my self

My Fear

My one true fear is that no matter how hard I try and no matter what I do i will always have to be the person that has to text first or that when someone is messaging me ill be the one they forget to message back and that no matter how many friends I have I have at school my true number of friends will always remain 0 and that this is how it is for me. Always being the one to text first, never be the thought of someone when they miss someone, will always be left out unless I force my way in. It’s that everyone will move on with no memory or care for me and ill be left behind still struggling to be noticed…

A touch
A taste
A twirl
Or two
Was all
That i
Could ask
Of You

If we
Could dance
And sing
And last
Then that
Is all
That i
Could ask

Not time
Not yet
For You
Or I
But time
Will see
We cross

You are
To me
What i
Have sought
Could know
Had thought

That I
Would find
For You
And i
I’d burn
The sun

Just dance
With me
Just talk
And laugh
I’d love
To spend
My life
Like that.