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hi im a new shawol!! what are some shinee inside jokes? i only know onew sangtae helP i dont get milk and etc

hi bebs WELCOME TO SHINEE WORLD, i’m your mom now. this got v long with loTS of links so i put it under a read more!
disclaimer: by no means a comprehensive list, i am but one human and i do not own any of the videos, credit is where credit is due!

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Hello🍓 Could I request a scenario with Ryosuke perhaps at an amusement park?

Hi, could I request a really cute situation with Ryosuke? Maybe like him getting jealous of y/n fangirling??

A/N: featuring non-idol Ryo and my second favorite johnny’s group Arashi ^^

“Come on while there’s no line!” You said excitedly, dragging Ryosuke behind you. You were determined to get on your favorite ride at the amusement park, one that usually had a line that took forever to get through. Since you and your boyfriend had made it to the park relatively early, there wasn’t that big of a line and you needed to beat the crowd.

Ryosuke followed after you, laughing at how cute you were when you were excited. The two of you had been planning this outing for a little over a month, making sure that you both had nothing to do and figuring out which day would be the best to go.

“Slow down,” he laughed, “We have all day!”

“But there’s so much to do!”

You were determined to see as much of the park as possible. The two of you had gone through most of the more popular rides by the time lunch rolled around, taking a break to get something to eat and relax before you did a bit of sight-seeing and just enjoying the rest of your time together.

Hand in hand as the two of you stood in line for food, your grip on Ryosuke tightened when you noticed the group of people standing in front of you. Ryo had been more focused on picking out what he wanted to eat and had been in the middle of asking you if you wanted to get ice cream when he noticed your changed expression.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?”

You stopped for a second, trying to get a better look at the men’s faces before gasping and turning to whisper to Ryosuke, “That’s Arashi!”

Ryo looked ahead and was a bit surprised when he locked eyes with Sakurai Sho, who gave a polite smile. “You’re right, it is.”

Gathering a bit of courage, you asked the idols for an autograph and Ryo even took a picture of you all together. Arashi got their food shortly after and you thanked them before turning back to your boyfriend, letting out the excited squeal you had managed to hold in while Arashi had been standing directly in front of you.

“Can you believe this?” You gushed. “What are the chances of just running into them like that? They were so nice! And so much more handsome in person, I can’t believe it! This is the best day ever!”

Ryosuke was only partially listening, picking at his food and idly muttering “mhm”s and “yeah”s with each comment you made. After a few moments of his unresponsiveness, you put down your phone and looked over at him.

“What’s wrong?”

Ryosuke shook his head at first, trying to play it off like it was nothing, but you asked again and he looked at you with a pout on his lips. If he weren’t seriously upset, you would’ve thought it was cute.

“Was it only a good day because you got to meet them?” he asked softly.

“What? No, of course not!” He was still pouting and you slid closer to him on the bench the two of you were sharing. “Ryo, you know I love being around you and I always have a great time when we’re together.”

“Yeah…But you think they’re so cool and handsome…”

“And? I think you’re the coolest and the handsomest, so it doesn’t really matter.”

Ryosuke’s pout turned into a slight smile and you could tell from the look in his eyes that he was going to start milking this. You smiled back at him and couldn’t help but laugh when he asked, “Even cooler than Matsujun?”

“Yes, even cooler than Matsujun.”

Ryosuke’s smile widened and he said, “Good! Come here.” He pulled you into his side and grabbed your phone so that the two of you could take a picture together, a new picture of you and your boyfriend becoming your phone background.


Kawaii International episode: Kawaii for Everybody.

Here is the ever kawaii Seina Goto also the very cutie that has the super sweet title Marshmallow Girl. Her sweet girly fashions are truly something to behold. Tbh I think she’s super kawaii and she’s my favorite pocchari kawaii idol second only to Naomi Watanabe.

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About Sehun knowing, I think he's known something for months. Back in their second weekly idol appearance last summer when Baek was ranking the members, Sehun was like "Chanyeol is over there!" near the beginning when he was still choosing the top 5 as if Sehun was surprised that Baek hasn't picked Yeol yet (and if it wasn't for teasing Chen& revenge on D.O. for his round) I think he would have picked Chanyeol to be last just to tease him for staring at him like OuO to pick him (there's a gif).

You’re not the only one anon, Sehun is very suspicious sometimes. There’s something about his smug grin sometimes that just rings a bell and awakens the senses, like I can almost feel he knows stuff. But he could be completely in the blue and we could both be very well wrong.

Regarding Weekly Idol, their second appearance was my favorite. I liked the Weekly Idol they did during the Wolf!era, it was lighthearted and funny, but lacking in Baekyeol moments a tad. 

First of all, both Baekhyun and Chanyeol looked and acted absolutely adorable.

I can just imagine Chanyeol’s epic reaction to Baekhyun’s flawfless aegyo.

They were so aware of each other during weekly idol. As they usually are.

External image

Although many thought this was a bad weekly idol episode for baekyeol shippers, because they did a lot of skinship with other members…

Some people sulked. The order in which Baekhyun ranked the EXO members was this (for all those who don’t know/don’t remember)

1- Himself

2- Kai

3- Tao

4- Sehun

5- Suho

6- Xiumin

7- Kris

8- Lay

9- Luhan

10- Chanyeol

11- Chen

12- D.O

Some people believed he ranked the boys in a jokingly way, and some people think he ranked the ones he’s very close to at the bottom just for fun and laughs. Other consider this a heartbreaking non-baekyeol moment because Chanyeol was in 10th place.

About Sehun screaming: “Chanyeol’s over there!”, it does sound suspicious, and I noticed it for sure, but if we’re not mistaken Sehun shouted the same thing when D.O was picking the members, so it could have meant nothing. Who knows, really.

Yet still, at the end of the day, Chanyeol focuses the most on Baekhyun and Baekhyun focuses the most on Chanyeol, it’s really undeniable.

Look at how Baekhyun’s eyes keep drifting back to Chanyeol’s face (where he was located) and how he begins to show a hint of a smile, and then we see the reason why: Chanyeol’s adorable, super beautiful “pick me please” puppy dog face. 

This moment was enough to make this the best weekly idol EVER.

-admin SFS

Just like SFS said, Sehun said the same thing to both Baekhyun and Kyungsoo, so by that fact alone it would be hard to draw the conclusion that he knows about Baekyeol. But Sehun gives us more reasons to suspect him, so he is definitely on our list. The thing is, as some people pointed out, if Baekyeol have feelings for each other, pretty much all of Exo would know. Plus Baek and Yeol aren’t exactly that subtle about it while they are in public, so imagine how they must be at home when they feel comfortable. I think members could tell us a story or two. Or a thousand :3

Also, that episode of Weekly Idol was love. Can’t wait to see them as guests again!

-admin MTL