my sense of humour is terminally sick

It is a fact that according to Clark Gregg, he used to be “a bad boy”, hence the fandom assumption that Coulson used to be the same in his uni years.

It is also a fact, that Clark Gregg and Titus Welliver (a.k.a. Agent Felix Blake) shared a dorm at NYU.

So it was only fair…


See for yourselves.

I can explain.

Tonight is Walpurgisnacht, which is the night the witches and all evil things should party [don’t ask me, I just love collecting stories, okay? this one originates from German myths and superstitions, and I’ll be damned if I miss my chance to party]. And I might have had a too tough working week, which just begs me to paint something stupid enough [that also contains tobylmoore for some reasons I can’t even name - I can say that while keeping my face straight, yup]. And - yes, my excuse is also “Can’t Play Dead” by The Heavy [GO AND LISTEN, THEY ARE INGENIOUS], because what explains things better than a song?)))

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