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Y'all getting offended by paramore being called the pretty one. Honestly drop it I didn’t make it and I know paramore is worth a lot more than that. Its supposed to be funny so shove your judgments up your ass and move on if it bothers you

MMMM tastie improvement fresh out the oven

Well That Hurt

Send me “ ☹ ”, and I’ll generate a number between 1-75 to see where/how my muse is injured. Send “ ☹ ⇋ ”, and it’s your character living the pain. The third option would be “ “ to have both wounded (in which case first generated number will be for my muse and second for yours).

Tw for possible blood and gore! Please be mindful of your partner’s possible triggers that might only apply to a couple of these.

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anonymous asked:

Perhaps a sweet lucio????

Ah yes a “sweet Lucio”. 

I feel we don’t get to see enough of that side but I assure you the Count can have his sweet moments when he isn’t goating around or dying from a gross plague.

So I shall present to you some sweet headcanons for our lovely count:

  • Because Lucio has been quite successful at ruling the city, he is very compelling with his words. From time to time Lucio will flatter the apprentice with flirty as well as poetic words that string together so nicely just to make them smile.
  • If he knows the apprentice is having a bad day he shall send his servant to bring them tea and a little treat or favourite snack that they like. When Lucio is done from his duties he will visit them and see if they are alright.
  • Count Lucio is often confident in himself as well as those who are close to him. No matter the situation the apprentice may be in, know that Lucio will shower them with honest words of encouragement and hold their hand if need to be.
  • He has a sense of humour that is both harsh and hidden under his sarcasm but everytime that the apprentices catches on to one of his jokes, they can’t help but laugh. Lucio makes a mental note of which jokes they love most cause he is absolutely in love with their smile.
  • When this man isn’t masking his emotions from the public, in private he can be so sweet and his smile is always genuine around the apprentice. He saves his best moments with them and them only. 
  • The apprentice will often wake up with a new bouquet of flowers. Each with a different meaning as a way for Lucio to express his true feelings to them with of course flowers. Admittedly he knew nothing about flowers until he learned it from someone in the palace and now can memorize them from heart.

F A M O U S A L B U M S P L U S C O U P L E S 

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