my selfie game is strong today


Happy two year anniversary to my homeboys Monsta X!
Also super happy because guess who’s seeing BTOB tonight??? Thank you @minhyuukk@babywoon​ and @kittyminhyuk for the bias selfie tag! A selfie from a month ago and two from today! I bleached the bottom portion of my hair :) and yes those are my BTS and SNK posters at the back LOL 

I know I promised that I was a Kihyun stan, but Wonho be testing me lately…but what can I do lol I’m powerless to resist

I will tag @ckihyun @jookyun @honeyheonie @jooheonypup @c-kyunjpg @hyunqvwon @ckyun @wonhoslegs for this. No pressure to participate if you’ve done it recently or don’t want to!!!


Life’s pretty damn boring if you never do anything different.


Shoutout to all my Black folk out there who don’t have perfect skin, who have dark circles or wrinkles under their eyes, who don’t wear makeup

who have moles, scars, birthmarks, stress and laugh lines

whose hair isn’t on point, whose eyebrows aren’t on fleek 

who have underbites, overbites, braces, headgear, crooked teeth or smiles

who don’t have the advantage of great lighting, who feel like they don’t meet the idea of “perfect beauty”, or aren’t slaying, or that their selfie game isn’t strong

It is strong. You are slaying. You are gorgeous,  handsome, stellar, stunning. You may not feel like it, and that’s ok. Self-love and confidence are an ongoing struggle. At the least, please hear that your look is worth admiration, your pictures are worth reblogging, you are worth celebrating.


(If anyone would like a boost - ever, not just today - feel free to @ me and I will do my best to keep track and reblog!)