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Madalena Seelenrufer (”soul/spirit caller”), my bard, amateur seeress, and occasional unwilling bridge between life and the Beyond. Would appreciate weird shit staying away from her once in a while, so she can just write the gayest love songs about beautiful girls all day, thank you. As that never happens, she is instead about 172% done with everything, always.

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A World of Gold

I asked for Leagues and Legends fic prompts, and @lulla-lunekjaer said: “how Cassandra got to the desert/what she did there”

Spoilers for Remember the Dust from the get-go.                             

I brought Sam back because I knew that when everything fell to pieces he was the only one who was going to be on your side.

She could have killed him for that, for loving her enough to think she was worth Sam risking his precious self, but Thorne beat her to it. She stared impassively at the body, because she could see Thorne looking for a reaction and she’d be damned if she’d give him one other than bored disinterest and dignity, and thought ‘you were wrong, even he wasn’t on my side.’

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