my second favorite f word

After Midnight

Winchesters x Dean’s Daughter!Reader // Cas x Reader

Warnings: Blood, torture, language (as usual)

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“Look man. I can only please one person per day. Today isn’t your day and tomorrow doesn’t look too good either.” Opening your mouth to smile, all the bastard in front of you saw was your bloody mouth.

He must’ve not appreciated your smart ass remarks, which you’d been spitting out for a good hour and a half now. Taking one look down at his bloody fist, of course with your blood, you knew it was about to connect with your somewhat swollen face. But you couldn’t stop there, you were into deep already. Besides, being a smart ass was in the family.

“Damn, now that.” You spit out a fair amount of blood. “-that was a good hit.” His face was scrunched up again, another swing was coming. “Wait. I think we got off on the wrong foot. Just because my dad’s Dean fucking Winchester you have to be all ‘Hulk Smash!’ and beat the hell out of me? Why don’t we try some non-angry acts, huh Bruce Banner?” A loud sigh came from him as he turned away from you. “For example: there’s no angry way to say bubbles. Maybe that can be our safe word.”

Just as you finished, a sharp object connected with your cheek. You couldn’t You just don’t know when to quit, do ya kid?“ The son of a bitch was bent down in front of you, giving you an intimidating look.

"Never say never. That’s my motto.” Maybe he wasn’t too happy to hear you hadn’t learned when to shut your damn mouth. I mean- it wasn’t 100% that you knew that’s how he felt, but you got a strong feeling when he took the knife from his hand and stuck it all as far as it would go into your thigh.

The loud scream that came from you…you had no control over it.

“Float like a butterfly on fire and sting like a demon with daddy issues.” Between each word was a grunt filled with pain and blood.

“You’re a Winchester-” oh you couldn’t help but cut him off.

“Ten points to Griffindoor. You learn something new everyday.” This time he ignored your remark, realizing him backlashing wouldn’t get him anywhere.

“You’re family were the last ones seen with the demon tablet. Meaning you know where it is.” His words sunk in. There was no way in hell he was letting you out of here alive either way. The tablet was too important, and you’d no doubt run to your dad to tell him to protect it.

“You’re a smart girl. So why don’t you tell me where it is, and we can forget this.”

“Sometimes I use words I don’t understand so I can sound more photosynthesis.” There was no way in hell you were going to tell him where it was.

This was the final straw. Obviously you weren’t about to spill the beans, and he knew that. With both of his hands he tore the top left corner of your shirt, exposing a part of your chest

“You’ve got to at least buy me dinner first.”

Your words were ignored. From the corner of your eye you could see something, a lighter. Shit. Maybe you should’ve kept your mouth shut, as if it were possible.

The pretty perfect lined design on your chest was completely exposed. The second the lighter clicked on you could feel the heat rising near your skin. Then it began.

For a short amount time you held in your screams as the fire burned away at your flesh, ruining the black ink on your skin and disfiguring it at the same time. The scent of burning skin rose to your nostrils.

“Remember that safe word?” Your entire face was sweating, the heat easily continued rising to your face until the lighter clicked off.

“Finally realized what’s good for you?” The smile he wore showed pleasure in winning.

“You can shove it where the sun don’t shine, cupcake.” A wide smile was on your face.

“I wouldn’t be smiling if I were you.” The lighter you had grown to hate clicked on again.

“Why wouldn’t I? My crazy uncle everyone warned you about is behind you.” The second the bastard turned around, Sam drove an angel blade into his chest. “It’s about time you guys got here.” Behind your uncle came a storming and pissed off dad. Dean.

“Mind telling me how the hell you ended up in this little situation?” He was right to put it on you. After all, you’d snuck out to go to a high school party. Being 17 was hard…

“I suck at using nice words and Friday is my second favorite word that starts with an 'F’.” From behind your back, a sharp knife was placed on the bindings holding your hands and sliced upwards to free you. “I would say I’m sorry but- I got the party gene from you”

Cas inspected your body, you told him he wasn’t allowed to come up and “bless you with his grace” randomly. He needed permission from you. Not Sam. Or your dad. But you.

“Overall, she’ll be fine. The burns on her chest will need to be treated and the knife will need to be taken out for the wound to be healed and prevent further damage. But she’ll live.” As always he wore a clean trench coat and his blue tie that you loved to mess with.

“Thanks doctor Cas, but I was thinking about living with the knife in my leg. We’ve kind of become intertwined some might say.” Just as you were finishing your sentence, Dean reached down and yanked it out when you were least expecting it. Cas followed right behind him and healed it so it was closed and wouldn’t bleed.

“Son of a-” your dad hated when you cussed. “bubbles.” Sure your leg hurt, but you weren’t about to be a weakling and rely on people to help you walk.

“Well, there officially no way to deny her as my kid.” Your dad followed behind, along with the rest of the Mystery Gang.

“She’s been a badass and a rebel teen who sneaks out for years now.” Sam just acted un-phased by this, there were too many times he had to bail you out in the past.

“Wait- years?”

That night daddy Dean discovered how much like him you really were. Anddddd you were “grounded” for a good month. As if that stopped you from doing what you wanted.