my sentiments were

so recently i found out that Gaia Online took zOMG! down which made me super upset. 

I remembered when zOMG went out back in 2008 but my PC was too weak to make it work and I still tried to play it and the lag was massive but I still loved it to bits. memories, man, memories.

so i went for quick sketch with my lovely zombie avatar. can’t give up on this one.

anonymous asked:

Not everything in inbox is for the masses but when Erin leaked that SS that Lisa shared with her in confidence, that was ok? #Cassiethedoublestandardqueen

I’ve never once commented on what I think about Erin leaking SS, so chill the fuck out before you throw down your hashtags. 😂 My sentiments were about how Erin was treated by her so-called friends, and run out of a group in which she went from being popular to outcast in a matter of hours.