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Lance wanted to be useful. 

While the team tried to come up with a plan, the Blue Paladin sneaked away. The Princess was far too important to give up, but Lance?

He was the seventh wheel.

Lotor was not pleased.

Ya’ll I don’t know where this came from i just had his idea of lance disguising himself as allura because hey “i could pass as her long enough for the others to get to safety, so no brainer” and then lotor finds out and is LIVID and eh maybe ill draw more??? And lets assume that lance can mimic allura well enough, i mean seriously the boy is VA’d by Jeremy Shada he has the vocal range.

🌼 better than you 🌼

*constantly bothers me but is a burden* *is jealous and useless* *analyzes everything i say and tries to hold on to an illusion of something that has never been real HENCE the fact that i use the word illusion* *is constantly reading my blog bc life’s hella dull for her* *constantly invading my privacy bc of her delusions* *goes to ppl asking if i lie constantly and looks like the authentic idiot she is bc i am honest af* *is a white american ass who doesn’t understand that i am honest* *has 1.5 brain cells* *is forgotten due to how annoying she is (tbh nobody wants to deal w such an annoying whore - there’s a term in spanish that means whore but it’s just which is CALIENTAPOLLAS* *constantly denigrates me and my husband and then sends indirects saying ‘omgggg i cry every minute why did u leave my needy and whiny ass waaaaah???’ Dude are u stupid LMFAO and btw that was a rhetoric question 😂* *is a waste of space* and pls who even cares about a random fan who left your ass an eternity ago…..people have fucking lost their minds. At some point i will leave half of my idols like i have done and will do bc that’s life and i want to give a listen to many bands. Clinginess is just one of the most disgusting things ever. What’s funny is that she goes to diviners (ppl that do not know me at all) asking about me (someone she doesn’t know at all) like it’s deeply embarrassing to even type this. So embarrassing that it hurts. The disgusting confessions of feelings and the constant yearning for something that has that never been there (delusional at its finest). The whole thing is just so embarrassing. Also asking a diviner aka someone you don’t know IF I AM SORRY FOR ‘WHAT I DID’…still don’t know what I did bc dragging your ass is not something to be sorry for….is just so over the top like i don’t know if some humans have the ability to constantly embarrass themselves or if they are THIS clueless. I am not sorry for you being stupid tbh and what is embarrassing is that a being that is than 10 years younger than you has to correct you and ask you to correct your behaviour like the only one that has to be sorry here is you. So constantly asking 'is she sorry for what she did?’ is the best way to waste your time bc i won’t ever be sorry. If you haven’t been raised properly, don’t have a set of values and ideals, you fuck whoever has a penis and a legs and are a whore for that, you cannot think straight or use your brain for once in life or are unable to make good decisions, as a sensible human being do not expect me to continue supporting your embarrassing ass. Like i wonder if your parents are ever OKAY with THE SHIT you do. It’s just so embarrassing to have been your fan bc everyone at school called you a whore and me, a 13 year old defended you when it’s who you are. Apart from being the #1 at being jealous, you cannot contain yourself when it comes to sex. And that super creepy interest you have in having sex with everyone is just so disgusting like this is a personal thing but know that some of your fans were 12 back then and…chill, slut….chill a little bit. Not everyone shares your enthusiasm for sucking too much dick. Although in the industry it’s v encouraged. Don’t even start w 'oh but she can do whatever she wants’ bc by the same token, i do whatever i want and if you don’t or aren’t able to be a correct or decent human being and SING bc that’s why you get paid for then RETIRE. By the same token, i can leave and never come back (aka do whatever i want). Like stop asking if i have ever loved you bc I have never loved you. In order to love you, first I have to accept you and then like you, which are the requirements to be part of my life and u bitch have the nerve to ask if i love you. Do you build houses starting from the foundation or nah? It seems like 'NAH’. But….like….i don’t even like you as a person so it’s hard that i will ever love you. It’s like a sequence. You cannot avoid going through point A and B and go to point C just because. God, people are so fucking stupid 😂 Then….I am not even gonna ask you to stop asking those questions bc I understand that I know better than that. Albert Einstein said that stupidity has no limits and you sre the CLEAR example. Can you ask a person to just respect you when they do not know what respect is? Let’s take into consideration how limited you are so yeah let’s start from scratch. I won’t ever like you but at least you could avoid making me and other ppl dislike you lmfao like it’s not even that hard. You think you are some sort of QUEEN and I SHOWED you that you are not. You, toddler, cried like a baby and I won. This is the first step towards wisdom: never underestimate someone because they will show you the beautiful pair of balls they have. Like I have courage and strength to win and I love that you NOW KNOW. You just do not disrespect me without being completely destroyed and damaged for life. For the bitches in the back, GET READY bc you are the next ones. And if i have ended this bitch…ending you will be the easiest thing i have ever done 😂😂😂😂 And to the few ones that have defended me by saying 'I just don’t believe any of the shit this bitch is saying about you’…I know who you are and I will gladly thank you publicly when the timing is right. You gotta be kind to the ppl who aren’t blinded by lies. It’s the least thing i can do. They said this in 2014 and someday I will get to thank them. The rest can get ready. When the sword cuts, it cuts v deeply. And when i damage someone I hate, the BIG smile on my face shows the amount of satisfaction it brings to me. For once, I won’t be the bigger person, I will give you what you’ve given me back. I can promise you that it will hurt. The only person who has saved himself from this pain is John Mayer. He is a lucky son of a bitch but I will treat him as I please. I won’t be nice but I won’t always be mean. I will be super sarcastic so if he’s smart he’ll understand that he got played and was v blinded by love. It happens dude. But don’t be so dumb next time. If there’s a next time, you won’t come out alive from this one. You are blessed bc i like your music. The next time I won’t BE NICE 👌😫 I don’t like human beings so be thankful if i ever show 0.001% of kindness to you. And don’t piss me off for your own good. The consequences are devastating 😂 The majority of y'all have understood that i am in no way joking. I know where to hit so yeah. That’s real intelligence. Always better than you 😚

With no kind regards and to all my enemies,
Charlotte xoxo

apologies for my blog being so negative and inactive heres some oldish cute vik to make up for that :’)


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thoughts after watching ashley benson’s snapchats:
  1. okay so first of all i don’t have the screenshots here i saw them on another post! but it was an ask about haleb and i did not want to be That Asshole who hijacks someone else’s happy post in order to give my own feelings bc they should be able to ship what they want & enjoy it fully without me barging my cynical ass in
  2. …..anyways it looks like hanna and caleb are going to get down in lingerie in a future ep
  3. i’m so not here for it (personally) bc they just gave us that speech from caleb? like okay so spaleb WAS real? im so confused??
  4. but now haleb is gonna be real????? 
  5. like hanna also had to watch him confess his love for spencer…
  6. this is just unfair to everyone 
  7. Myself being the priority of Everyone
  8. uuuuggggghhhh 
  9. i hate this love triangle. i hate it.