my second favourite because of anne

I have now watched 2x02 twice, and my single favourite thing by far is still that Nicole is pissed at Wave because that’s her career and, even when they make up, she never apologises for it. And Waverly doesn’t ask her to! That never happens on tv! Women never get to be ambitious, unless it’s like that Anne Hathaway movie where she’s running a successful company but angsts about family nonsense and her old white male intern/driver gives her advice about it, or you’re the villain in The Devil Wears Prada.

(second favourite: the gun twirling is SO BADASS)

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3) 📕 favourite first book in a series 

Anne of Green Gables kind of kills it, just saying

17) 🌎 favourite fictional world

For Darkness Shows the Stars has to get a shoutout for creating a sci-fi AU of Persuasion (one of my favorite books) where I actually really care about the sci-fi and not just the romance

21) 💋 favourite kiss 

God, this is a rude question. AS IF I COULD PICK ONE. OK FINE. Ron/Hermione, just because you know they’ve been waiting for at least a whole book and he responds so exuberantly he lifts her up off the ground and my soul left my damn body and floated off into the ether

32) 😭 death that made you cry the most 

When Gansey died the second time. Also my mom WEPT when Matthew died in Anne of Green Gables with she read it to us, which is a super formative memory for me

33) 😂 the funniest scene 

Lizzy turning down Collins not so gently in Pride and Prejudice.

35) 💔 scene that broke your heart

Landline, when Georgie is going under for the c-section and Neal is willing her to live with his eyes and she didn’t expect to wake up again. I cried so hard I had to put the book down and take a turn about the room at 2am

38) 🌹 favourite romance book

Persuasion. It’s tattooed on my heart, and maybe on my body someday. 

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#9 #16 2-in-1 bonus: Answer the question corresponding to your favorite number (hopefully it's less than 50). :)

9. what kind of weather represents who you are as a person?

That one time I was out walking in Leeds and it was sunny out (!!!) but like three seconds after I realized how nice it was it started hailing. That’s very #me

16. what is your favourite poem?

OOOOH BOY. This is a difficult one. I love The Glass Essay by Anne Carson, and Sabrina Orah Mark has yet to write something I don’t like. But I also have to mention Percy Bysshe Shelley somewhere in this answer, because he was my first favorite poet. I remember reading Ode To The West Wind and The Masque of Anarchy when I was fifteen and just feeling really excited. 

29. are you an introvert or extrovert?

All my life, growing up in the US, I was always considered an introvert, and I thought this was a fundamental part of my personality. But when I first moved to the UK, no one thought I could possibly be an introvert. No way. No way in hell. So apparently the introvert/extrovert spectrum is more of a cultural construct than we are led to believe. I am nothing and my life has been a lie

I don’t really have a favorite number, but I chose this question because it comes with an Identity Crisis, and those are always fun.