my screenshots yall


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thoughts after watching ashley benson’s snapchats:
  1. okay so first of all i don’t have the screenshots here i saw them on another post! but it was an ask about haleb and i did not want to be That Asshole who hijacks someone else’s happy post in order to give my own feelings bc they should be able to ship what they want & enjoy it fully without me barging my cynical ass in
  2. …..anyways it looks like hanna and caleb are going to get down in lingerie in a future ep
  3. i’m so not here for it (personally) bc they just gave us that speech from caleb? like okay so spaleb WAS real? im so confused??
  4. but now haleb is gonna be real????? 
  5. like hanna also had to watch him confess his love for spencer…
  6. this is just unfair to everyone 
  7. Myself being the priority of Everyone
  8. uuuuggggghhhh 
  9. i hate this love triangle. i hate it.