal. My father and Auberon were close companions, resulting in mine and Lara’s early acquaintance as children. However, we barely got along. She was too impulsive, too ruled by emotion. We played together much as children, yet we disagreed in many subjects, on many occasions. 

I was born a decade ahead of Lara, yet our small difference in age mattered little. I am barely four centuries old now, a mere decade younger than Crevan.

I was acquainted with Crevan for many decades since my arrival at court, we were both at a similar age. When we were all living in Tir ná Lia, Lara included, I had great admiration for Crevan, and considered him a close companion. Both of us were entirely faithful to our king Auberon, our close connection lead to the coming together of Lara and Crevan. He, of course, eventually fell in love with her. Lara knew of this, yet she did not reciprocate his feelings. When the events of Lara’s death occurred, it struck Auberon hard, he became a crippled version of his former self. I was affected as well, I grew up with Lara, even though my sentiments for her were brittled. Not to mention how it affected Crevan. It seeded conflict between our friendship, as it had since the moment he started growing affections for Lara, a woman of which I felt lacked better judgement. And our friendship suffered even more after our dear departed King’s death.

I dislike the human race, and the world they’re from. They lack honor, righteousness, they hunger for power whilst lust rules their mind. Evil is a subjective term, one of which I’d not use lightly. However, speaking of them summons a great deal of distaste in my mouth. 

Caranthir grew up near me, as he was raised and reared by Crevan, he was the youngest of the cavalry. Imlerith, quite young too, was the perfect soldier to Eredin. He was steadfast, loyal and brave. Caranthir became more or less like Crevan in many ways, learning from the person he’d spent most time around growing up. I admired this trait in Caranthir, as I had admired Crevan. I viewed Caranthir as a ward of a kind, someone I had witnessed growing up, and occasionally tutored. I’ll admit, however, I wasn’t very fond of Imlerith. We rarely agreed on matters, as he valued many things above my own preferences, such as drinking, fiests, pleasures of the flesh, lust. These distractions I associated with the simple minds of the Aen Seidhe, not the folk of the Alder. Perhaps our vast age gap also lead to a great degree of indifference between us. I cared for Caranthir, he was the ward and student of my friend, yet I felt he was much too bold at times, too proud, this is where he strayed from our lectures. 

Painting is one of my most enjoyable hobbies, and greatest talents. 

No, I’m not married, nor do I have any children. You see, mating in the world of the Aen Elle is largely different from your own, I imagine. We only mate whenever we need to pass on an important gene, or keep a specific blood line alive, occasionally create prodigies, such as Caranthir. Crevan and Lara were meant to marry and reproduce for this reason, as was Caranthir meant to become a golden child. I was born into a noble family, indeed, yet I never carried any important genes, thus I was never obligated to carry them onward.

True, none I’ve met have even bothered with the existence of the Aen Seidhe. Lara was the exception, she never did care for obligations and principles. She was an idealist, indeed, and she cared for her people. Yet her own personal gain and emotional wants mattered much more. Though, I doubt she held much affections for the entirety of their race, only for one human, Cregennan. The only reason our people have even bothered with the Aen Seidhe is their purpose of keeping them as slaves, servants, maids of any kind. Eredin was interested in destroying their species, nothing more. The humans interfered with our plans for Lara, however, and now we must suffer their existence. 

As I was saying earlier, our friendship took a toll after the death of our King. I never doubted his loyalty to Auberon, yet my love for him seeped much deeper, I was prepared to sacrifice all for my king, as my father would’ve. When Auberon died, I was convinced Zireael had been the one responsible. She was the only one in that room, he died in her presence. I never knew Eredin was at fault. At the time of his death, Crevan soon left the capital without a word, and later sided with Zireael. An official act of treason to the state, a massive betrayal to me. I never cared for Zireael either, I saw too much of Lara in her, too much impulse, too much power within one who could never learn to control it properly. Lara would’ve come to break Crevan’s heart, in full conscience. She knew he loved him, but never cared a wit about it. As I doubted Zireael’s judgement equally. When Crevan arrived alongside the witcher Geralt to the Moon Palace, it had been the first we spoken since his betrayal. Crevan wanted to show me the truth, as he did. I understood then that he had never betrayed me. I quickly turned to Eredin, to avenge Auberon’s death. Afterwards, I was indifferent to it all. The supposed betrayal of Crevan still wounded me, yet I knew it wasn’t true. Once Zireael had supposedly entered the tower to stop the White Frost, I received another visit from Crevan. Foolishly enough, he thought he had been pardoned, yet I was still reluctant to his presence there, after everything that had happened. He spoke to me about the dangers, he said he had come to take me from this place, before it was too late. I had no intention of living another existence in a world I abhorred, so I politely declined the offer. He didn’t leave, however. He wished to remain at my side until time would run out. At that point, he were to leave to supervise Zireael at a distance. 

I prefer nighttime to daytime, inspiration comes to me lighter. And the nights are considerably calmer, more to my liking. 

To Two Undiscerning Writers

Three years ago I started the Sherlock series
without any notion of any queer love theories,
I barely knew the leads would be a pair
and thus I believe my point of view was fair.

When the army doctor met the young detective,
immediately it gained an interesting perspective.
The charming gifted stranger donning a black suit
gave John Watson a wink that screamed ‘meet cute’.

So went the introduction to his new flatmate,
with Stamford as a symbolical ‘Red String of Fate’.
I hardly could believe this show was really gay,
for all we ever answer to are cold 'won’t they?’

They went on 'Not A Date’, a candle set the mood,
John said 'Do you have a boyfriend? No? Good.’
From then has been used every single love trope:
'held gaze’, 'hand holding’, 'sleep cute’, 'knee grope’.

A 'Declaration of Protection’ was Sherlock’s last stance
right before a mention of the 'Dance of Romance’.
The follow-through was an 'Aborted Declaration of Love’,
to touch John one last time, the man removed his glove.

Yet to what end my sentiments were lured
to believe in this age queer love would not be obscured
and to what aim touch them in two thousand seventeen
if still these characters aren’t allowed to kiss on-screen? 

On the XY&Z Finale

So… XY&Z finally comes to an end…

In all honesty, especially all the hype and anticipation of the ending that I’d been giving it, I found myself worried that it wouldn’t meet my expectations.

How wrong I was.

This is pretty close to the perfect ending for this series as I could’ve hoped for, at least in my opinion. While I wish we had a bit more on the Bonnie-Ash and Clemont-Serena fronts, that seems to go hand in hand with the rest of the series lack of focus, but for all that, I’m thankful for the time spent on what we had, even giving Mairin and Alain a proper sendoff.

The flashbacks, while I know a few might critique the re-use of old footage in such an important episode, felt well placed. Each character got focus, had their most promiment, emotional, or stand-out moments given a last hurrah. It was a great way to help encapsulate the breadth of their journey in the time they had to show it, and it was certainly a fond look back for me.

We had all the pokemon saying their goodbyes. Chespin and Pancham, Sylveon and Bunnelby, Pikachu and Bunnelby, Hawlucha and Luxray, and so much more. Even at that point I was starting to feel emotional over it. And then we came to Bonnie and Dedenne, and as I’m told, Bonnie swearing to become a trainer, to earn a badge from Clemont, to compete against Serena in a showcase, and to even beat Ash and Pikachu one day. While I couldn’t understand most of it, the emotional sentiment was powerful enough to move me to tears, the first of many times in the episode.

And even though Bonnie is herself a child, she knows that this is all for the best, and even she’s growing up, and is helping to care for something akin to another child’s sorrow in the process: That of Dedenne. My darling lemon child is going to make a great trainer, and more, one day.

Then we came to Serena’s goodbye. And gosh, how much I love her in this, and the series as a whole. I’ll admit that early on in the series, I felt some form of discontentment about how long it was taking her to decide on a goal, but in retrospect, given the build-up, the expositions of the various facets of Showcases before they were even shown to exist, was actually fairly well done. And it was paired with her uncertainty, her wrestling with her path forward, and what that would actually come to be.

Fast-forward through the series. Her growing resolve, conviction, skills, and self-confidence, and we arrive at this final crucial moment. Her riding down that escalator…

Only to run back up and finally give that kiss that she’d probably been wanting to give him for a good part of their journey together. In my mind, that scene was so tastefully done. I know there are some wondering why it wasn’t shown on screen, but then I love that it’s left to our imagination. Because in fact, Serena probably could’ve only imagined what it felt like for the longest time, and then she got to know it first hand. Conversely, we knew about this desire, but then, we’re left to imagine the payoff. The inversion feels not only incredibly well executed, but doesn’t overglamourize the gesture itself.

This whole act isn’t just to show the intensity of Serena’s affection for Ash. This was to also contrast the growth of her courage and personality over the course of the series. The girl who went from being unable to hold his hand, to launching into a quick kiss of her own accord. I’m proud of Serena, and her development stands alongside that of characters like May and Dawn for me. She’s going places, and I for one would love to hear about her exploits in Hoenn and how she’ll continue to reach for her dreams with the new resolve she’s found.

And finally, we end where we started:

Ash versus Clemont.

A battle between Bunnelby and Pikachu is the perfect way to book-end the series. And while it may parallel the way they start, the battle’s progression is certainly no copy of their battles before. They bring all their new strategies, moves, and lessons learned to the table. They’re doing what they do best for each other: Driving each other to greater heights, to bring out their best, whether it be through planning, tactics, or instincts. They’re so engrossed in it, making it a final great farewell between the two of them, that they’re sweating from the intensity. Only these two share such a love of battle that they’ll make the meeting and farewell in this manner. We may not get to see all of it, but we know that regardless of who won, or who lost, they both gained something from their meeting and from their journey together.

Clemont’s emotional, if grateful, look as Ash’s plan flew off in the end only cemented that in his and my mind as Ash’s final moments in Kalos came to a close.

And with that, my family has parted. And now Ash is left with memories of a great journey, and so are we. Coupled with an iconic song for the series, we had a chance to relive them once again, and while I’ve been vocal of my misgivings of the ways that the writers, handled certain characters, relationships, and what have you, I can honestly say that I loved this series. And as the first series I’ve watched air live in my adulthood, I feel like it was fantastic, exciting, and invigorating. And further, this finale capped it off in a spectacular way.  Neither the series, nor the episode were perfect, nor will anything in the pokemon anime ever be, but I will carry fond memories of this series forward in my life, and I know that coming back to it, its characters, its battles, its journey, will help me through tough times ahead.

Thank you, Pokemon XY&Z, for a great three years that have allowed me to become a part of a fandom, a part of the fic-writers community, a part of the RP community, a part of a group of friends, and even now, a part of a relationship.

I will carry the memories onward in my heart with great fondness and appreciation, just like Serena, Clemont, Bonnie and Ash will.


└ Beloved OT3~ 

Cr: VS Arashi 21.07.2016


I started my tumblr 6 years ago.

I found tumblr through weheartit during a brief phase of hipster photo love.

My tumblr as a way of embracing that I was a nerd and posting about other nerd girls at a time when being nerdy (especially girls) wasn’t as heavily accepted or marketed. Since then tumblr has gone way beyond what I ever expected.

I’ve gotten hundreds of inappropriate anon messages that I ignore.

My first hate was a reblog of a photo of myself saying “This is why I don’t follow nerdygirllove. She posts slutty girls in glasses, not real nerds” and it bothered me for longer than I like to admit.

Devin of NudityandNerdery has become my closest tumblr friend. He had like 3 followers when I became his friend. :)

Nathan Fillion never made my nerd crush list before I stopped making them.

Most of the original tumblrs I followed are gone now.

Kate Leth of KateorDie made my currant icon in exchange for a little promotion. I bought a copy of her first comic. I’m incredibly impressed with how far she has come.

Some of my favorite gifts and sentiments were from my followers. 

My real life little sister runs the blog creepygirllove which I kind of forced her into when I got popular.

I was called fat and ugly several times on tumblr, but not even half as many times as I’ve been called beautiful and awesome.

I started my tumblr when tumblarity still existed and I created at least three original posts for every one reblog.

I use to post a nerdy question every week and do “Submission Saturdays” where my followers sent me pictures of themselves. I miss getting submissions.

I have been in 3 relationships since I started this blog that I never talked about on here.

I have been recognized from my blog twice in public.

I have only had three icons in 6 years colored version of this picture I drew was my icon before that and a photo of me before that.

I have gone through a lot of hard times and debated deleting my tumblr several times because of anxiety and depression but I can’t seem to give up the people I love on here.

Thank you Tumblr.