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a theory...about Shiro’s hair

ok everyone’s probably had enough of my crack theories, but…. I haven’t seen this one before and just …. listen. I have a bit of a theory about Shiro’s lil tuft of white hair. 

hmmm….oops I got distracted for a second

It ties into the theories that Haggar is actually Altean [x] [x] (this is relevant, I promise). The main reason behind these theories seems to be: 1) she has really powerful magic similar to Allura’s, 2) we haven’t seen her ears at all, so they might be pointy, 3) she has white hair like Allura’s and Alfor’s

…. *coughs* and Shiro’s.

Now, it’s pretty widely-accepted fanon that part of Shiro’s hair turned white due to stress/trauma, which is definitely a possibility! But as far as I’m aware, this hasn’t been confirmed by canon (like …. I can’t even think of a time anyone acknowledges Shiro’s hair at all). 

Let’s say Haggar is Altean. And it seems like she’s the one who did the majority of magic experimentation on Shiro, right? Well, what if ….. his hair didn’t turn white due to extreme stress, but rather because he has Altean magic in his blood?

So …. *sweats* ….. (sort of) Altean!Shiro anyone? 


Suicide Squad | Behind The Scenes + Jared Leto

Legit never get tired of this trope. I love it when character a is character b’s tether to reality during a super angsty moment. 

I’m a sucker for angst.