my self esteem is real bad

Give the awkward kid a compliment.

I was the ring bearer for my sister’s wedding when I was like 11 or 12 years old, and though I wasn’t exactly shy, I was kind of awkward and a little nerdy in new situations.  During the rehearsal, I did my part just fine, but just before the second take, the wedding planner said, “You have such a beautiful smile!  Make sure you smile this time, okay?”

I’ve battled with depression and low self-esteem off & on for most of my life, but even at my lowest points when I literally hated everything about myself and how I look, I still remembered that lady telling me I had a beautiful smile.

You never know what memories someone will take with them from childhood through adulthood, both good and bad.  I remember the bullying I got because I wasn’t straight, but I also remember that wedding rehearsal being the first time I didn’t feel like the ugly kid.

It’s good to focus on achievements and helping kids develop interests, but they still live in the real world, and society will always see what you look like before they see what you have to offer.  A little bit of validation can go a long way, and a genuine compliment for the shy awkward kid can really make a lasting impression.


I chocked laughing when I saw @sportarobbieislife’s post!! I told them I would get Bad Bradley done before I go to bed… AND I DID. I tried reblogging, but tumblr hates image reblogs and messed the sizing T-T

This is my own headcanon I thought of while drawing him, not to be taken seriously >w>;

Bad Bradely knows he’s a knock off and is proud to be number two! Actually no he suffers from crippling self-esteem issues who am I kidding, but he hides it REAL well. Bad Bradley has good posture and loves chaos and noise.

Why do I always get stuck with the stupid friends who let niggas blatantly disrespect them every single day and stay with them?

Yeah…that’s right. I called them stupid. I don’t care anymore. I’m tired of hearing all the crazy shit they gotta go through just so they can still be with his dumbass.

I don’t know any intelligent person WHO ISNT DEPENDENT on a nigga and WHOSE LIFE ISNT IN DANGER who allows someone to keep treating them like shit, complain about it all damn day, then can’t wait to go home to that nigga and spend all their money on him and do a bunch of nice shit for him.

How are you not completely fucking drained? How do you not recognize that he thinks so little of you? I mean, we’ve all had to deal with an aint-shit nigga once or twice, but you supposed to give that nigga one more chance after fucking up, and then when he fucks up again, you realize it wasn’t a mistake and he doesn’t care, and them you leave him and go love on yourself until a better man finds his way into ya life.

How do you give a nigga 500 chances bro and still think “He’s only human….” No. That nigga is not human. He’s the opposite of human. He’s inhumane. He’s a robot. That’s why it’s so easy for him to shit all over your face, hand you a baby wipe, and then do it all over again.

Like what the fuck man. I’m more tired and drained from hearing about the shit than they are and they the ones dealing with it! What the fuck happened to you I’m your life that makes you think this is okay? And there’s always a kid involved too. How you letting your kids watch a man treat you like this?

And IDC who try to make me feel bad or say I’m victim blaming or they just have low self esteem or whatever the case.


Are stupid.

And if you reading this right now and you in a relationship with a man that doesn’t make you happy, cheats on you, talks to you crazy, lives off of you, never makes you feel good about yourself, and you really just don’t even know why you’re with him tbh, IM TALKING TO YOU BITCH. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

honestly the gay babadook meme reminds me of something that’s always fascinated me? and i know this isnt universal and not everyone does this but ive noticed lgbt+ people tend to love horror characters? like just look at how much tumblr loves halloween

like in a world where a depressing amount of media paints us as monstrous or inhuman, we turn to characters DESIGNED to be monstrous and inhuman and decide they’re like us

and bad potrayals of trans and/or not strait people in fiction are a serious problem that do affect a lot of people’s self esteem and this doesnt fix that, but you see these characters meant to be one note unlovable monsters and you see people make post like “slenderman and the bye bye man are dating” or “the blair witch is a lesbian” or “mothman is real and trans and my boyfriend”

like we have monstrous traits projected unfairly onto us, and in turn we project humanity onto monsters

like i said, i know not everybody does this and im sure it makes some people uncomfy and im not like. some kind of scholar about gay and trans people but? this trend has always interested me ????

Alright, figured we could use a bit more Harrison appreciation/subtext, okay?

• Harrison is seen getting picked on by pretty much everybody. And these are people he could easily argue with, and heck, he could even fight half of them (looking at you Dolf). In other words, Harrison’s either a push over or has dealt with bullying before and just lets it happen

•  The bullying thing is definitely prominent when you take into account the quote ‘My mother says I’ll grow into my looks!’ meaning that someone not only told this child he was ugly, but it probably really got to him, hence why he remembers that quote so fondly

• Harrison is fucking terrified of himself, and I feel like people dont see this in his character- thinking of him as the somewhat suave, dorky magician. Y’all, when he says ‘oh no, my anger has manifested!’, he looks so fucking terrified

• in regards to anything but his magic, he has self esteem issues. think about it, other than magic, he just sort of takes any sort of bullying people give him. Oh, your art sucks? Yeah, he already kinda figured. His magic isn’t real? Watch him fuck with your head SO quick

• I get the feeling Harrison felt really bad when he scarred Max like that. He doesn’t look like he’d intentionally hurt anybody, and he probably doesn’t have full control of his powers

•  Y’all, let’s just take a minute to discuss his parents. Yeah, he made his brother disappear, which perfectly justifies their fear, but like??? They probably weren’t scared of him at first. They probably hated him, thought something was wrong with him. That’s why he was sent to camp- he says so himself

• Unless his brother was abusive to him, Harrison was probably scarred for life once he made his little brother disappear. Think about it, any confidence he had before that had to have been shattered- probably being rebuilt at camp as more and more people liked his magic


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the fact La'gaan has such deep self esteem problems breaks my heart and is just way to relatable to be ok. having had been seen as lesser or treated bad all on appearance hits home. La'gaan deserves happiness 2K17

Soooooo thoroughly agreed. And it doesn’t help that canonly Atlantis has just as many issues with racism as we’ve got in the real world. La’gaan is that perfect mix of someone who 1) is sweet and kindhearted despite everything he’s been through, 2) has experienced intense racism and bigotry, 3) refuses to accept the idea that he is inferior even though he can’t help the fact that he has internalized some of that discrimination, 4) keeps himself guarded to try to keep himself from getting hurt, and yet 5) keeps on reaching out and trying to make friends and help others no matter how much he gets slapped down.

Obviously I relate to him a lot. (I’ll admit how he handles himself when he’s angry and keeps trying to do the right thing past the point where most people would say ‘fuck it’ is something that resonates real strongly for me.)

He deserves all the happiness he can get and then some. Because honestly, I don’t know how anyone can look at this face–

–and hate him. He deserves happiness, he deserves love, and he deserves a family who cares. (Gods I hope season 3 gives us more and makes things a little better for him.)

A Friend For You

The internet is great for a lot of things, like keeping up with the news of getting help with a research project or finding that one song that keeps playing the only line you know over and over in your head so you can learn the rest of it. I thought it would be a great place to find friends, too. After all, there are sites and forums dedicated to every interest, no matter how niche, so finding like minded people shouldn’t exactly be difficult.

It turns out, however, that if you’re an awkward, introverted nerd who has trouble with small talk in person, the online mask of anonymity won’t necessarily change that. I spent months trying to cultivate some kind of personality for myself that other people would like, but it didn’t matter much. Not having a social life or interesting hobbies made me feel boring and unsure of myself and it translated into whatever identity I tried out.

Needless to say, Operation Make A Friend (Any Friend It Really Doesn’t Matter) was not going well.

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Elder Cunningham!

my! boy! ARNOLD!

-arnold lacks a lot of social skills. a lot of them
-hes very blunt (“i lie a lot!” “bishop donahue says its because i have no self-esteem and desperately want to fit in with my peers!” “its so awesome because all my friends end up leaving me but you cant!” “JUST TAKE THE BAGS WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS”)
-hes obviously a very loud boy
-holds his hands in front of his chest and squeezes his shirt when hes happy
-he also happy flaps and bounces on the balls of his feet
-kevin price is his! best! FRIEND!!
-for real tho kevin gets a lot better and removes his head from his ass long enough to realize he was a dick to arnold
-he apologizes for triggering bad memories of arnolds dad (“i just got STUCK with you”) and treating arnold badly
-ofc arnold forgives him
-one of arnolds special interests is star wars!!! he will sit with anyone and just info dump about it for hours
-nala and kevin are always happy to listen, and the other elders will let him sit and talk about it while they cook/clean/etc
-arnold has a bb8 chewy stim necklace
-really forgetful
-“KEV I CANT FIND MY PHONE” “youre holding it” “oh okay thanks”
-cant read long books, fuck that
-he lowkey always has his tie loosened because he hates how tight it is around his neck
-he touches everything
-e v e r y t h i n g
-and e v e r y o n e

[Vent which you don’t see often on my blog]

Im so pissed lol-

God kids(who possibly is OLDER than me) are sooo fucking spoiled on tumblr. They literally put 0.5% effort into their work and everyone is literally spamming them with affection.

People are seriously blind on this hellsite. I wanna give up art since no matter how fucking hard I try, no matter how many hours I sit in front of the computer and erasing the lines. Any fucking kid draws something in 5 minutes and gets more attention. I’m SUPER sorry but my self-esteem is being ruined by that.

Ah yes sure I’m jealous, of course I’m jealous. I can’t even get more than 3 people to see my art, which makes me feel absolutely worthless. Yet some kid who has 500+ followers and gets more than 80 people to see their art complains about how bad their art is.

Of course I’m upset. I don’t care if someone starts a WW3 with me. I think it’s unfair and very disrespecting artists who put their BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS into their work. I respect artists who puts REAL effort into their work.


Smut is in brackets
High School AUs are in italics
Genderswaps have asterisks [*]




Gerard Drabbles
Frank Drabbles
Mikey Drabbles
Ray Drabbles

Okay, *mob psycho spoilers* but Reigan, dude.
Cant leave you with a bad impression of him:

Reigan is actually a great guy. He never fails to fix someone’s problems, even if it’s real ghosts and he’s a fake exorcist. Plus, he offers his services for cheaper than any other exorcist around so he’s /saving people money/.
Can’t hate him.
My favorite is when he opts not to tell a dude that he’s unattractive, blames everything on ghosts, then helps the dude get a makeover. All while raising the dude’s self esteem.

{{ hey. hate to call it again so soon, but my activity’s real likely to flop for the next few days.
it’s a really shitty day tomorrow and i already feel like i’ve just had one bad day after another this week with no reprieve, so you can imagine that my energy levels might not be through the roof. (my self esteem’s hurting, too, so double whammy on the creativity front. ouch.)

sorry if/that i’m late to respond to things, don’t pick up responses, or disappear for some days. there is an attempt happening, but you know what they say about horseshoes and hand grenades.

but i have IMs and i have a discord, so if you want anything, those are free reign.
thanks, guys. }}

The Symphony of Tatsuki Machida

Once upon a time there was a loving mother who had just given birth to her first child, a premature baby who seemed much too fragile to survive trying to adjust to the world. But his mother still had faith in him and believed that tiny baby had the strength to strive and stand out - so she named him Tatsuki (tr: stand tall like a tree). This is how Tatsuki Machida, now 24 years old, rose in the harsh and difficult world of Japanese men’s figure skating. And just a week ago, that loving mother was there to see her son announce his retirement from his competitive career.

Figure skating has become an extremely popular sport in Japan and it’s been blessed with many talented skaters over the years. But as much as this has been an excellent thing for both the federation and the audience, at some point the National Championship happened and one small mistake could be enough to shatter many of these athletes’ dreams. 

Tatsuki Machida has been skating for 21 years - yet he was never a “wonder kid”. He went to practice every day and gave his best, yet 99% of the time none of his efforts paid off. He grew up and evolved in the golden era of the Takahashi-Oda-Kozuka trio, and even managed to have an admirable finish at the 2009 National Championship - he was 4th and therefore first substitute for the Vancouver Olympics. He was 19 years old. 

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I can't seem to understand why no guys like me. I'm tall-ish, blonde, blue eyed, and fair skinned. I'm a little chubby but i don't look like my weight. All my friends are complete opposite of me and have / had boyfriends in the past. I already get jokingly made fun of by friends for being so pale. Then only real bad thing about me if I have low-self esteem and I have a resting bitch face. I'm 21 and after trying to stay positive through HS and 2 years of college it's starting to weigh down on me

I totally relate hun. I’m 22 and have had one relationship last 2 months. Other than that, I’ve had like 3 guys that I “dated”. I’ve never been in a relationship really. I honestly have no answer for you other than just keep your head up. I feel like there’s too much pressure put on people to be in a relationship. It’s really not that big of a deal. Just focus on your career and doing things that make you happy. If it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen. That’s what I keep telling myself.


Confession: I’m really tired of being single and I get depressed every time I see my friends and other people happy in their relationships. Some days I don’t worry about it and on others I do, but when I do think about my singleness, it’s really bad. Growing up I was never desired by boys and I have always had terrible self esteem. Towards the end of high school I got a little prettier, started wearing better makeup, clothes, and hair.

I’m in college now and I’d call myself decent looking, I’ve been called pretty by different types of people, but I always have to question whether they are lying or not. I’ve never been in a real relationship before and I really didn’t start engaging in romantic interaction with the opposite sex until my freshman year in college. I’m now a sophomore and 19 years old, I’m still a virgin, never really been kissed or anything. The few guys I have talked to here at school made it very apparent within the first week of talking to them that they just wanted sex. Some days I’m just like fuck it, boys ain’t shit and I shouldn’t waste my time on them. But then I see my friends running around with their boyfriends of 1+ year(s) and I start wanting what they have. I want a guy to care for me, call me to see how my day went, buy me things out of pure kindness, want to spend the day with me doing other things not involving purely sex, and I just want someone to make me feel beautiful and wanted.

I pray every night for this and I ask God what is wrong with me; what is so bad about me that nobody sees me desirable as a long term, serious partner? Why does it seem so easy for other people to get into relationships so casually? Like I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I put so much effort into my appearance and I do believe that I am a good person; I have a good heart and I respect everyone.

Sometimes I just want to cry because I hate feeling like I’m doing something wrong to make me undateable, I want to cry because I feel this emptiness in me that I believe would be voided if I just had someone to love me. I hate asking my friends to hang out only to find out that they have plans with their boyfriends, and then I’m left feeling like the lonely, single bitch. 

My roommate and I are friends, but her boyfriend is always over and it hurts so much for me to see them together. He treats her wonderfully, and I’m glad that she’s happy, but i also wish I could experience the same thing. I hate spending my nights alone and every time she leaves to spend the night with him and I have the apartment to myself, I feel even more lonely and hopeless. I just feel so pathetic for being my age and not having experienced any aspect of a true relationship. I hate being told “ the right guy will come along one day” because honestly, after almost 20 years of being with out it, “one day” sounds too far away or never. 😞