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Sabrina (1954) dir. Billy Wilder

Your mind has not been on the cooking. Your mind has been elsewhere. You’re in love. And I will venture to go a step further — you’re unhappily in love. Does it show? Very clearly.

muke-ro-wave  asked:

Hey, so whenever I have an idea for a film or a short film, I can only ever get as far as maybe the first two minutes? Even if I have this whole massive concept in my head, I can only ever get the first two minutes down on paper. Either that or I literally don't know what will happen after those two minutes. Do you have any advice on how to combat this as some of my ideas I really want to film, but if I don't have a solid idea to pitch to actors then it's not going to go anywhere

Hello @muke-ro-wave

I think a lot of people have this problem and have no fear, there is a solution! Prewriting. Yes, it’s a thing, and it consists of all the steps that happen before the first draft. It includes outlining, storyboarding, worldbuilding, diagramming, character bios, etc.

The goal of prewriting is to not get stuck when writing your draft. If you outline your story, flesh out your characters, and develop your world, it makes the first draft SO much easier because you know the story direction and you know how your characters react to others and to situations.

Going deeper into prewriting, there are lots of methods to develop and come up with ideas. Below are a few techniques:

-Mind mapping. With this technique, you start with one idea and “branch” off of it to expand the idea and come up with related ideas. This is useful when you have a small idea and you want to build it into something coherent. Below is an example I found online.

-Build characters. This is very common when creating tv shows. Because TV is a more long-term medium, it tends to be character driven. Therefore, some writers build their characters first then simply “drop” them into different situations. Using this method, you’ve got to develop your characters’ backgrounds, know their goals, wants, and needs, give them flaws, and have some aspect of their personality cause conflict. (For example, the strict, pessimistic professor has to work with a carefree and optimistic TA. Conflicting personalities are interesting.)

-Worldbuilding. This is especially helpful when you are developing an idea involving a fictional/fantasy world. Write down questions about the world and come up with different answers for each. Where are the cities? How does geography affect culture? How and why do different cultures interact? Etc. From this world you can create history and pick from that history the most interesting stories.(Tolkien did this.)

-Sticky notes or separate lines. This is more for brainstorming. For each idea you have, put it on a separate line of a notebook or on a separate sticky note. When trying to work out a plot or character, sticky notes are nice because you can visualize, organize, and rearrange all the separate pieces. For brainstorming fresh ideas, I carry a notebook with me and write down one sentence ideas that pop into my head. It can be anything from an interesting concept, to a quote, to a character, to a piece of furniture you thought looked cool.

-Outline. This is the part of prewriting I stress the most. You need to know who is doing what, when, and why. These are the questions an outline should answer at the very least. Even people who don’t outline every detail of their story still have a basic idea where it is going. By outlining your story, you can always refer to it when you are stuck on a scene and ask how the scene gets toward the end, or changes the character or situation.

-Force yourself to write. Sit down with a computer or notebook for a set amount of time (maybe just 5 min. a day.) You aren’t allowed to do anything else for that time other than write. Maybe you won’t write anything, but if you keep doing it, you are going to feel as if time is wasted and you will eventually write something. It also keeps you thinking everyday about writing ideas and keeps you creatively active.

I hope these help,


Quick question for you all:

Last year I wrote a feature-length lesbian screenplay which incorporates many subtextual themes much like you’d find in BBC Sherlock. It’s about a closeted college dropout finding her 15 seconds of internet fame after her small role in an independent film went viral and it follows her struggle to gain more work in the Hollywood film industry afterwards. Expected to fit Hollywood’s normal role for a woman, she’s careful not to out herself in the process, but selling her soul becomes exceptionally difficult after she’s hired to work alongside a beautiful bisexual choreographer. My screenplay “Set the Record Straight” includes a fresh perspective of compulsory heterosexuality and the blurred line between female romance and friendship.

No death, no rape, only pining and happy endings. 

Would any of you read it if I published it to Amazon?

i can’t believe we have all these les mis adaptations but not one of them is a sitcom,,,,,like,,

  • javert living in an apartment and just trying to do his job as an Important Police Officer
  • the les amis de l’abc live in the studio apartment directly above him and javert Knows they’re all up to something
  • but he can’t find a damn THING to prove anything unlawful is happening or he can’t arrest them because of a technicality every time he goes up there to check
  • and someone new opens the door every time???? how many people live up there???? no one knows
  • then in the apartment directly next to javert’s is valjean and cosette
  • and valjean is on the run from the police and javert for something he didn’t do so he’s wearing disguises all the time because he didn’t realise javert lived there when they moved in???? but they like the apartment too much to move
  • and cosette is just trying to date the cute freckly boy from upstairs but she keeps having to wear disguises too and he doesn’t realise it’s her half the time
  • and all of his friends keep getting in the way
  • it’s a heartwarming show about people trying to exist together in harmony but miscommunication, mistaken identities, and accidental meddling in other’s lives keeps getting in the way
  • hilarity ensues 

The man in the chair is MARWOOD. Twenty-five years old. Milk white with insomnia. Glasses like Lennon’s and a sweet face behind them. Seventy-five per cent good looks and the rest is anxiety. This is a long haul with unspecified destination. Only thing certain is there are still hours to go. Hours and hours have stagnated in here. Drifting in cigarette smoke and settling with the dust.


And to your favourite song
We sang along to the start of forever


The Marauders S1 E1 - I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good (act i part i)

In which the boys return to school to start their 5th year at Hogwarts. Remus questions his credibility as a prefect. James and Sirius try out for the Gryffindor quidditch team.

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Privacy; Interrupted

Summary: Request from Anon -The boys get bored and insisted on joining you while you grocery shop. [and it turned into whatever this is, sorry.]**

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 1300+

Warnings: Language, implied smut, terrible writing, PWP, Ash having a computer, smut,  idfk reader beware.

A/N: This is a rewrite from a SPN fic I wrote from an anon request. The bolded italics are the reader’s thoughts. I wasn’t going to tell you that but I figured I save myself the time of answering asks about it.

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Day 11 without a hint of action and the boys are officially driving me nuts. With the Accords in place, Bucky in recovery, and Tony Stark nowhere to be found, life was pretty dull around your safe house.

I, on the other hand, have buried myself  into my writing. Finally putting some much needed thought into my  novel, adding bit and pieces to my screenplay, and dabbling in some prose that was a little ‘less dignified’. I spend way more time thinking of synonyms of penis, than I’d like to admit.

The guys weren’t prepared for the sudden onslaught of nothingness and since I’d taken up permanent residence with them, I was now their sole form of entertainment.

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SCENE: One of the sets for the groundbreaking show The Get Down. There is currently a pause between shooting, and everyone is either waiting for the actors or tweaking their equipment. INTERN #5 walks up to BAZ LUHRMANN and STEVEN ADLY GUIRGIS with a nervous expression on his face.

INTERN #5: Sir? We have a problem.

BAZ LUHRMANN: Is it the budget again? We can’t have another budget issue. 

INTERN #5: No, it’s not the budget. I was going over the footage we shot–like you told me to–and looking at it … I had to reread the script to make sure … 

STEVEN ADLY GUIRGIS: (interested now because he wrote the script) The script? What’s wrong with it?

INTERN #5: Well, sir, you wrote that Mylene is the center of the love triangle. 


INTERN #5: I’m sorry, but … Zeke is the center of the love triangle.

BAZ LUHRMANN and STEVEN ADLY GUIRGIS sit in confused silence. 

INTERN #5: (nervously) Shaolin is in love with Zeke, not Mylene. 

BAZ LURHMANN looks at STEVEN ADLY GUIRGIS with raised eyebrows; STEVEN ADLY GUIRGIS looks down at his script incredulously.

INTERN #5: (fearing that if he says anything else he’ll lose this internship) Just thought you would want to, uh. Account for those changes.