my selfie game is strong today


I dyed my hair pink and purple today! But when I was laying outside taking selfies a spider crawled on me and now bees think I’m a flower so I’m inside protecting myself from the evil bugs


My makeup turned out bomb today but lighting was not on my side.


Hair today gone tomorrow. Shaving my head was one the best decisions I made this year. Cut it in June and haven’t looked back. Lol

My selfie game isn’t that strong but it’s manageable. Lol

So I finally got tagged in the 6 selfies of 2015 thing. Lol tagged by @powerinwords

I’m going to tag @boosabruhchill @thepleasureprinciple @cakesandhippyshakes @og-wan-kenobi I was going to tag @shehateme but he’s so against the selfie game. Smh lol


My eyeliner is giving me life today 👌🏻💯


Makeup inspired by the anon who was asking how to wear orange lipstick or if they even should. Life is too damn short to play it safe with something like makeup that’s so temporary. Wear the lipstick, trust me.


Channeling my inner 1950’s movie star today. Think…redheaded Marilyn Monroe on her day off 💋


Life’s pretty damn boring if you never do anything different.


My lips are actually glossy today? What? Has hell frozen over?